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  1. I agree. Its a very strong first single.
  2. I liked the setlist but I was abit disappointed not to hear some songs like Real Love and Mary but I was expecting to miss a few because I wasn't a big fan of UFOF (I know im definitely in the minority) and I knew they'd play a fair few of that. Did enjoy the new single Not though.
  3. Personally I just found it very uninteresting and felt as a band it wasn't a very tight performance with very clunky ending to alot of there song. there walled garden set a few years back was much better for me. I do think that part of my disappointment was from fact I had such high expectations. And after speaking to some fellow people at the barrier and some friends also at the festival I found most of the responses I had were either people thinking it was disappointing or one of the best sets of the entire weekend so you're definitely not alone in thinking it was one of the highlight of the
  4. Another great year. Highlights for me were Eels Aldous Harding Sharon Van Etton Lee Fields Fat White Family Say sue me Only real disappointment for me were Big Thief as one of my most anticipated bands playing and being at the barrier I lost interest a few songs in sadly. Another great year though
  5. On twitter GM said the bars will all take card this year
  6. Thanks for this! Is there any chance you could upload the cinedrome times for the other days?
  7. I agree people are getting so worked up other someone going Into detail about the weather.. don't know what the harm is and personally enjoy the in depth look at what weather we should expect
  8. I messaged GM and they confirmed Stereolab and Car Seat Headrest aren't clashing
  9. BSS have been taken off the GM playlist as well
  10. I agree not all the albums have been great but I still think they've brought out some amazing albums in recent years
  11. I agree with your point but compares to some previous headliners I think they would fit the bill Nicely
  12. imo i think fjm, eels and Sharon van etton should be headliners and four Tet and idles far out headliners
  13. Makes sense going back and having a read I missed those messages
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