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  1. It feels like it has become par for the course for a game to be delayed, and more than once in most instances. I would much rather developers waited, and announced games when they're sure they can meet the date. Fully appreciate this isn't possible for most though, where they need to have games on the horizon to support the share price.
  2. The Cure - 265 (- 5) Stevie Wonder - 130 R.E.M - 190 David Bowie - 305 (+ 5)
  3. The Cure - 306 (-5) Stevie Wonder - 203 R.E.M - 230 David Bowie - 303 (+5)
  4. Champions League 2024: New format with 10-match first phase set to be agreed Not a fan of this, completely against teams getting in on historical merit. It's not as bad the super league proposal, but it is still a decline on the current format
  5. The Cure - 335 Radiohead - 90 (+10) Stevie Wonder - 234 R.E.M. - 230 David Bowie - 254
  6. Really like the look of this, will definitely try for tickets!
  7. Coming from someone whose completed Valhalla, do yourself a favor and and try not to complete everything, you'll hate yourself otherwise. I really enjoyed the game, but it's too long, even without clearing the map. I cleared everything, and it took about 130 hours, by the end everything felt like a chore
  8. I wonder how much Chelsea have lost in add-ons because of this
  9. Just finished Valhalla, clocked in at 125 hours. Better than I expected, it is a good game. I loved the setting and time period, and the combat gets a lot better as the game goes on. It's just too long though, felt like I was repeating myself a lot by the end. If it had been half the length I think I would have really liked it. Going to give Control a go next
  10. For Crawley I'm guessing?
  11. Just hoping a couple of our guys get a score, any chance of winning was gone after our first innings. The day/nighter should suit us a bit more you would think
  12. Kane managing to injure both ankles last night is quite a feat!
  13. Gromite


    The interesting part of this is that Watson also has a no-trade clause in his contract, so if Texans do choose to trade, he can basically choose where he wants to go. I feel for Texans' fans if he goes, they have been really shafted the last couple of years.
  14. Great month this. Been waiting to play Control, and really good to see them including the ultimate edition. Destruction Allstars is a game I wouldn't buy, but very happy to try as in in PS Plus, similar to Rocket League and Fall Guys.
  15. Soul is a beautiful film, Pixar at their peak again. On the flipside I thought Onward really didn't have much to it, not bad, just didn't have the depth Pixar manage to get into a lot of their films. I really haven't seen many other films released this this, The Trial Of The Chicago 7 was a good watch though.
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