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  1. Anyone that has a PS5, don't give Astros a miss, it's way better than I expected. It's not that long, and it really shows off what the Dualsense can do.
  2. Gone for Valhalla as well, had no choice really, I have a friend who's playing a character in it. Will definitely get Cyberpunk as well at some point, but can't justify getting two openworld games at once.
  3. Love HZD, never got round to playing Frozen Wilds though. Do you think it's really necessary story wise before the next one?
  4. I honestly don't know what has happened this last couple weeks, absolute madness. Is it just me or are teams playing some crazy high lines? The worst thing is we have one of the best weekends in memory, then we have to have a international break!
  5. I honestly believe most Disney pixar films are works of art, that in many different ways can appeal to anyone. Disney's core films are aimed mainly at children in my opinion however, not that that means they can't be enjoyed by adults
  6. I'm going to say it, this to me is madness.
  7. Looking into this i have only played 4 games released this year, so not much competition, but here's mine: 1. LOU 2 2. Fall Guys 3. Total War: Troy Going to throw in my most anticipated as well: 1. Cyberpunk 2. Ratchet & Clank 3. SpiderMan: Miles Morales
  8. I luckily got one last night through Game, but i can understand the frustration. It's as if Sony just went go when you want to the retailers. Personally prefer the date and time in advance that Microsoft are doing
  9. Really excited for the PS5 showcase tonight, i'm definitely getting one, so just want to know the price and release date. Going to predict disc less for £399 and full fat for £449, release date Nov 20th.
  10. Definitely still in the mix then if he's going to be in Europe
  11. Really hope Bale back to Spurs happens, his career is quickly slipping away while he's still at Madrid
  12. You're in for great time, honestly one of the best RPGs i've ever played. Shorter loading times will do it a massive favour along with the graphical improvements.
  13. If we're talking best animated films, i'm not letting Wall-E not get a mention!
  14. I'll be honest, i was hoping for a full remake of those games, probably was being a bit optimistic. Will still get it though, never played sunshine or galaxy
  15. That is one packed season. Wonder if they'll move the start of the Euros back a couple of weeks, would make sense i think. Good decision to drop the FA Cup replays for this year, assuming they come back the following.
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