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  1. I think this is the general consensus of Liverpool, their first team is as good as any of the others, but don't have the squad to match the other contenders. City have a great squad, and fantastic manager, but will they miss not getting Kane over the season, I think they will. Man U have the slightly weaker first team and manager, but big squad and ultimately Ronaldo, who is already showing the difference he makes. Chelsea look great, have a fantastic squad, and Lukaku is already scoring. Tuchel seems to have a plan B that often works in their favour. I'd be fancying them right now, they can have injuries in most positions and not be too effected.
  2. They actually do have 3 games to play behind closed doors, but that's only for UEFA regulated games. Hopefully they'll have some FIFA ones too now.
  3. PlayStation have announced a showcase next Thursday, looks to be one of their bigger ones for the year. Will be interesting to see what they show considering the delays. My guess would be GOW, GT7, maybe the rumored Naughty Dog multiplayer.
  4. Have you played R&C? If so how does it compare, as i loved rift apart.
  5. I get the feeling City could have got Kane if they'd really gone for him earlier in the window, even with Levy's reluctance to sell, but it's so late now that Spurs have no chance of replacing him. I think it's clear Kane wanted out.
  6. Started Succession this week, we're three episodes in. Friend recommended as they think it's fantastic, and have to say it's started strong. Seems to be another HBO success
  7. I had no idea the clubs cut was that small, says on average 7%. No club is making their money back on any signing with shirt sales at that rate
  8. Just seen that Lewandowski supposedly wants to move, but Bayern would want 100m for him. Honestly can't see him moving, surely the only possible location would be City, and would think they're far more interested in Kane as it stands
  9. Anyone played Ghosts of Tsushima? Tempted to pick it up with the PS5 update
  10. Good old city, endlessly causing fantasy football managers nightmares
  11. That's a very good point, I forgot about that, surely they won't be able to afford both. Does seem like a forgone conclusion that Mbappe's going to Madrid.
  12. With Horizon rumored to be delayed to next year, PlayStation only really have Deathloop as an exclusive left this year, and that's only timed. Xbox on flip side have Halo and Forza Horizon, two huge games, going to be a strong end to the year for them. I suppose they didn't launch with much last year. Ultimately both consoles are selling incredibly well, so it's all good. The more competition the better!
  13. If he stays till next year, which looks likely now, it would feel very similar to the Hazard situation in Lille, where it's all down to where the player wants to go to (and salary of course). I can see him going to Real, especially if City get Kane, but they will desperately need to sort their finances out.
  14. Hard to look past City for the title, they have so much more depth than any other team, which should really show over the whole season.
  15. We really are improving aren't we!
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