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  1. The transfer ban is really turning out to be a blessing in disguise for Chelsea
  2. Yeah i agree. I get that some people think it's a bit fake, but anything that makes it feel more real, even if it's a slight difference, i think is a good think
  3. I'm sorry but how is this not an issue? If a load of clubs go under how are be ever going to get back to a sense of normal? The other issue being how this would affect fans. If my club ceased to exist i'd be devastated, and as a Yeovil Town fan there's a chance that might happen.
  4. I'm was really pleased with what i saw there, really excited by R&C, Horizon, Gran Turismo and Spiderman (although this is apparently a expansion on the first one). Ultimately launch games are never amazing, i'll probably get the PS5 and end up playing cyberpunk on it.
  5. Really looking forward to tonight. Sony have definitely been keeping things closer to their chest than Microsoft, so have a bit of catching up to do. Agree I don't think we'll get a price, thinking they're planning on going on the back of what the Xbox goes for. Think we might see the console though. Some new IPs would be great, apart from Horizon and Bloodborne this generation does seem to have been a lot of sequels, even if they have been fantastic. I would love to see another Ratchet & Clank however.
  6. I have no issue with players not playing due to the risk of getting infected, but injuries are part and part of professional sport. They are being given time to train and get in shape, and have now said teams can have friendlies before games resume. If i was manager, i'd be pretty disappointed with this
  7. I wonder if they will play fake crowd noise in the background, i saw that the NFL was considering it
  8. Is anyone planning to watch the bundesliga this weekend?
  9. Gromite

    The National

    Summer dates postponed, no re-scheduled dates yet. Twitter Link
  10. Had you played the original? I haven't and I'm contemplating picking this up myself.
  11. Not sure how feel about this, i saw someone making the argument it could benefit the larger teams, which i wouldn't be in favor of. However on the flip side, it could give younger players more game time. Says the proposal would be for this season and next, so not a really short term thing. I do think we need injury replacements like in other sports on another note.
  12. Can't wait for this, glad it hasn't been delayed too much. Just hoping it doesn't coincide with us all being let outside again, girlfriend probably wouldn't understand me wanting to stay in a few more days. Have seen there's apparently been some major spoilers leaked however, will be trying everything to avoid them.
  13. This article was posted a couple of hours ago, seems fairly positive to me. Still more than enough time for it to fall through though... Newcastle takeover nearing completion after contracts exchanged and deposit paid 'Sky Sports'
  14. I very rarely spend that kind of money on games these days, they drop in price so quickly, well except Nintendo ones. I would be a bit disappointed if a game that price only lasted 6 hours, that seems really short. Currently playing Red Dead 2, what a game that is. It's so in depth, and i'm only about half way through. Would thoroughly recommend.
  15. Tiger King is mad. I think it's around episode 5/6 where i was truly shocked at what was happening. Every character is so surreal. Thoroughly entertaining TV though. Was it the movie or TV show you watched for What We Do In The Shadows? I love the movie, but haven't got round to the show yet.
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