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  1. Coach Resale

    Any thoughts on whether to use a normal f5 refresh or a ctrl + f5 one? Only one browser? So having one of both IE and Chrome isn't a good idea?
  2. Primavera Sound 2017

    Going Tuesday to Tuesday and struggling to find accommodation. Anyone got any ideas or spaces in an apartment? This will be my 6th Primavera. For my first four I stayed at Urbany, but last time in 2015 i stayed in an apartment with mates.. and it was so comfy.. not sure if I'm past hostels now..
  3. Weather 2016

    even a broadbrush comparison will suffice!
  4. Weather 2016

    How does the forecast look compared to the forecast for 2014 at this stage? That was the last festival I went to so would be a useful steer as to the conditions. Thanks
  5. Radiohead touring in 2016

    What's the latest thoughts on Radiohead playing Glastonbury then? I only dip in here intermittently and there's too much to sift through
  6. Pub Crawl on Thursday

    Anyone fancy making an updated map?..
  7. Arcade Fire

    you say you "cant believe" what you're hearing. Is that in positive way, ie a major reunion or perhaps a heavier band people disappointing assumed would never play Glastonbury or is it more in a negative way, ie there's going to potentially be all out riots on here if the act in question is announced?
  8. Arcade Fire

    I note he only apparently said "playing", there was no mention of headlining but perhaps that's implied?
  9. Arcade Fire

    I'm sceptical but... I was speaking to my friend yesterday and was telling her about Arcade Fire playing Primavera Sound next year. Apparently her friends colleague goes out with a music journalist and at the weekend he found out Arcade Fire are playing Saturday of Glastonbury 2014... Again, I'm sceptical and wouldn't recommend anyone to necessarily believe that, but would thought you would all like to know!
  10. i left myself one too :D ahhh fabby :D:D haha

    im ace like

    got t fever yet??


  11. ya alright!

    (i originally left a comment for myself but im choosing to ignore this)