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  1. Came here to ask exactly this. Except I have Buckfast, which I really begrudge drinking from anything that isn't the bottle.
  2. That's 2018's event plan but hopefully gives an idea of what to expect.
  3. As a first-timer, what's the distance like between stages? Looking particularly at the rush to get from SVE on the Mountain Stage to Idles on Far Out on Sunday.
  4. Seeing Pixies in London in September. Blood Red Shoes (underwhelming IMO) have been announced as support for the mainland Euro dates but not for the preceding UK shows - anyone know who it might be?
  5. We eventually got 3 (well, 2+1) through Twickets a couple of weeks ago, keep trying. If you work in an office or are constantly on a PC/laptop, I'd recommend having the live feed open on Twickets and keep refreshing that when you get a spare moment. Using the app notifications or email alerts is slower.
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