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  1. Hi all. I've got 4 tickets on Dice. Am I supposed to download Access and activate all 4, or do the other 3 all have to have the Dice app, and I sent them each one ticket, and they do it?
  2. Thank you, have emailed! No response back yet though, have you had any success?
  3. Regarding refunds for Weekender, what email address are you guys using? And what data are you giving. I bought on Dice, so cant find a booking reference.
  4. To those already there.. How's the ground holding up? Does it seem to have potential to get full on muddy? I don't have wellies..do they have a place to buy there? Thanks
  5. Shame the hot tubs and sauna are off this year 😞
  6. Anyone else got tickets for any of the Edinburgh Summer Sessions gigs in August? Will they go ahead?.. I'm not seeing any announcements either way... I have tickets for the Michael Kiwanuka gig on the 9th...
  7. So who all got tickets for Weekender? Feels nice to actually have something to look forward to. Did anyone go in 2019? How was it? Haven't really heard much about it before, although been to Barcelona and Porto festivals plenty of times.
  8. Got a double, thanks! Were sold out when i looked previously but then i looked again
  9. Ah shit I forgot and all the double cabins are gone 😞
  10. Thank you Also, apologies, as i only just read the previous page where it has been answered already
  11. So depressed having failed today can you buy for 6 in the resale?
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