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  1. 100% safe in the lock ups, no problem at all. They are very secure (think I'm right in saying that they take pride in never having had anything go missing) and if you tell them it's fragile as you hand it over, they'll take good care of it.
  2. I bumped into ME in that very landy this year and had a quick chat. Appropriately, he was coming down the hill in Michael’s Mead, straight out of the farm. So don’t just look out for the red ones👍
  3. Skelts


    Wondering across the pyramid field I saw a bloke in a white T-shirt that said ‘ask me about my snowman’. So I did. He pulled his T-shirt up insideout so it covered his head, printed on the inside were two coal eyes and a carrot nose. Genius.
  4. Just get your picnic blanket out mate
  5. That's very true. What I meant though is that it looks/feels like Glastonbury, in that you can take your own alcohol in, there's no arena, the food stalls are similar, flags are similar etc, even the Bimble Inn is there. And it has the positive that you can review the line up before you book, to see if it's to your tastes. I've been twice now and wouldn't miss it again.
  6. You should throw Beautiful Days into the mix, check it out. It's a very Glastonbury-like festival, much smaller though obvs
  7. Skelts

    Anyone else cry?

    Don’t tell him Pike! You’ll go to minus 200 again 😂
  8. Skelts

    Drop the deposit.

    Me too. Even if it’s 10%, that’s still a hefty number of tickets up for grabs
  9. This is my kinda thread👍 💩
  10. Me and Mrs Skelts registered at the same time, one is 8, one is 10 #thereisnopattern
  11. Ah right, I read it that you were sorted. Guess you’re in with the Sunday crew then? Good luck!
  12. Crack on mate, the more help the better. Nice to see you got tickets today 👍
  13. Good to hear this as I'm in fuerteventura trying for tickets on Sunday!
  14. Dave. Didn’t see that coming. Fair play
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