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  1. You cannot beat these, they’re amazing, block out practically all noise. I use them at all festivals and camping in general to drown out the dawn chorus. They’re wax and are really malleable at body temp so you can push em in and then form a really good seal. Game changer 👍 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Calmor-Wax-Plugs-pieces-Artsana/dp/B00D3HQK0Q
  2. Looking forward to them to be fair. Literally only seen them perform one song on Jools and don’t know anything about them. But loved it, have seen lots of love for them on here and can’t wait to see more👍
  3. Love it. Will look out for you and offer you a high five ✋
  4. I’d highly recommend Beautiful Days. It has a very Glasto like vibe, but much smaller obvs. Great food stalls. You’ll even be able to pop into the Bimble Inn👍
  5. Gate B Inside of the rabbit hole The top of the ribbon tower Front of the queue at the Goan fish curry stall The cider bus Baggy Monday’s Wheel of Four Tunes Lost Horizons (hopefully they’re there) The new Arcadia set up A random camp fire
  6. Go and see Ultimate Power in Williams Green on Thursday!
  7. Almost certain to happen imo👍
  8. Skelts

    "Moments" of 2019

    I’m not holding my breath!
  9. Skelts

    "Moments" of 2019

    When it was the biggest disappointment ever. Hope his voice is better this year, we left half way through his set in 2017, he was shit. And I’m a massive Oasis fan.
  10. Worth the ticket money alone in my view
  11. You’ve got to be a bit of a twat to give up your ticket based on the first poster, or any subsequent posters. I couldn’t give a damn who’s playing, I’m just stoked to have a ticket
  12. Me too, I’ll be front and centre. Long term fan👍
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