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  1. Nah, it’s a really chilled festival, you’ll like it. I imagine a big percentage of Ziggy’s crowd will be partaking too👍
  2. It won’t be a problem if you’re sensible. Like you say, avoid the kids/family areas and no one will take any notice.
  3. I’d take 2019 every year, no question. Especially after discovering Lost Horizons👍
  4. Skelts

    Bon Iver 2020

    Interview and no doubt new tunes on Radio 1 tonight at 19.30 if you’re interested👍
  5. >Pops up on here to post, just in case< Since the end of the fest, I've been mostly looking at Glastocam, posting a bit on here, and looking forward to Beautiful Days next week. I also plan a trip to the farm in September like @crazyfool1 coz I don't live too far away either
  6. You should get yourself to Beautiful Days mate, it’s not too far from you. They open it with an acoustic set and close it with a main stage gig. It’s a great festival 👍
  7. Skelts

    Kylie Crowd Size

    But yeah, Years and Years had a rainbow one too, got covered in it! 👍
  8. Skelts


    Just came here to post the same thing. I'm waiting for her to be completely undressed, and the pier folk to disappear before I head to the site for a Sunday afternoon stroll, probably in September.
  9. This thread is already giving me the F. estival E. ntry A. nxiety R. eaction It doesn't help that I realised last week that I'll be out of the country for ticket day so will have to lug my laptop with me, in addition to roping in all of my non-festival going friends!
  10. Skelts


    I’m another big convert to them, and hadn’t even heard of them till this thread started. They were great at the park. If I get tickets next year, and they play, I’ll be seeing them regardless of who they’re up against. They’d be great in JP👍
  11. I see what you did there 😉
  12. Goonies on my own outdoor cinema. The kids loved it!
  13. Pulp Fiction would be pretty cool
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