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  1. I've been enjoying Uniforms who are playing the saturday...nice Spanish shoegaze/dream pop band. Can see them going down nicely at sunset.
  2. Oh yes 2017 was the Sunday washout, you're right not biblical was enough to be a bit depressing!
  3. That Sunday in 2016 was fantastic - King Gizzard (at their best) followed by Oh Sees I also think that was the Sunday it was biblical rain all day, not that anyone cared by the time Oh Sees came on.
  4. Yeah but they did in 2016 too so I wouldn't have been so surprised.
  5. Are you on the bmbmbm group on facebook? I have seen them quite a few times (first time was supporting Preoccupations in June 2018) and I really think in a couple of years I'll think back and realise how lucky I was to have see them during the early days of their career.
  6. I am staying at Eurohotel Diagonal, think it's about a twenty minute walk to the festival site which is really handy.
  7. John would be a good EOTR Big Top band (assuming that is John x2 and not some other John).
  8. I'd love Aldous Harding in one of those afternoon slots but I am guessing she's too big now.
  9. I could see Girl Band maybe filling that slot (although they'd surely be better in the Big Top), but yes I'd love to see Oh Sees once more. If they could just play every year actually.
  10. Wish Ty Segall would play at EOTR again I guess it's not likely now that he's at Green Man. Hoping for Oh Sees again now.
  11. Black Midi are also boys.
  12. I went to this and if my memory serves me correct it was unbelievably quiet, like not even half full.
  13. He played at Field Day the other year and went down really well.
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