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  1. Yeah to be fair I don't know what the situation around the rest of the UK has been, sounds like I'm just lucky to live close to London so I've had the chance to attend a few gigs recently. You may be right with your point about the tour though, seems like a lot of the gigs in London have been one offs and this Shame announcement is the first time I've seen an actual socially distanced tour announced, so I'd expect to see other bands doing a similar thing next year.
  2. There have been many post-lockdown (the first lockdown) shows in the UK so this isn't a trial for anything. One venue alone, in Brixton, has managed to put on 80 shows over the past few months (including a Shame show). Trouble is these shows aren't profitable at all because of the limited number of tickets they're allowed to sell.
  3. I am hoping Working Men's Club get booked...saw them in march before the lockdown and they were good, and I think their album is fantastic, probably my favourite release of the year so far. They would be a perfect fit for EOTR and I'm sure they're already looking at them.
  4. It is about the time of year we'd all be getting a bit worried about the weather...it sounds ridiculous but I'm interested in seeing what the forecast will be for the festival weekend even though we won't be there. In my head if it rains all weekend then there is no chance of it being like that next year
  5. It looks like they worked exceptionally hard to make it work 😕 Although personally I still get the feeling it was a futile effort. Will be interesting to see if anything else goes ahead...i am keeping an eye on Beardy Folk but not exactly holding my breath.
  6. Red Rooster just cancelled - http://www.redrooster.org.uk/
  7. Yes I was reading about the festival earlier, it sounds like they have a lot of things going for them. I'm not saying they can't do it, I hope they can, just wouldn't surprise me if it proves a bridge too far to actually pull off.
  8. Because surely if festivals could take place, they wouldn't be the only ones doing it? I get that they were riding their luck, waiting and waiting while all other festivals were cancelling until the government relaxed things enough so that they could feasibly put something on...but there's a reason the live music is scene is currently the way it is and I can't believe for one second the Red Rooster festival organisers know something that nobody else does. Good luck to them anyway, I may even go for the Saturday if nearer the time it looks feasible
  9. Interesting that Red Rooster festival in Suffolk is still going ahead (or so they say) on the same weekend that EOTR would have been. Admittedly it's a much smaller capacity which helps their cause, but it'll be interesting to see what measures they are proposing to have in place. That is if they're actually serious about doing it which I think could be doubtful for many reasons (lack of available artists, chance of a local lockdown in that area etc).
  10. Ah ok cheers, I will check SB Diagonal again at some point although to be honest the Maritim sounds absolutely fine.
  11. I was going to get a refund, but have had a change of heart and will now attend next year! Tried to get a room at Diagonal Zero but all gone unsurprisingly...managed to get one at some place called Hotel Front Maritim which was the closest one to the festival site that still had rooms according to Expedia. Can't wait for next june!
  12. I'd go even if there were no bands playing.
  13. He's not called Big Jeff for nothing 😂
  14. Personally I just didn't know any of them Thanks for your efforts...I think a lot of people have probably just stopped checking these forums for the time being as it's just bad news after bad news.
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