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  1. A few decent Friday bands and I am there.
  2. I have a good feeling about this week.
  3. How is Hyde Park not good for transport links? It's literally central London and surrounded by multiple underground and mainline stations.
  4. Hopefully we get an announcement this week...it's been the second week of march the past couple of years (possibly previous years as well but haven't checked).
  5. I thought Pond would be a shoe-in given that they have a new album coming out, and they've played a couple of times in the past few years so hoping they'll be there this year. Maybe a bit out-there...but Broken Bells have new material on the way, and seeing as James was there with The Shins the other years maybe there's hope....?
  6. I guess we won't be seeing Ryan Adams at EOTR any time soon...
  7. The Ally Pally show will be completely different to the Brixton shows though won't it? It'll have proper lighting and visuals....I mean the Brixton show was only like that because tickets were a fiver weren't they (and I think they only took place because of what happened at Field Day)....
  8. Seen them a few times (including EOTR)...they are very, very good. I can see them being high up the big top lineup this time round.
  9. Way too big for that. They'll be in a similar slot on the woods stage like last time they played.
  10. Even budget hotels in London are pretty expensive on Saturdays, not to mention its a bank holiday as well.. I'd like to be proved wrong though. Edit: Assuming you're talking about Saturday 25th
  11. I'd rather the late night big top slots don't go to people who have done it in the past.
  12. Where the hell are the transgender artists on this lineup?
  13. Only just noticed Kikagaku Moyo on there...I've been listening to them a lot as I'm seeing them in May. What a great lineup!
  14. Great mix of bands I know, bands I've heard of but never listened to and bands I've just never heard of full stop. Good lineup...very happy with the rockier bands there too (pigs x7!).
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