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  1. Yes I've been to many gigs/festivals where they've said they will need to check ID matches the name on the ticket, but not once has anywhere actually bothered.
  2. I remember going over to where Thom was playing, think it was in some wooded bit and there was a massive queue and security were saying there was no chance. I would have been pretty drunk at the time, perhaps I should have just stuck with it...
  3. I was at Latitude that year....I heard about Thom's secret set and left Portishead early in the hope of seeing him. Never managed to as the queue was too big, and I missed him coming out during Portishead as a surprise guest too because of it 😆 Complete fail that one.
  4. If EOTR ever got Thom Yorke they would surely want to announce it, and he would be a headliner. That would be a dream.
  5. It is interesting you say this, as there has been some talk on the Radiohead reddit the past couple of weeks about a Thom/Jonny tour. Seems like a company has been set up called Self Help Tapes Touring and the only two affiliates and Thom and Jonny....and then Jonny gets announced for End of the Road. But I am sure we won't be getting Thom at End of the Road, seems very far fetched although it would be amazing.
  6. I swear every time I put 6music on they play that new single of hers. I don't even listen to the station that much, but must have heard that song about 30 times lately. I like it though!
  7. I'm not sure Jonny has ever done a solo acoustic set (I may be wrong). He has done it plenty of times with Thom, but I don't think anyone would ever expect him to turn up too so I'd say seeing Jonny in that capacity would be very unlikely. Of course, who knows what Jonny has in the pipeline for his solo work...he's a very talented and versatile musician.
  8. Really happy, although was expecting to see Black Midi 😞
  9. Some of you are setting yourselves up to be extremely disappointed 😂 Lower your expectations a bit. Look at what happened with All Points East, people were throwing some of the biggest names in music around and we ended up with London Grammar, Jamie XX and a Field Day takeover. The most important thing this year is not the lineup, but just being there in the first place 😊
  10. I would be very surprised if Black Midi aren't playing the Saturday after their tour announcement today.
  11. I'm thinking Shame with Black Midi subbing, but wouldn't surprise me if it's the other way round.
  12. Where did you hear this? There is nothing on their social media about it, in fact they've even just posted that they're announcing more artists soon. I was surprised when they pushed the festival back one week though, to just after June 21st. Not exactly leaving much wiggle room there in case Boris has to push that date back at all (which would not surprise me one bit).
  13. In terms of bands I like at the moment, this may be the best festival lineup I've ever seen. I have a ticket but am at EOTR that weekend, depending on who is playing that day at EOTR I may even drive to Wide Awake festival on that day. Of course it would be ideal if a lot of these bands get announced for EOTR too, then I can save some petrol..
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