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  1. Anybody read this on the Guardian? https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/aug/20/all-female-music-festival-lineups-native-loud-women-fest-boudica-hearher Seems unfair to mention EOTR in my opinion...I know Courtney Barnett is only headlining because an all-male band pulled out, but Metronomy has a prominent female member and I think the festival has been pretty good over the years of featuring women in headlining slots (on both 'main' stages).
  2. Weather early next week looks lovely so hopefully it can stick around for a while longer.
  3. Not for their secret set 😁
  4. We'll surely get stage times no later than Thursday, a week before the festival starts. So annoying we had them so early last year and so late this year.
  5. First day of the festival is up on the BBC forecast. Won't be another week until it starts showing up on the met office though, and that's when things will start to get a bit more reliable.
  6. I remember it was really hot when I went in there for the first time on the Friday, although I must have got used to it because I don't remember it being an issue the rest of the weekend.
  7. According to The Weather Outlook there's going to be a heatwave heading in to the festival... The Thursday should appear tomorrow, and yes I know it's still too early to tell but any encouraging news is fine by me. https://www.theweatheroutlook.com/forecast/uk/SP5 5PY
  8. They played Not at EOTR last year...it's a great song and I was very surprised that it wasn't on UFOF, and well this obviously explains why.
  9. I am trying to book time off for next year's festival...does anyone know what the dates will be? Presumably it'll be the first weekend of September and not the August Bank Holiday one?
  10. Ah yes, my brain hadn't engaged at that time.
  11. No, they were released on August 9th last year.
  12. I could actually see Wand doing a piano stage set.
  13. I only go for the rotisserie chicken.
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