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  1. Sorry to hear that you couldn't go but at least your weekend wasn't a complete write-off. Completely appreciate all those points, went to a gig on Thursday night (Sea Power) and it was so nice not to be doing the bar - stage - toilet circuit!! My festival turned out to be great. Lucky to have a very supportive group of mates who both joined me in the odd AF drink and knew it was a little bit of an anxious time for me. But, blimey, could they repeat themselves when they were drunk 🤣 Being sober changed what I did a bit... didn't fancy being right at the front / centre surrounded by drunk people barging through, or getting beer over me, so tended to stay towards the back of the crowd and just took it in / focussed on the music. Already booked tickets for next year! I found very little grown up AF stuff other than the mocktail at the cider bus. Expect this will change in the future with more and more youngsters not drinking nowadays.
  2. Strangely comforting to read that 2.5 years in you face the same feelings when it comes to the first time at a festival again! I've DM'd you my number, cuppa and a chat would be welcome 🤗
  3. 14 months is fantastic, congratulations! I know exactly what you mean about staying awake, I don't know if it's pandemic or sobriety related but I'm in bed by 10 most nights now 💤 went to a gig on Monday night that finished at 11 and I was wiped out yesterday 🤦‍♂️😁 If you need a chat whilst you're there with someone else going through the test then I'm available for a cuppa 👍
  4. I was thinking about getting there early(ish) too... not because of any rush or scramble for camping (what will be will be on that front), but I need a festival experience again - even if it's just sat reading a book with a cuppa watching it get busy
  5. BTW, here's where you can find places that are providing the free tests https://maps.test-and-trace.nhs.uk/
  6. That's right - PCR test references get reported through the NHS Covid App, and LFT tests get reported through the link and must use the QR/ID. Joined up Government 🙄
  7. Yep - you can pick up free LFT test packs at most pharmacies. As soon as you've done it report the result here (assuming it's negative!) and you'll get a text and an email with confirmation after a few minutes.
  8. On the slim chance that other people here have had the Janssen single dose vaccine, I asked EOTR on Twitter and they confirmed that will be acceptable as long as it was more than 14 days ago otherwise LFT test will be required instead.
  9. Lucanesque

    Club Long Covid

    Compost toilets FTW 😁
  10. Lucanesque

    Club Long Covid

    That doesn't sound like fun at all. I had it back in March last year, took me months and months to get over being breathless walking up stairs / cycling, and I struggled to concentrate most days (arguably still do lol). Most noticable ongoing thing is that I still have a dulled sense of smell 17 months on, but my chest is back to normal. Hopefully gives you some hope that it can get better, and hope it does for you 👍
  11. Thanks Rob! That's a great tip around the Talking Head / Healing Gardens areas, thanks. And a good point about welfare too, hopefully I won't need them, but it's good to know they're there.
  12. Cheers Paul, appreciate it 🤗
  13. Congrats on 15 months!! Would definitely be up for a coffee - I'll DM you 👌
  14. That is a help - thanks 🤗
  15. LOL can relate. I went to my first sober gig this week - Fontaines D.C. - not sure if it was the emotion/adrenalin of actually being at a gig again, or experiencing it sober (and watching people absolutely out of it and cringing at that being me previously), but I was knackered/WIRED (without coffee!). Good point though - I'll bring mint tea and a book for late night wind down 👍
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