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  1. Don't get me started on smoking 😂
  2. There was some paint drying on the side of a wall that evening, drew quite a crowd. (Kidding, I love Pixies)
  3. Would be interesting...new album is amazing and those songs would definitely fit in at EOTR, just not sure all those 'growls' from their back catalogue seem particularly suited to the festival.
  4. I've seen him (under his 'William Doyle' name) both with a band and solo, and it did seem to work better playing with with others to be honest...seems like when he's on his own theres just so much for him to do. Such a shame to hear what happened to him though, as he's always saying how much he loves EOTR and I've seen him around the festival site even on years he wasn't playing.
  5. How were your sober experiences? I actually had to drop out of the festival for a personal reason which was disappointing, although it did mean I could attend Wide Awake on the Friday so wasn't a complete loss. So having attended a number of gigs and festivals sober now, I love things like not spending a small fortune on alcohol (£6.50 a pint in some places now!) and not spending half the day queuing for that privilege as well. I also like not having to go to the toilet after every band I see...basically my time is now primarily based around the music, whereas before it was based around drinking (although don't get me wrong, it was still massively about the music too). I will say one thing though...it is certainly a lot more noticeable now annoying drunk people are when you're sober. Not criticising one bit though as I've had almost 20 years of being like that myself.
  6. Squid, BCNR, Black Midi...they're all quite self indulgent and like to mix up their sets with jams and unreleased songs. Personally I don't mind and could stand their for an hour watching them play whatever they want, but yes at festivals I can appreciate it doesn't go down as well.
  7. Yes I can't fault the festival itself, it was great all round. Seemed like a good amount of toilets/bars/food stalls. Musical highlight for me were Kikagaku Moyo, who never fail to put on an amazing set. Mandrake Handshake were fun as well.
  8. I must be getting old - the constant talking, and throwing of cans/drink/shoes/bags (even on to the stage while bands are playing) etc really ruins the day for me. Started off well but by the time early evening rolls round and 95% of people are drunk it quickly goes downhill. I'm sorry to say, as someone who is 500 days sober, I used to enjoy these festivals more when I would get pissed like everyone else.
  9. I would imagine Geordie's vocal parts will be replaced by horns...throw in Cameron's songs where he sings and you've got yourself a full set. Perhaps even Matt will make a comeback for a Years Ago outing.
  10. Black Midi playing according to their instagram...with a horn section.
  11. Maybe they are still adding the finishing touches to the site 😊
  12. There's no way boutique doesn't have its own toilets.
  13. Their fanbase will most likely leave to follow them to their show in Bristol. Will instantly lower the average age of the crowd by about thirty years.
  14. I really can't predict how busy it will be tomorrow...for me it's a dream lineup, but I'm aware that the majority of these bands (headliners included) are actually not that big in the grand scheme of things. Personally I'm hoping it's a bit more relaxed after attending an incredibly busy APE on Monday.
  15. Yes, although the headliner for the whole festival is playing at 13:30 so perhaps there isn't much logic to it 😂
  16. Snapped Ankles and Dry Cleaning are in...I've noticed Scalping are off the poster (as we already on there). Black Midi still on there as it stands but can imagine one of these two additions taking their spot.
  17. He produced it, and he will be part of her band for her tour later in the year. Whether that means he will play with her during her main set at EOTR I'm not sure, but as already mentioned seems they have a little piano stage date planned.
  18. Losing Black Midi would be terrible, although would certainly resolve some of the clashes around that time (unless they replace them with Dry Cleaning or something).
  19. In 2018 they released them really early, I think it was about a week in to August. That was amazing.
  20. Working Men's Club seemed to have a nightmare the first couple of songs culminating in them walking off when the sound cut out completely. I actuality didn't think they would come back but they did and was all good in the end. Wish they had longer then half an hour though...
  21. Yeah but they changed it to online only, I think they did they around May this year. I'm not really fussed personally as I have bought a parking ticket, as will probably 99.9% of others - the sadist in me just wants to see what would happen if someone does turn up without having bought one.
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