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  1. Ditto. I like her but was hoping for someone who hadn’t just played.
  2. Not predictions but my wish list; The Twilight Sad Steve Mason Bear’s Den British Sea Power Jarvis Cocker Spiritualized Nadine Shah Courtney Barnett W H Lung A few of these would make my day on Friday 🤞
  3. Oh great, not long to wait hopefully.
  4. When did they announce last year, I seem to remember it being earlier than usual ?
  5. Would love to see Twilight Sad there
  6. Maybe the organisers look at this forum, you never know: 1. More taps in the campervan field. This is a must for next year. One tap for hundreds of vehicles was ridiculous 2. The Tipi - we need a bigger stage there or have it open to to the far side. Too hot, too difficult to get into. 3. Another covered area. We didn't need it this year but maybe next year we will. Why not have another covered area by the food stalls. This will help with the tipi problem too when it rains.
  7. hi Steve, thanks for the wave. 35? jesus. I am trying to rally a few more for next year - have booked tickets. It was great this year eh? Did you see Idles? I was blown away; I think my all time favourite Eotr set. We are just going for normal size campervan ticket. The stewards are always nice and we do tend to blag what we want and have enough space. , there doesn't seem any benefit for an extra £35 see you next year - the Eriba still going strong?
  8. Me too. Idles and Shame were the bands I most enjoyed
  9. Thanks for the reply. It did seem a bit random. Fair enough if you go to a section with big pitches but otherwise, there didn't seem to be much benefit. We seemed to have a huge area this year, which I think is just the way we parked. There were three campervans in our group and we just parked quite a distance from each other and had a big area in the middle. The stewards seemed happy enough for us to do this and moved on to the next vehicles. There is always so much unused space in that field, that I don't see why they don't give everyone plenty of room. There was probably enough space for a few hundred more vehicles in the back rows.
  10. deposit paid on Tier 2. woo hoo!
  11. Did any of you buy the larger camper van pitch ticket? Just wondering if it gave you more space and was worth it? I didn't see a seperate large campervan area so assume they just didn't park anyone next you. Its an extra £35. Thanks
  12. 6th year and loved it. The good: Idles - best performance I saw all weekend, really took me away Shame - I love the album and was impressed with the show Snapped Ankles - knew nothing about them and was blown away by them Penelope Isles - they were recommended to me and I now know why. superb Colter Wall - a beautiful rich voice for a Saturday lunch time AK/DK - double drums, whats not to like Hookworms - not quite as good as I'd hoped but very enjoyable all the same Haley Heynderickx - a beautiful voice with a personality to match .would like to see her again with her band. The Weather, space in the camper van field, hot, powerful showers, clean loos and a very lower w*nker count this year. It seemed a tiny bit less busy too. The bad: erm nothing really. Maybe not so many repeat bands. I think St Vincent has been here 3 out of the last 6. Kiran Leonard, not my thing at all. Missing a few sets due to clashes or going along with what my friends wanted to see. did anyone catch Julien Baker? gutted that I missed her. The Pizza place running out of plates on the sunday evening and closing. The decent beer selling out so quickly also wish I had stayed up for the Ak/DK - Snapped Ankles secret set but I haven't got the stamina these days A superb weekend and I hope to be there again next year.
  13. I've had recommendations from Seachage for Gwenno too (just listening again now) also, RRD, Penelope Isles, Daniel Blumberg, Hookworms of course and snapped ankles,
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