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  1. I loved their set so much. I was buzzing so much afterwards. My absolute set of the festival
  2. Ahh is that you Steve? I did look out for you. We were on the carpark side this year and quite squashed in, so we’ve opted for the large pitches next year x
  3. I was very pleased to get early birds but a bit pissed off to have an extra £16 to pay. Never mind, their in the bag and something to look forward to next year.
  4. The Murder Capital’s performance blew everyone else out of the water for me. Absolutely phenomenal. I love the album and have enjoyed some of their YouTube footage but the power and passion, style and performance of the live set were incredible last night. I missed the last 15 mins of Fontaines but it was more than worth it. I was on a high for the rest of the evening .
  5. Fridays clashes are just one big pain in the arse. currently Fontaines but leave before the end, The Murder Capital full set, miss a bit of BC Camplight and get the full Jarv Is set. Missing Deerhunter completely. first world problems eh?
  6. That would be ace. We are going to their Krankenhaus festival from EoTR.
  7. Ticket should be on Twickets later today.
  8. We may have one adult camping going on tomorrow morning, we are trying to get someone we know to go but if not my friend will be selling her ticket. Keep looking.
  9. The Fontaines/Murder Capital clash is worse than I thought. That way round is just awful. Now will have to cut Fontaines short. Gutted
  10. Thank you for this, that’s really helpful
  11. One of my must sees, so hoping they will play
  12. That Sunday turned out to be the best day; a great atmosphere and lots of room (apart from in the Tipi which was packed all day with people sitting).
  13. The Murder Capital album out today. It’s immense. Surely we need them in the big top?
  14. Surely we will get them soon. I’m concerned re a Fontaines/Deerhunter/The Murder Capital clash ?
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