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  1. Just got back from Green Man and End of the Road and I fully recommend the following bands; Black Country, New Road Bill Ryder-Jones Dry Cleaning Just Mustard The Murder Capital Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Porridge Radio Scalping
  2. Are you going to set one up? It was one of the best things about the festival last year.
  3. I would be even more excited to see Little Simz than Idles again; one of the my favourite albums of the year. If not how about Loyle Carner? He is also playing the Downs the day before and is about the right size?
  4. Good shout. And thanks for reminding me of their new album.
  5. It must be someone quite big, British, who has probably played before with something to promote - Maricka Hackman, Stealing Sheep, Bill Ryder-Jones, Gruff Rhys?
  6. First glimpse and I think I'm okay with it - lots of running around to catch the start of the next sets, but other than TVAM v Happyness and the sprint from Fontaines DC to Murder Capital it could be much worse for me.
  7. Big Top Surprise Show at 2030 on Sunday!
  8. Does anyone have any ideas what time the stage times will be released today?
  9. Go to Tiny Rebel or the City Arms for beers and Blue Honey Night Cafe for food; all next door to each other near the Castle. If you download the Wriggle app there are offers on beer (from £2.50) and food (about £5) for lots of independents rather than the usual chain places. Also, try to get a Pastel de Nata or Welsh Cake - near the entrance to the arcade; again both opposite the Castle.
  10. Is there a meet up planned for tomorrow?
  11. Is everyone else just refreshing the page this morning waiting for the beautiful settlers to share a picture of the set times?
  12. I think I missed something as on the Clashfinder Spiritulized is now clashing with Du Blonde? Tough choice, but I’ve always missed Du Blonde before and her new album is one of my favourites of the year. Secret Show guesses; Tipi - Bodega, Squid, Goat Girl, Viagra Boys, maybe someone who isn’t playing like Dry Cleaning? Piano - Stella Donnelly, Cate le Bon, BC Camplight, Kate Tempest (this would be amazing).
  13. Does anyone think that there might be a gap opening up on Sunday night in the Big Top? Wild Beasts did a ‘surprise’ bigger set there a couple of years ago? Also, very pleased Courtney Barnett is now headlining and that Kate Tempest has been added. I will not see either Metronomy or Michael Kiwanuka if it can be helped.
  14. On Instagram they just said that the stage times will only be available 'onsite'. I think this is the same as previous years when one of the Settlement types posts a picture of the programme?
  15. Far Out to Rising and the Main Stage is probably ten minutes maximum. I've seen Far Out full before, but if you can get inside there is usually space in front of the mixing desk.
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