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  1. Is anyone going to this? KITE FESTIVAL - A NEW FESTIVAL OF IDEAS AND MUSIC Haven't got a ticket yet, but the music line up looks good and the talking line up looks brilliant so considering it. Wondered if anyone has been to something similar or have any ideas what it might be like.
  2. Really exciting lineup. Same as every year, but now with added Kraftwerk.
  3. Great recommendations - enjoyed what I've heard so far.
  4. £221.55 for a full price ticket. Think Early Birds were only £15 cheaper. It's not going to sell out today, but with all the roll over tickets expect that it may sell out before Christmas so worth getting them now if you can.
  5. I was getting anxious about the clash between BCNR, Dry Cleaning, Little Simz and them so this simplifies things a bit.
  6. If no one else has set one I'll create the WhatApp group today. Message me your numbers and I'll add you. Message me and I should be able to send you the link.
  7. Sorry if its already been mentioned elsewhere - but has anyone set up a WhatsApp group yet?
  8. That was my first year. I asked The Low Anthem if they were doing any surprise sets and they kept banging on about Snake Wagon, but I was oblivious to what they were getting at so eventually they just told me. Being down the front for the Felice Brothers at the Tipi was also an all time festival highlight.
  9. I missed the first couple of songs; but it was still unbelievable.
  10. Other than the year Ezra Furman played about three (?) secret shows (the covers one was best); I'd say either Warmduscher in 2018 (I missed Black Midi) or Scalping last time out.
  11. I'm going for Just Mustard, Crack Cloud and Dry Cleaning for the ones already on the lineup. Maybe Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard to turn up unexpectedly. Lynks would also be excellent.
  12. A mate of mine is thinking of cycling from Abergavenny to the site (mad I know), but I can't remember seeing any bike lock ups in previous years. I know there is an organised ride you can do, but does anyone have any ideas about just turning up on a bike - sure its probably fine?
  13. Thank you. Hope you get to enjoy a beer tonight and you are still dry when we all get there on Thursday.
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