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  1. was the 2015 one (rather lovely iirc) where someone tried to bait Alan and he gave short shrift on confederate flag? Can't imagine them anywhere but Garden Stage again personally, but then anyone I really want to see I want to see there like others above I really hope that we get James Graham and his boys this year, they are pretty much perfect for this festival (Garden of course!)
  2. what about a sort of Celtic-y Saturday nite supergroup mashup thing: Steve Black-Gwenno-Gruff Rhys? Steve will join in with anyone (and has at EOTR previously)
  3. ✍️ this was very much planned (and she has one or two gigs around too people)
  4. in theory it's just turn up and see, but during the day artists that are playing will usually 'let slip' that they are doing a tipi set later. that gets around etc etc. rough trade shop usually in the know too. one of my favourite surprises has to be assuming someone average would show up and then the felice brothers walk out on stage (the 'old' tipi tent, rather cosier, sweatier and vaaay vaaay draaank). whiskey in my whiskey.
  5. ordinarily this could be me, but Oh Sees are over 'ere a lot, lot more than VW right now? so VW is my listed intent, but possibility of mooching off part way through, attracted by guitars and Garden Stage = fair.
  6. I'd forgotten that Ariel Pink was one of your fanboy bands Will. Looking forward a lot to your mate on Thursday night, but for the weekend my schedule is this (asterisks are the 3 must sees of the day): Friday Stella Donnelly > Saba Lou > Nilufer Yanya > Lucy Dacus > Warhaus * > Josh T Pearson * > Low Anthem > Big Thief * > St VincentSaturday A Wesley Chung > Boy Azooga * > Julien Baker > Flat Worms > Shame > Gwenno * > Soccer Mommy > Hookworms * > Vampire Weekend(pretty good for my weakest day)Sunday Hayley Henderyckx > Plastic Mermaids > Anna Burch * > Honey Harper > Amen Dunes * > Japanese Breakfast > Julia Holter > Ezraaaaa! * > Snail Mail > White Denim
  7. Ezra Hookworms Warhaus Amen Dunes Big Thief Josh T Pearson Gwenno Anna Burch Lucy Dacus Boy Azooga another one very happy with the line up, options all over the weekend I'd be more than happy to replace.
  8. I like Orielles A LOT (ask Born In The Fifties, they were good at GM last year and in gig end last year) but they underwhelmed at Latitude on a stage that should have been 'them'. Easy choice to go Big Thief on a perfect, perfect stage for Ms Lenker.
  9. 'livener' has different connotations for me 😶
  10. I thought this too (and without having seen your post first)
  11. cure great, but please not fatty bumford again and NEVER the lad trash thats kaiser chiefs.
  12. good place to start: http://forums.latitudefestival.co.uk/m101560.aspx
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