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  1. thanks guys, it sounds fab. i'm in. does it sell out, and of so is it quick?
  2. Cheers - sounds spot on. Last decade has been End of The Road, Latitude and a bit of Green Man so clearly not after 'paaaarty' festivals! I'll do a bit research and come back if I'm missing anything - I take it the Dutch crowds are good fun & friendly though?
  3. Creating the perfect reason for my first overseas festival Tell me anything about it please!
  4. after ten years straight at Latitude, this will be second year in a row not bothering. there is obviously 'okay' stuff (and will doubtless be other good undercard bands to come) but it isn't for me any more. as said above they have 40k tickets to shift, and it shows. and then HAIM is so weak, but so typically Melvin.
  5. pretty sure he and Cocker also DJ'd the first time I went to EOTR
  6. ^ seconded, kind of an underwhelming strum.
  7. thanks for that link. it seriously rates two sets (of my three) that I found pretty overwhelming last weekend. and "monumental" is almost exactly the term I hadn't found to put a word to Low's performance.
  8. haha that made me laugh - competitive Dad is alive and well obviously
  9. if your email is registered with EOTR, then this survey came as a link.
  10. had a completely fantastic time (every year bar one since 2010), both company I was with and lineup. beforehand I didn't think it was musically as strong as Green Man was (for me), but ended up on a par. really adventurous curating even if I didn't like everything booked. three sets that so blew me away it was almost overwhelming: Low (have always loved them get they are marmite but this was the best set I have ever seen and completely made sense of the new stuff); Murder Capital (just stunning, knocked Fontaines and Shame out the park); and the sublimely beautiful Bill RJ turning up and being, well, beautiful. some other new stuff found and loved: Sweaty Palms (lead singer: bottle of buckie half down by midday, get in!); Girl in Red; Porridge Radio (much better than @ Green Man); Harrison Whitford; Tyler Childers (surprised myself liking that, but they were soooo good including Uncle Buck on drums); and Lewsberg seemed pretty good. Thought it was really obvious from the outset that Hard Skin was a piss take. Regret not buying a 'shopping is for c**ts' tote bag. Missed the list of secret stuff being posted up on the press room door. Didn't like the trek to the additional parking over the access road. Liked the better showers. Add me to the 'ban chairs / small castles / other barrier shit' on the Garden and in darkened tents.
  11. lucky to yet again get early bird. I am never, ever, missing this festival.......
  12. PJ SvE Ezra (but Garden stage)
  13. ^this. and the BCNR to Low dash.
  14. as of this morning, yr.no looks good happy to take a drop from mid 20s temperature if it stays dry and (in a perfect world) sunny
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