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  1. did tickets sell out in the last few years? This is second on my list if I don't get a Glastonbury resale ticket at the end of April.
  2. a load of mid-sized festivals, and some support slots. bizarre way to make a comeback really. I'd imagine there'd have been a lot more interest if it was their own gigs/tour. winter/spring was the perfect time to be doing it too.
  3. ghostdancer1

    The 1975 2020

    are the UK dates sold out? just got an email for their one arena gig here in Dublin, still loads of tickets available it seems. e: noticed the UK dates on the irish ticketmaster site too, plenty of tickets available for most dates, only Cardiff sold out it seems.
  4. said this when it was posted last week but The Killers headlined Rock Werchter 2 years ago. Werchter Classic is a week before RW, at the same venue, so I'd imagine it was either headline RW for a 2nd time in 3 years, or play under McCartney at the sister event the previous week.
  5. no, they may be lower by a place or even 2. They're not 13:45 on the Pyramid level. Stop being ridiculous. Headlining the Other is worse than subbing the Pyramid. Look at some of the stuff that has headlined the Other that wouldn't have a hope of subbing the Pyramid. Florence is big, mainstream, singalong hits, 100% won't be on the Other any time soon.
  6. er, no. Elbow still do big gigs on par with most Pyramid subs/Other headliners, which was their previous slot, and as Friends Of The Festival, probably still is. They're multiples bigger than acts that play early on the Pyramid. FATM were a strong sub, and there were lots of calls for them to be headlining outright. Of course they're not going to be doing the Other Stage. Them playing anywhere other than the Pyramid is ludicrous. another silly thing I noticed, QOTSA get 45mins, everyone else on the Other, including Jade Bird opening it, get at least an hour
  7. Elbow playing at 13:45 Florence on the Other Stage there's so much obviously nonsense with it.
  8. afternoon/early evening JP or Park I'd say
  9. that's what I said. after they go onsale the price moves, up or down depending on demand. the face value is high to begin with, and will go up if there's demand, or down if there's not enough interest after a while. I lived in the US and the face value/initial price for many big gigs is FAR higher than the equivalent in the UK/Europe.
  10. ghostdancer1

    Billie Eilish

    it's fine. like most Bond themes it's a bit dull until <INSERT BOMBASTIC ORCHESTRA CRESCENDO>. as @kalifire says, when it gets to that point, it overwhelms her. Don't know how strong her singing is generally, but she certainly doesn't carry the notes at the end of this. Sounds very weak at that point.
  11. most big gigs in the US these days, especially at Live Nation owned venues, use dynamic pricing to start with. Start ticket prices high, see how much demand there is, then adjust accordingly. Don't know about the UK, but some gigs here in Ireland have had that recently.
  12. "microphone launched at his head" get a fucking grip it's meekly thrown (presumably underarm) back up onstage in his direction.
  13. i've often heard about how poor she is live, but wow, that's very bad. cringing at the smoking on stage too.
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