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  1. RATM aren't coming back from the dead to play the 2nd stage anywhere. And HAIM are Pyramid or Other only these days. very little chance they'd be at The Park.
  2. not tolerate minor hardship? people are still sleeping on airbeds or mats, in sleeping bags, with hoodies for pillows, and eating mashed up cereal bars out of their Decathlon rucksacks. you clearly don't have a fucking clue about Worthy View. there's FAR less hardship in the campervan field for christs sake. please, stop embarrassing yourself.
  3. ghostdancer1

    2020 headliners

    Foo Fighters always chose elsewhere too, until recently, and they had no "poor relations" as far as we know. any way, it's not Michael that runs things anymore. Glastonbury is a business, and given that they often have to take what they can get, they aren't going to be that petty about something that happened nearly 30 years ago, because of illness.
  4. you're right mate, no-one shat or pissed where they shouldn't 20 years ago. People having a wash is clearly worse than the stabbings and muggings of yesteryear too.
  5. ghostdancer1

    2020 headliners

    I don't think they do? they play Italy on the Saturday, but could theoretically play IoW on Friday/Sunday. Yes it's a bit of a slog logistically, and they generally don't do back-to-back nights, but they sometimes do, and it's possible to bang their gear on a plane, or have 2 sets if they're bringing backdrops etc to festivals. that being said, I wouldn't be putting money on them playing IoW...
  6. don't really see it as expensive, it's 30 quid a night per person. I save and budget throughout the year with that in mind. i find the attitude of people towards those that stay there, and of the likes of Worthy View, highly ignorant to be honest. take the op - "People who have more money and haven't got that down and dirty with everyone else attitude.. " how do you know they have "more money". As I said, it's 30 quid per person a night. I'd say a lot of people who can afford to rent campervans, or can manage to purchase theirs at all, probably have more money. I'm sure there are many people in general camping that have better jobs than me, or less outgoings, or whatever, that have more money. It's highly ignorant to assume that people don't have "that down and dirty with everyone else attitude". I've done general camping at Glastonbury. I general camp at every other festival I go to, several a year. Who are you to say that I don't have a "down and dirty with everyone else" attitude? At Glastonbury I now stay at WV because it's more convenient coming from abroad, and I like the quietness, relative space, ease of access to the car, and easier access to showers. Is it changing the festival demographic? Hardly. The Glastonbury demographic is constantly changing. Festival demographics in general are constantly changing. Most people who stay in Worthy View would have general camped in the past, and would general camp if Worthy View didn't exist, because the festival itself is the attraction, not where you sleep. It's hilarious that some people refer to Worthy View as "posh", clearly people who have never actually been there but have formed pre-conceived notions based on their own assumptions.
  7. ghostdancer1

    2020 headliners

    no problem! his album after that, To Pimp A Butterfly, is much more jazz/spoken word influenced, so if GKMC is to "straight-forward rap" for you, maybe give TPAB a listen.
  8. due to the aforementioned clue about headliners never having played, I think they'll just give Glastonbury a miss next year, and then headline in 2021. They'll have had another no.1 album by then too, as they've another one out early next year.
  9. ghostdancer1

    2020 headliners

    yes, he was headlining Reading & Leeds in 2018 and was apparently their most expensive headliner ever (cost several million). as for Kendrick, if you're interested to learn more, I'd recommend listening to his Good Kid, Maad City album, and reading this, which describes the story he tells on the album: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/69d93r/the-narrative-guide-to-kendrick-lamars-good-kid-maad-city Reading it before listening would probably work better to be honest.
  10. nah, the beach will be some small DJs most likely. zero chance Kraftwerk playing any stage down at bits, let alone during the daytime.
  11. ghostdancer1

    Taylor Swift

    if there was more money to be made, shareholders would sell to the highest bidder. If it's Scooter Braun Inc. versus Taylor Swift Inc., and the latter was offering more money, then they wouldn't have gone with SB. I'm sure the "earn back" deal was offered, which is pretty standard, but if she was able to gazump Braun, then she would have. I'm not really sure what difference it makes though, either way, it's back to her wanting control of them to make money off them.
  12. which quotes are you referring to that Emily may or may not have "been telling porkies"? to me, it's quite clear: When Michael made that comment, they were in early talks with Macca, but Michael being Michael just couldn't keep it to himself, and because they were so early, backpedalled a little with the "keep it to yourself" bit. When Macca made the comment on radio, the talks were still ongoing. When Emily said that 1 headliner was still in negotiations, they were, and Macca was now in advanced talks. and within the last couple of weeks it's all been signed off. Nick deliberately fibbed to throw you off.
  13. ghostdancer1

    Taylor Swift

    er, what exactly do you think she wants the rights back for? it's to make money. she isn't stopped from performing her songs. they haven't been wiped from history. she literally wants control of them to use for commercial projects. if she had enough money and truly wanted to buy them back, she would have done it previously when they were offered to her.
  14. The Orielles on there twice. shambles of a poster really.
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