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  1. Elton John

    He’s a headliner. No other option. Yes he’s a legend so he could do the legend slot, but he’s too big.
  2. Acts you don't "get"

    Another one for The Beatles. I just don't get it. Actually anything Paul McCartney based.
  3. Green Man Festival 2017

  4. Green Man Festival 2017

    As I've said before, it's my first time and I've got a couple of questions if people don't mind helping me out. Is it much of a walk from the car park to the settlers campsite? I'm taking a bell tent. I heard they have carts you can hire for transporting gear for a £50 deposit, with £45 being returned. Is that right? Is there a decent shop nearby or am I better off taking my food for the first three days with me to begin with? I have a cobb BBQ/oven so hoping to cook up some good feasts. Any tips for good things to go and visit in the local area over the first three days before the festival starts? Thanks a lot! I'm really excited now.
  5. Glastonbury tattoo - help needed

    If you want a band go for it, it's your wrist after all. My only input would be I wouldn't have the year. Make it a generic (but lovely) one and it's relevant forever. Like a lifelong festival memento, rather than being tied to a year.
  6. Green Man Festival 2017

    Thanks very much. Yes I was in Monmouth yesterday for a wedding and it certainly wasn't dry! How is the phone signal there? So I know how much local area research to do before I get there!
  7. Green Man Festival 2017

    Hey I'm a Greenman virgin, heading up for the first time this year and got myself a settlers pass. Does much go on Monday to Wednesday? Or do people leave the site and go and do touristy things? Thanks :-)
  8. The Beauty of the Glastonbury Organisers

    Bloody hell
  9. quechua Fresh and black tents

    I went for a new tent this year, opted for both inflatable and fresh and black. This one - https://www.decathlon.co.uk/air-seconds-family-42-xl-fb-id_8384151.html It is an amazing tent, really loved using it and so many people stopped to examine it. Good sized bedrooms, nice large living/storage area. When I woke up each morning I didn't know what the weather was doing outside until I opened up the zip, which is about as good a review as I can give.
  10. NYC Downlow

    It's the latter.
  11. NYC Downlow

    Excellent, so we can agree that it's satisfying a core human need in a small part of a large festival - proving once again that Glastonbury does a great job of providing every experience possible. We can also give a nod to NYC Downlow for providing such a brilliant and exciting (subjective, but it's what I think) replication of a seedy nightclub which is inclusive to all while celebrating and taking ownership of the term queer. Great news.
  12. NYC Downlow

  13. NYC Downlow

    The word you are after there is married.
  14. NYC Downlow

    It casts LGBT in a bad light to you, but I, and clearly thousands of others thought it was fabulous. Raw, interesting, made me think. Just what I'm after from Glastonbury. Horses for courses and all that.
  15. NYC Downlow

    The post you quoted clearly says that I'm not ok with the entry humiliation. That is seemingly a minority ruining it and needs dealing with. But the rest of it, yeah it does make it ok. None of it is illegal, just not in line with your values. They're replicating something which made people feel uncomfortable, and look what a good job they did.