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  1. So pleased to read this as myself and 8 friends booked early bird tickets on a whim yesterday!
  2. themuel

    paolo nutini

    So so amazing
  3. Oooh yeah please DM me too!
  4. Agree. There have been obvious issues that will need addressing (if the capacity continues to increase then they need another main stage and the two late night spots need to be on opposite sides of the site to force ppl to make a choice and stick to it) but every person I’ve interacted with has been brilliant.
  5. So, SO good!!! Thanks for the info - set of the weekend for me so far. Unlikely to be topped.
  6. themuel


    This forum has turned into trip advisor this week 😂
  7. themuel

    TLC Cancelled?

    Loved that! Absolutely heaving but where I was everyone was very friendly and having a great time.
  8. themuel

    50p Tea Tent

    Gutted. It’s been a staple for me. That, the Thali cafe and the Philippino place with the amazing pancake rolls near West Holts. Gutted!
  9. Where is this happening? Is it 100%
  10. This confused me so much on the way in. Glass or crisps?! Weirdest question I’ve been asked on the way in. the pile of crisps made me laugh.
  11. Definitely miming or at the least a backing track.
  12. themuel

    Cash or card?

    Sorry, didn’t see the existing thread. Ignore this one
  13. themuel

    Cash or card?

    Do people think festival goers could get away with a cashless festival this year? I never use cash and would much rather keep it that way. No huge reason I just prefer it. I know some will only take cash but will they be in a minority? Surely every business has contactless capability after the last two years?
  14. I got home Thursday night and mine was on my doormat. I guess my postie wasn’t fussed about getting a signature 😂
  15. I filled it in the second it went up, so I wonder if someone now has all my details. Oh well.
  16. Original sale. Cornwall maybe they’re going from the bottom up!
  17. My surname is A. Unsure if that might make a difference
  18. How do I see the percentage of tickets despatched?
  19. themuel

    Harry styles

    Does anyone have decent quality links to the What Makes You Beautiful bit? I’m intrigued
  20. New Radicals - Get What you Give - 2003 Pyramid Greenpeace video.
  21. Yeah - the explanation is hidden in the thread somewhere!
  22. Oooh me too, I don’t suppose you were up the path from the pizza and croissant tent on the left near the campervan entrance? I’m all for ppl having a lovely time but they were really inconsiderate and when approached they were also very rude.
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