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  1. Oooh me too, I don’t suppose you were up the path from the pizza and croissant tent on the left near the campervan entrance? I’m all for ppl having a lovely time but they were really inconsiderate and when approached they were also very rude.
  2. I was just so happy to be back at a festival with my chosen family after such a shitty 18 months. I loved it and when I walked through the entry gate I had a cry.
  3. themuel


    Agreed. I was really confused that so many ppl seemed mad about this. I’ve never heard so many ppl moan about it before. I know it’s been two years but have people really forgotten this basic festival rule?
  4. themuel


    It was so, so, so amazing to be back in a field enjoying festival life again. The toilets can’t be called anything other than terrible because they really were disgusting to the point of unhygienic, but it didn’t have an impact on the enjoyment for me and if they had the issues that are being reported then top marks to them for getting anything at all. Huge love to everyone for making it possible for me to have a weekend that felt normal. I needed it and I feel so much better.
  5. themuel

    Club Long Covid

    March 20th last year. Still fucked. Smell and taste still wrong. Lethargic. Sore chest. Sore heart. Brain fog. Weight gain. Over it.
  6. themuel

    How do you feel?

    Shit. Had covid March 2020 - Long covid is still kicking the shit out of me. Smell and taste still fucked. Lethargic, chest and heart issues. Put on loads of weight as can’t exercise properly. Fuck off pandemic.
  7. Leonard Cohen REM 2003 Pulp ‘secret set’ at the Park
  8. I was not prepared for Damon to sing Blur songs.
  9. Yep. The Pyramid is theirs
  10. It’s making my heart sing and weep at the same time.
  11. George Ezra deserves nothing but love. His Phone a Friend podcast dealing with men’s mental health is a thing of total joy and he puts all of himself into it. I’ve got a lot of love for the man.
  12. Where on site is Kiwanuka?
  13. Yeah no quibble from me there. It was a fu*k up and they’ve apologised. What else can they do?
  14. I’ve just got a free ticket through O2, which I feel a bit weird about, so will chuck some money in the big three Glastonbury charities direction.
  15. If I remember rightly, the mum of the boy in the picture started using the forum and noticed her boy in the photo. I can’t really remember and I haven’t got time to go down the rabbit hole of that thread now, but it was all very lovely and seemed to confirm he was a very weirdly angled photobomber
  16. Here you go - found it in an old Facebook album so the quality is likely terrible. But then again it’s a 16 year old photo so it probably wasn’t great to begin with 😆 editing to say: that’s the first time in a long time I’ve looked at that pic. So weird.
  17. Oh yeah it’s worth reading though. Sadly I assume all the funny versions that got made will have disappeared. But if I remember rightly there was an excellent ending to it all that proved I wasn’t lying!
  18. I can look for it. I got as far as reading the first page and remembered how much it annoyed me that people were telling me I had doctored an image so stopped reading!
  19. Am I likely to be able to have a weekend away in the UK (distanced etc etc) Easter weekend? I'm assuming it’s a big fat no, but I’m looking and my brain can’t process any more dates at the moment.
  20. I’m 35. Had covid last March - health has been very poor since. Various parts of my body just failing, permanent lethargy, bad heart, permanent smell and taste change etc. Got the call on Wednesday, spare vaccine, come down to the surgery quick. AstraZeneca. Doctor warned me I might have hard side effects due to having had the virus already. He was right! Insane fevers, partner thought I was fitting because I was shaking so much. Hallucinating, seeing dead friends by my bed etc. Entire body in agony and a banging headache. 36 hours down the line and I have a stuffy head and am sore, but I’m pretty sure that’s down to the ferocity of the shaking during fever. All 100% worth it to have had my first dose, but oh man it was not a pleasant ride. Hoping round two won’t be so bad.
  21. Not all key workers are on the magic list. I’m still not due it til Septemberish and I’m being breathed on in a sealed box by little urchins every day.
  22. I’ve also heard, via a friend that works in the festival industry, that it is decision day today. eek
  23. My Nan received hers on Friday. She’s 87 and sofa-bound for the past two years following a stroke. As a family, great news. Objectively though, it should’ve gone to someone else like a nurse, carer, teacher, vulnerable younger person.
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