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  1. Not loving Kacey Musgraves being replaced at PinkPop. Was someone I really wanted to see on the Pyramid, so hope it’s a one off. Really hope we don’t see a trend of US artists pulling out across the summer.
  2. Primavera sending out a questionnaire this morning asking “what would you do if one of your group couldn’t make the event?” and “is your accommodation modifiable?” and “will you go to Primavera 2023 in Madrid?” isn’t filling me with hope.....
  3. I know McCartney’s all wrapped up. But does anyone feel Kendrick not doing Roskilde might not be a good sign for his inclusion? He was lined up to do the last two editions.
  4. Happy to be back ! Thanks for sorting. Definitely want to be included. Any chance of adding a +1? Cheers x
  5. I think the fact Thom Yorke’s shelved his Modern Boxes’ dates, that the Radiohead machine will be turning by next summer...
  6. The Serpent / Line of Duty / Finding Alice
  7. chemica

    2021 New Music

    Stumbled across this debut single from King Blonde. It’s seriously good.
  8. Any guesses for the price of the Blondie + Garbage Arena Tour?
  9. chemica

    Taylor Swift

    What a lovely record. Dessner influence feels precious, but Taylor driving it forward with emotive lyricism that not many can match. This is another flash of real colour in the kaleidoscope of her career. Do not envy trying to put together a set list for her shows.
  10. Kiwanuka gonna have to bring home the prize. Would be made up for Kano too, a seriously good body of work there too. any betting markets?
  11. To be honest, with the wealth of talent in pace England have, I probably wouldn’t bother with a spinner. Root can turn his arm over a bit instead.
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