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  1. After a little thought, I’d like Rihanna and guest Jay-Z to do Umbrella on the Pyramid. Hope this helps.
  2. I turned up at Roskilde on Tuesday daytime and the place was already a complete mess. For those arguing that Glasto should last a week; this festival does Saturday to Saturday, with the big name music not starting until a Wednesday. The first weekend is seemingly an anything goes for 18 y/o who absolutely trashed the place, which all calmed down once the families bulked out the fields come Tues/Weds.
  3. chemica

    2020 headliners

    Lord, a new Elbow album doesn’t put them in contention... does it?
  4. Robyn absolutely nailed that late night slot. Tune after tune after tune.
  5. chemica

    Mallets or Thatchers?

    I actually enjoyed Mallets. Easy going. But didn’t have too many.
  6. chemica

    2020 headliners

    Complete guesswork but a trio of Kinks, Fleetwood and a modern headliner. With old Reg in the legendary position would be a vintage year. Id fully back Emily to make the right call in terms of someone taking the step up! She nailed it this year.
  7. Just paid £16 for a 24 crate IN THE FESTIVAL.
  8. chemica

    What's next?

    Flying to Roskilde tomorrow morning. I’m still in Glastonbury fields. Knackered.
  9. Well up for this. Haven’t seen them in YEARS
  10. Chance just pulled out. Replaced by Stormzy.
  11. Chance the Rapper just pulled out. Replaced by Wu Tang.
  12. Chance the Rapper just pulled out. Replaced by J Balvin, I believe.
  13. So, just to be clear, do I need to send my wellies back or not?
  14. Now Luis Enrique to Chelsea would make a lot more logical sense... but when has football ever been logical?
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