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  1. General jist here is Pixies announced tomorrow then?
  2. Three pieces out now, of this puzzle. I always find their marketing and promo fascinating.
  3. Very!!! Caught them at Citadel, before Fontaines. And these blew me away! Certainly outshone the DC boys on that day. Followed it up with a visit to Concorde 2 in Brighton last week where they were just as good! Their album was all self released and they’ve toured relentlessly for over a year, UK and Europe multiple times without really stopping!
  4. Didn’t they just do that? In the last two years definitely.
  5. chemica

    2020 headliners

    Heard yesterday that the rumours for Slane Concert in Ireland were Coldplay (which fits) and Oasis (which feels more like fantasy). but if Coldplay doing big one day fests, maybe they’ll do BST? with a secret Glasto set.
  6. Thinking about it. Are they really gonna wait 5 months to tour this new record?? Seems odd.
  7. chemica

    2020 headliners

    Just got an email about Foals tour offering very little insight other than they’re active. “2020 UK TOUR We’ve got to rip up the road in 2020… 29 April | Edinburg | Usher Hall 02 May | London | Olympia 06 May | Blackpool | Empress Ballroom 09 May | Birmingham | Arena 10 July | Cardiff | Castle”
  8. chemica

    Thom Yorke 2019

    Announced he’s doing Roskilde the week after Glastonbury. If there’s murmurs he’s appearing, then he certainly is in the frame now.
  9. I fully expect Black Keys to be touring next summer. Are they big enough to headline?? Probably.
  10. I did the Big G / Roskilde double header this year just passed. Flew out Tuesday morning 6am. After getting back from Glastonbury Monday eve. Totally worth it. Line ups won’t be the same but will have similarities which means you can prioritise who you seen at which festival!!!
  11. I’m going to Plymouth Pavilions tonight. Should be good.
  12. After a little thought, I’d like Rihanna and guest Jay-Z to do Umbrella on the Pyramid. Hope this helps.
  13. I turned up at Roskilde on Tuesday daytime and the place was already a complete mess. For those arguing that Glasto should last a week; this festival does Saturday to Saturday, with the big name music not starting until a Wednesday. The first weekend is seemingly an anything goes for 18 y/o who absolutely trashed the place, which all calmed down once the families bulked out the fields come Tues/Weds.
  14. chemica

    2020 headliners

    Lord, a new Elbow album doesn’t put them in contention... does it?
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