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  1. They replied to a Facebook comment explaining they couldn't get a Liverpool date to work for this tour, but want to do something special for 2022 as the album was recorded there
  2. Always looked like Kasabian nailed 09. The band have spoken about their fond memories of it too in interviews since
  3. Keeping with sports team, Alex posted this today about the truck karaoke haha
  4. Mildly shocked that everyone on the lineup was available for their respective day on the rescheduled dates. I imagine APE is having a far tougher time attempting to postpone given the acts and it’s size
  5. Events such as Glastonbury will have very little impact on the economy or lives of the public if cancelled whereas the tube, train/bus stations, schools etc would be far more disruptive if shut down. There’s a balance between slowing the infection down (to allow the healthcare system to cope) and allowing the economy to function as normally as possible. Mass events will be seen as a luxury and will be top of the list to restict as it’d have a far smaller social-economic impact than closing the tube for example.
  6. The festival is a drop in the economy though. Cancelling Glastonbury and similar size events is by no means on the same level as placing restrictions on public transport and business operations. Hopefully it won't come to it - but mass events are a luxury that can be sacrificed in aid of controlling the virus whilst allowing day-to-day life to continue operating as normally as possible with reduced socio-economic effects.
  7. Worth noting Foals played these fests too, and half the forum has agreed they’re big enough to top the pyramid let alone the other
  8. I got the same (travelling down from Bristol) and sounds like we've been shafted with a double decker bus. Imagine it'll be a faff getting everyone's luggage out of a van at the other end but not too worried
  9. MrRadioactiveCake

    TBAs 2019

    Wolf Alice look to have been in rehearsal today... a month out from their first festival dates (probably nothing but you never know)
  10. JP or Williams Green I'd have thought more likely
  11. Yak confirmed for Friday on their frontman's insta
  12. Article on the beeb has confirmation of that Friday Other sub info for TDCC
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