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Is Glade actually coming back in 2014?

Guest net_raven

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Wishful thinking at this point, no?

Looking back at the pompous, NIMBY stuck up ignorant village idiots who made up excuses in attempt to stop one form of modern culture that differed from their own;

Looking back at the criminal mafia gang called the "Police" who demanded £50/hr for each mafia member / bobbie, when for the most part they'd be strolling about eating doughnuts when the rest of us have to WORK & pay for our tickets;

Looking back at occasional instances of ex-paras with PTSD getting jobs in security & going beyond their job descriptions

- can't see it happening. I'm amazed they pulled off ANY of them in recent years, due to the uphill struggles they faced.

However, if any of the great folks who organised those events are reading, I'd like to suggest a couple of things:

1) Run your event in Europe, France, Northern Spain, etc. Then organise the package breaks, travel & tickets from here.

2) Or, if you can stretch to another UK event, August bank holiday. That gives you longer time to organise, it's also a more traditional time for getting mash up, & late summer has better weather than early summer when peak pollen & freak rains are out of the way.

I think many people have said all festival promoters should boycott the UK & set up in a more culture friendly place which is [strangely] cheaper to get to, with more beatiful scenery. Imo it's time we stopped paying these backward people who want our cash but not "our sort". Enough is enough!

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This news saddens me more than anything after they were bigging it up saying they'll be back :(

I hope an organiser IS reading this to give a definitive answer instead of leaving it in the dark like last year :( Sucks that general belief is it's not happening :(

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I dont think any of the original crew would want to be involved in trying to get it started again, unless they are still involved in the Glade area at Glastonbury?

but Noisily looks like a really good replacement. They guys running it have said they were inspired by Glade and want it no bigger than 5000 people. Think this year was 1000.

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