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  1. A-Rob


    As a packers fan, I was gutted by Lefleur decision not to go for it on 4th down, also by the late flag thrown at 3rd down. I mean I trust more Aaron Rodgers, then the defense who their mistake caused a touchdown in the end of the second quarter. Besides you're giving back the ball back to Tom Brady!!
  2. Seems like when there is some hope, another thing crops up (in this case the new variant). This has been the story of this pandemic. But I'm still hopeful that there will some outdoor gigs/festivals this upcoming summer.
  3. A-Rob


    I think for AEW to truly establish itself and become a strong brand in pro wrestling needs to create it' own starts. So far they have been relaying on rejects and has been's from WWE and stars already establish in Japan like Omega. Sting might spike the ratings for a short time, but on the other hand who would pay to see a 61 year wrestle? AEW needs to invest in it's own young talents like MJF and Orange to try and create it's own superstars that would be known outside the hardcore wrestling fans.
  4. What do you think is the realistic timeline for a return of gigs in Europe/UK? Personally I think around April, small indoor gigs will be allowed and then in May/June larger gigs and festivals will return as well.
  5. A-Rob


    What do you think of this season so far ? Without crowd the games feel a strange, but I'm still enjoying the games (Green Bay having a great start helps!) and something to look forward to watch in this boring autumn/winter.
  6. A-Rob


    Very poor decision to let Matt Hardy continue the match, it made AEW looks like backyard wrestling. Meanwhile last week's Smackdown, was probably the best episode of this year so far.
  7. I was fishing with my father, we when heard the news on his small portable radio about Princess D
  8. A-Rob


    The Fireflies Funhouse match was unreal. It was amazing how they recalled all of Cena career (Even the heel turned that never happened). This match also solidify Bray as one of the Top starts of WWE for years to come. I
  9. A-Rob


    Yesterday's main event and booking was the worst thing I've seen in recent months.
  10. A-Rob


    It's probably the best storyline on SD at the moment!
  11. A-Rob


    Superbowl should be entertaining with 49ers and Chiefs!
  12. Yes! it was an epic day for sure and One of my favorite days ever for live music.
  13. The White Stripes 2007 in London. Run the Jewels 2018 at Manchester Victoria Warehouse, the energy at that gig was unreal.
  14. A-Rob


    After the Texans went 24-0, I thought it was game over and started watching an episode. Then after 30mins i switched on game again out of curiosity and seen Chiefs coming back and eventually blowing the Texans. One of the most unpredictable games I ever watched.
  15. A-Rob


    Hoping for some magic from that Baaaad man Aaorn Rodgers next Sunday, to take the Packers to Superbowl again.
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