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  1. A-Rob


    I think it's a pretty solid mania card, from the main matches only Shane vs Miz do not interest me. Personally I'm looking forward for the most, Brock/Seth, Ronda/Becky/Charlotte, AJ/Orton, Batista/HHH and women's tag title (I hope the Iconics are added because I love their gimmick)
  2. A-Rob


    This ppv should be scrapped, before mania the Rumble and Elimination Chamber are enough. As another ppv gets overbooked and like others above say it slows the hype for Mania, it's better to have 6 weeks to work in Mania then add an other event in between
  3. A-Rob


    Nia is currently the worse thing on Raw, no charisma, reckless worker and below average in ring. Fans boo her not because she's a heel, but because they genuinely know that she sucks and is there because of her family.
  4. A-Rob


    I don't consider Nakamura big time WWE superstar. AJ could be, especially if wants less travel and a lighter schedule.
  5. I think there's still place for record shops, but like others said they have to be more focused on Vinlys, games, bands merch & memorabilia and less cds & dvds.
  6. A-Rob


    My picks for the rumble are Rollins and Charlotte. I don't see any unexpected winners this Sunday.
  7. A-Rob


    Back in the late 80s, early 90s when I started watching wrestling I like hogan, even tough Ultimate Warrior was my favorite. I disliked Ric Flair he portrayed his heel persona perfectly. Year later when I started to understand wrestling Ric became one of my all time favorites. But I agree, a lot of people to sound cool stated that they hated Hogan in his heyday. In my opinion he played a very huge role in putting wwf to a world wide audience, I see his influence similar to Micheal Jordan bring the NBA to world wide audience.
  8. A-Rob


    Agree very much with both points. I hope AEW picks up, it would be healthy competition for WWE. Besides wwe roster is now is huge, that a good portion of talent are lost in shuffle and are not being utilized well. If AEW can get few wrestlers from WWE, it might be a better platform to establish themselves. I agree with Hogan's case, people should move forward after all he's still the biggest legend in the industry.
  9. A-Rob


    The women's title is headlining mania this year, the writing has been on the wall for quite some time now
  10. Yep, music lovers/collectors now prefer Vinlys. I still buy some CDs, but generally less than 10 a year. However I still feel overwhelmed when I'm at good record store, I feel like I want to buy everything!
  11. https://www.nme.com/news/music/hmv-administration-2425069 For the second time in about 5 years HMV is into administration, I genuinely hope they survive! The high streets without music stores looks bleak, but it looks like an uphill battle to survive in today's market.
  12. A-Rob


    Jon Jones is a joke, and the UFC is turning into bigger joke by still letting him main event their cards. Now they ended with this fiasco, having to change venue in the last minute. Imagine a lot Swedish fans booking a trip to Vegas to support Gus and now they change the venue!
  13. I saw Danny Brown supporting Run The Jewels last year. After that show I became a huge Danny Brown fan, to stuff live.
  14. Bon Iver is defo worthy of headline slot, besides he hasn't been in the festival circuit for a couple of years. So it's an artist that a lot of people had not seen.
  15. A-Rob


    Agree. I'm so Anger at Nia Jax for injuring her. Besides why is Nia getting another title?? she was easily the worst women champion of the last few years. I also don't agree putting in Charlotte to replace her, that should have been for WM with a long feud to build around.
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