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  1. Seeing as Alkaline Trio got posponed till next may! RBF for me as I dident go the last time I was going to see them! Still Temped to see Trivium as well though!
  2. Alkaline Trio - Manchester november 8th Acadamy 2 Kerrang tour - New Found Glory, Sum 41, Live and let die and While she sleeps Feb in Brum O2 acadamy
  3. Finishing Guitar Hero World Tour off on Hard
  4. Awww, Yeah I was there as well with me dad Yeah should be fine then and same dibs as me and me dad! Was there as well think it sunk in reading the reports at home!
  5. Great Pic and Weather! Stoke being in an FA Cup Final! You 3 going to try and get one?
  6. Found out at the gym Fats going down and more is being turned into Muscle!
  7. That my Uni referance has been done so sent off the uni Application to ucas Still hope then
  8. Im not that fussed on the Support this year to be fair, It is though Suburban Legends,The Skints, New Riot (UK & Europe) and for £14 I cant complain
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