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  1. Paid for Assassins Creed Revleations and Need for Speed The Run cant wait! Still enjoying Battlefield 3 Co-op Mode to be honest and will get MW3 after xmas which ill end up spending most on Kill Confirmed, or Spec ops!
  2. Seeing as Alkaline Trio got posponed till next may! RBF for me as I dident go the last time I was going to see them! Still Temped to see Trivium as well though!
  3. Would love some of them bands to play for me Lit, Alkaline Trio and Pearl Jam would be nice!
  4. Alkaline Trio - Manchester november 8th Acadamy 2 Kerrang tour - New Found Glory, Sum 41, Live and let die and While she sleeps Feb in Brum O2 acadamy
  5. Im in!! Just waiting for aceptance into the league I think!
  6. Kevin Nolan having medical at West Ham according to SSN! Cover for Parker, Noble and Collison incase one goes me thinks? With Lord Faye going there as well really is an old boys act!
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