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  1. Another one bites the dust: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/18/revenue-chief-quits-after-death-threats-over-brexit-warnings
  2. That was my understanding of Mcdonnell's argument. You are responding to my reply to Neil, which was in response to his comment, paraphrased, what do you understand of Mcdonnell's argument. His actual post was much ruder. So, are you disagreeing with my understanding of Mcdonnell, or Mcdonnell?
  3. Global problems need global solutions. Better?
  4. Pretty obvious I thought. Global capitalism needs global socialism in response.
  5. Also, is this still General News? It's always political debate, maybe name change in order?
  6. I'll just leave this here... https://labourlist.org/2019/07/towards-a-new-economic-order-mcdonnells-international-social-forum/
  7. I think it should be independent too. Both pro Israel and pro Palestine are so politically opposed, neither side can be objective.
  8. Here we go, knock yourselves out: https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/quarterly-bulletin/2014/q1/money-in-the-modern-economy-an-introduction https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/monetary-policy
  9. The campaigners themselves went further. Watson himself came out of this rather well in that article, and he wasn't playing to the press for once.
  10. So, do you think this is fake news? This is how I read the atmosphere at the time, it was pretty toxic. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/tom-watson-jeremy-corbyn-labour-leader-deputy-party-team-steve-coogan-daughter-clare-coogan-cole-a7868561.html Tom Watson’s team “seemed to hate Jeremy Corbyn”, actor Steve Coogan has claimed his daughter told him. Clare Coogan-Cole worked one day a week in Mr Watson’s office and spent time campaigning alongside the deputy Labour leader's camp. She was vocally pro-Corbyn and told her father that members of Mr Watson’s team wanted the Labour leader to “fall flat on his face”. “Clare was campaigning for Tom Watson in the Midlands, and she kept ringing me to complain. She was upset because of the way people in the campaign were behaving,” Coogan told the New European. “There were only two people who were pro-Corbyn in the whole campaign team. Others seemed to hate Jeremy Corbyn, and they were saying scornful things like: ‘Oh! He’s on TV tonight – I hope he falls flat on his face.’ “She said she was getting really fed up with it and having arguments with them. And she rang me up, and said, ‘I’m really upset and I don’t want to do this any more’. “I said: ‘You’ve got to stick at it, you’ve got to stay true to your principles’. As the election results came in, she saw her loyalty and determination had paid off. “They were expecting loads of seats to be lost, and then the exit poll came in, and the faces of the anti-Corbyn brigade were the epitome of mixed feelings,” he said. Coogan went on to say that Mr Watson publicly admitted that everyone was wrong and praised his daughter for standing by Mr Corbyn. “The best part of the whole campaign for her was that Tom Watson was just about to go off to do his speech at his own constituency count. "And in front of all the other campaigners, he turned and saw that Clare was smiling. He stopped. He made everyone listen and said: ‘Clare, I just want to say, you were right and everyone else was wrong’,” Mr Watson said. Mr Watson had previously been at odds with Mr Corbyn and urged him to stand down as party leader when he polling considerably behind Theresa May. At the time, he wanted a “negotiated settlement” that would have seen Mr Corbyn step aside. Mr Watson also warned of a “hard left plan” to take control of the Labour party and accused Momentum, the grassroots group, of wanting permanent control and suggested they had “tacit approval of the leadership”. He has since U-turned and speaking after the election, Mr Watson praised Mr Corbyn’s “honesty, candour and energy”, and said people “responded well” to the Labour leader.
  11. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/labour-antisemitism-corbyn-watson-formby-jewish-ehrc-investigation-a9006466.html This is depressingly persuasive. I can well see this, given the stance on Brexit.
  12. Just to clarify, "turned," on here, not "turned on", here. 😲
  13. I agree with this. I would prefer him to come out openly with what he thinks. If he's right, he should be able to justify it, or take the criticism. But at the moment, the factions are both too prepared to believe the worst of the other side, and the best of their own side, without adequate factchecking. And this brings Labour into disrepute, because one half is telling the UK the other half can't be trusted, and vice versa. And the Tories love to say Labour can't be trusted. Who needs Tory propaganda now? Basically, I think the truth is getting lost under a propaganda war. What fake news did you mean? The anti-Watson story that's resurfaced? For reference, this one: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/tom-watson-jeremy-corbyn-labour-leader-deputy-party-team-steve-coogan-daughter-clare-coogan-cole-a7868561.html
  14. And also, while you think I'm naive, I also felt the same, because the media is selectively reporting. For example, at the Durham Gala, Laura Pidcock answered journalists' antisemitism questions at length, and wanted then to discuss the Gala, as had been previously agreed. A far right site published a video of her adviser arguing with the press, trying to get them on topic. This was then taken up by anti Corbyn mps, who assumed/implied that Pidcock had refused to discuss antisemitism. So there genuinely is a level of unfairness here. No matter what they do, it will be used against them. Try to speed things up - interference. Keep their distance - refusing to act. There's a double bind at work here, over and above the actual antisemitism. My biggest doubt is that Corbyn doesn't do spin as well as his opponents, and it's essential. And because of factionism, Labour MPs share right wing anti-Labour propaganda without factchecking, to bring down Corbyn, and no doubt vice versa. That last paragraph is my main concern, as I've been wxtremely well trained to protect the brand at all costs, to represent the brand and avoid personal opinion while in a public capacity. What you don't do is go public to complain that part of your brand is crap. You keep up the pressure internally till the message sinks in, you try to get into positions where you can influence outcomes, you don't jump ship. And you don't sabotage the brand by slating your superiors publicly.
  15. I hadn't seen that here. I think I'd already been turned on here by the gloating when the media said something embarrassing about Corbyn. I can't remember getting that feeling from you, you seem genuinely concerned about it all. But even I know as an outsider, who doesn't read a lot of insider stuff (don't use twitter) that the anti Corbyn camp wanted Corbyn's downfall, the mood was nasty and destructive, right up to the GE. I've only recently seen that Steve Coogan daughter article where Watson etc. were actually hoping Corbyn would "fall flat on his face", though it did state also that when the results came out, he apologised and admitted he was wrong. So if you've got Labour people actively wanting labour to fail, and guyted when Labour did way better than the predicted annihilation, you can understand why I take things with a pinch of salt. Plus, I'm used to shouty activists, so bullying louts versus loud protesters is also something I'd consider. They're activists. Their whole purpose is to disrupt the status quo. To cause moral outrage, raise consciousness, motivate the masses. You won't get a polite letter to the Guardian from them. So apologies, to me a lot of it felt like conservative middle class outrage at disrupted order. They weren't being polite enough.
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