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  1. I hope so. I don't know what it is but I have a soft spot for her.
  2. They might not be racist, but just like "the other side", put their own side first, and won't support them. Berger, Abbott....they put factionalism before kindness. It doesn't give me confidence in them. I hate to say it, because I know it takes away her agency, but Abbott strikes me as vulnerable. Berger seems more resilient, a lot of this could be the atmosphere they're working in.
  3. I never understood this. Abbott went through hell on social media, it was way worse than the AS scandal, and nobody dealt with it in the way AS has been turned into a specific issue. Wasn't it a Tory politician that called out the abuse, and not anybody in Labour? Anna Soubry maybe?
  4. I really don't want closer trade links with America. It's bad enough that we can't think of a way to avoid having to put a monetary value on life.
  5. I just thought I'd quote this in case nobody saw it.
  6. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/politics/coronavirus-wrexham-cases-spike-north-18513005 Ignoring the "Wales does it the right way" bias, is it true and does it matter?
  7. Pretty normal here too, I'd say. Judging from what comes wafting though our open window. I went from not being overly concerned, to scared witless, to resigned and sad. About Covid-19, not drugs. Personally, I'm less liberal than I was, after having to take heavy duty prescribed meds that are dangerous in themselves. So I won't even drink now. I'm bored brainless. Next street over: https://caerphilly.observer/news/992588/four-arrested-on-suspicion-of-violent-disorder-after-police-helicopter-called-to-caerphilly/
  8. That's interesting. Around here, we've gone through crowded beaches, pubs, shops etc. just before lockdown, to deserted public spaces and extreme caution, backed up by quite a lot of public shaming of thise contravening lockdown, with a bit of anti English spreader stuff thrown in, partly justified as there was a good lockdownconsensus. Now the mood's changed as cases have fallen. People want to see family, start talking conspiracy control theory, there are quite a few young gathering for football, drugs (from their smell), alcohol (Ogmore) etc. But these are visible signs, so you tend to see groups of youths, pensioners at bus stops, etc. I don't think locally we'd have garden parties really. Barbecues under gazebos maybe. But again, tends to be young families.
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/27/health/meat-processing-plants-coronavirus-intl/index.html looks at working environment and socioeconomic factors in spread of Covid-19.
  10. It depends why it affects them more. It seems to hit deprived areas more, so is it genetics or socioeconomics?
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jun/28/what-weve-learned-about-starmer-is-if-you-pick-a-fight-with-him-youll-lose If this is true, I'm even more convinced that Starmer did the right thing. The leader shouldn't be undermined like this.
  12. I was interested in your comments here, like LJS, I miss a lot of the tropes, didn't see the trope this time, but did notice the way Israel was dropped in for no apparent reason (for those ignorant of the implication). Even ignorant of that, it reminded me of dropping ethnic origin into media reports when it had no relevance. Harry Potter? I'm already disappointed with JKR for her recent comments about women I'd not picked up that I was reading my son racist books. I had been a big fan previously
  13. Sorry, I meant RLB should let it go. I'm guessing that she approved of the title, the old, if you didn't vote Labour because of Corbyn, you might as well have voted Tory. If she noticed the reference to Israel, she should have steered clear. No point baiting the bear. Corbyn's gone, regardless of how fair, they need to focus on getting elected, and that includes ridding themselves of any AS taint. Starmer needs to restore Labour's reputation, and while I can imagine how painful it is if you think you and your allies were stitched up from within your party, look what government we've ended up with as a result. Just as I thought the anti Corbyn lot should have sucked it up, now I think the pro Corbyn lot need to. They need to focus on their true ideological enemies. Choose that fight, for all our sakes.
  14. While I agree with the above, Labour needs to choose its fights, and they should have let this go. It's one thing searching out old stories and putting on a contemporary spin, it's another being careless when you should be concentrating on your job.
  15. This is pretty much where my thinking is. They want to support human rights, and Israel is a tricky one. Even if they themselves are aware of the complex nuances, it's now such a sensitive area that they should steer clear, for fear of accusations of singling Israel out. I hope we're not going to get Labour self harming again now.
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