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  1. I was just away reading, and aides had been reported as worried before he was admitted as he was still clearly ill. I hope it really is precautionary 🙁
  2. Bleeding hell Boris in hospital. 😮
  3. Boris is popular. Corbyn's supporters were accused of personality politics. It seems to me that Corbyn is criticised for being unpopular, and his supporters criticised for liking him. It's these inconsistencies thst scream bias to me. Both complaints focus on his personality. Let's move on to Starmer. I don't care if he has charisma, I just want him smart enough to get things done. And yes, that does include being bland.
  4. https://labourlist.org/2020/04/we-must-unite-our-movement-once-again-starmer-and-rayner-tell-members/ https://labourlist.org/2020/04/the-next-shadow-cabinet-runners-and-riders/?amp I think he's smart enough to try to unite the party. Their email is nice and positive.
  5. So, does this mean that the membership has changed its mind, or has the actual membership changed?
  6. They were too confrontational. Starmer thanked Corbyn, called him friend, that was well played and hopefully sincere. They should have reached out.
  7. Starmer got the balance right in his speech, I felt.
  8. I like Starmer, but again, I liked Corbyn, they seem principled men. I've always been confused by the criticisms of Corbyn, based on both policy and "personality cult". It's simply that Corbyn was popular/unpopular, so all personality, - is it? I think the marmite reference above might be a good one to wrap my head around. Hopefully, Starmer is found acceptable by enough. Meanwhile, I'm trying not to draw unfair conclusions about the way Coronavirus is being handled.
  9. So, what is expected to change now Starmer has won? Will Labour policy change?
  10. Thanks both. I think the lack of testing might be an issue, he's convinced he had it and might get lax with social distancing. While I'm hoping that I really had the sinus infection that I was diagnosed with last January 🙁
  11. Had a scare yesterday as husband was starting to struggle with his breathing, it's eased today. GP phoned back yesterday, another week self isolating, it's likely mild Covid-19. So far, nobody else here seems to have caught it 🤞
  12. From the perspective of HMRC, I meant. That was my understanding, anyway.
  13. So sorry you're having to deal with this.
  14. I'd have thought directors are employees, the company is the employer. The below links say you should qualify as long as you meet the conditions. https://www.contractoruk.com/news/0014494treasury_irons_out_finer_details_covid_19_furlough_scheme.html https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2020/03/coronavirus-self-employed-and-employment-help/ https://www.icaew.com/insights/tax-news/2020/mar-2020/covid19-directors-on-paye-can-furlough From mse: "However we have it rock solid CONFIRMED that self-employed limited company directors, even if they're the only employee, can furlough the PAYE element of their income - ie, get 80% of salary up to £2,500/month. This isn't likely to be huge as it's likely more of your income is dividends (and there's no help there), but it's something. If you do this, technically you can't then work for the firm, but you can continue to perform your statutory obligations as directors, eg, official legal filings. The reason for this is that HMRC find it difficult to separate the dividends you get from your own company from dividends that you get from other sources, such as share income. So, you're not eligible for the self-employed support scheme, but - as Martin says - you will be able to furlough yourself under the employees scheme on your PAYE element".
  15. I cheated and googled, found this https://www.techradar.com/uk/amp/news/things-to-do Out of which I thought this sounded promising: https://www.techradar.com/uk/best/virtual-tours-museums-national-parks-around-the-world
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