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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-57120354.amp Universal Basic Income trial planned for Wales. It was in the Welsh Labour manifesto so seems to be a WG policy. Benefits are not devolved though. So, has Westminster given approval, despite the Conservatives being opposed to UBI, or has WG somehow the authority to organise a trial? I'm confused, can anyone explain how it works please? And what's the point, if Wales can't implement it? I don't know whether to get excited about it.
  2. I'm really struggling to get my head around it all. Devolution is something I value, but it needs to be fair. To England as well as the devolved nations. Really, my thinking hasn't got past "Wales votes for Labour policies, and devolution allows them to be applied".
  3. Yeah, I'm trying to work out if this ends up being a breaking up by stealth. "The UK" becomes England by default. As it does with Health.
  4. While I agree that Covid is the driving force, you'd still have to believe in your particular leader not to switch vote. As far as devolved powers go, did it affect perception in England that BJ was only making announcements for England? This caused a lot of confusion with our English visitors, who didn't understand that the rules only applied to England, as the British PM wascannouncing them. As more powers are devolved, this seems unfair on England. Is there a practical difference between "UK" defaulting to England and a devolved nation?
  5. Loving Mark Drakeford's digs at BJ here: "I often think that the prime minister is the greatest recruiting sergeant for people who believe that Wales will be better off outside the United Kingdom. "I hope the prime minister would act in ways that reinforce those of us who make the positive case for the union rather than undermining us". Asked about his remarks captured in a S4C documentary when he called the PM "awful" after a Cobra meeting, Mr Drakeford said: "My views of the prime minister are a good deal kinder than many people who have worked in Downing Street with h
  6. Leanne Wood lost to Labour 😲
  7. I don't think there's a genuine appetite for full independence. There are a lot of people who consider themselves British rather than Welsh, there are strong links with England. It's a mixed bag - I'm glad to have had a cautious Mark Drakeford managing Covid restrictions, which is an argument for devolved powers. The restrictions emphasised family ties between the 2 nations, and how reliant parts of Wales are on tourism. So close connections too.
  8. Looks like Vale of Clwyd was the only Labour loss out of the marginals, a stronger Labour result this time elsewhere. Better so far than I was expecting. Pity Wales is less than 5% of the UK.
  9. It's not. I don't know the Vale of Clwyd. South Wales is closer to England than to North Wales. Literally.
  10. Vale of Clwyd has a Conservative MP in Westminster. Loads of kippers went to the Conservatives today, at least that's what they're blaming it on.
  11. We're full of pensioners now 😞 My area stayed Labour and they increased their majority by 10%.
  12. Vale of Clwyd has turned blue ☚ī¸
  13. As these elections are effectively deciding many of our devolved policies, are people in England slightly more relaxed? It feels like a GE to me.
  14. It's the "unelectable" thing coming back to bite Labour in the bum. I've resisted commenting, because my point was always, how can you support Labour yet gloat when it fails? 😞
  15. There's still not a huge support for independence. Even Plaid voters (myself included) vote for their socialist policies, I noticed feeling a lot warier after Adam Price took over, I think he genuinely wants independence in a purer way, whereas a lot of us want our vote to matter, so support devolution. I'm probably not explaining this well, particularly as my own feelings are a bit confused and ambivalent. I can't imagine supporting devolution if the UK went left and Wales went right. I think I'd suddenly want Westminster governing Wales. So there's a bit of confused thinking and logic
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