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  1. feral chile

    General News Discussion

    The hard left have always been a pain in the arse for this.
  2. feral chile

    General News Discussion

    The left squabbling amongst themselves is probably the reason they can't get elected. It's not changed since Orwell's days.
  3. feral chile

    General News Discussion

    Her excuse was exactly what I was thinking was happening. This Israel vs people of Israel fudging. Am I allowed to say stupid woman? Even if she's sincere, which given the source website is questionable, surely she should know better?
  4. feral chile

    Things that ur happy about

    Thanks yog. I got the call in work and trashed my already tenuous corporate credibility by chair dancing while answering the phone. Luckily, they all know I'm odd already
  5. feral chile

    General News Discussion

    Same happened here, complaints about traffic congestion. I admit I'm ambivalent, my area has been developed since the 90s, it used to be a small town with lots of farm land, some big old houses, now lots of housing estates. I mourn the loss of the old while understanding its necessity.
  6. feral chile

    General News Discussion

    I find capitalism frustrating. No matter the good intentions, some clever bugger finds a way to make money off it, and the end result is the opposite of the intended one. Mind you, same happens with communisn Doesn't say much for us primates.
  7. feral chile

    The Dirty Independence Question

    Wasn't sure where to put this: https://www.thenational.scot/news/17430795.revealed-question-time-secretly-edited-snp-answer-to-unionist-plant/?ref=fbshr
  8. feral chile

    General News Discussion

    Ahhh I never understood what you meant before. When there was a shortage of plumbers, graduates retrained as plumbers. Maybe building houses would be a good use of resources, won't it just mean more affordable homes as opposed to more out of reach homes? Meanwhile, what does this mean if anything? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/feb/14/corbyn-to-hold-brexit-talks-with-barnier-and-verhofstadt-next-week?CMP=fb_gu&fbclid=IwAR2eLcolKBSaO2WpB5obLgSfSXJCxLnIZ25WXhkX0aMmG9U_n2mm1Tte_0w
  9. feral chile

    General News Discussion

    Yes, from pockets. The housing crisis has many causes. Buy to let, right to buy etc., which while well intended, has meant that a large proportion of propert is now rented, so policies meant to help those who couldn't afford to buy, has created a society where buying is out of reach of lots more ordinary people. When you have aspirations and societal ideals that don't match reality, you have social dissatisfaction, lashing out etc.
  10. feral chile

    General News Discussion

    Yep, I know it's ridiculous. I just questioned the sale of 2013 policy at this time. My local Labour led council fanfared a new house building programme. 11 houses over, I think, 4 areas.
  11. feral chile

    General News Discussion

    Why is this any different from how Labour has evolved over the years? To me, it seems obvious that all this Corbyn fever, and Brexit, is a reaction to austerity measures. And maybe I should have clarified that I think there's a battle for hearts and minds going on. I think there's a huge disaffection with politicians generally, for not doing enough.
  12. feral chile

    General News Discussion

    Yes, I think so too. I actually agree with PT that Corbyn needs to concentrate on what people care about. And I agree with you that his baggage is being used as a detraction. Where I disagree is that I think that we shouldn't feed the trolls because we'd prefer a different leader.
  13. feral chile

    General News Discussion

    Should we read anything into this public announcement re a snap election? https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-backs-plans-to-create-new-homes-and-jobs-in-next-five-years
  14. feral chile

    General News Discussion

    If they're the only ones who can be arsed, what do you expect?
  15. feral chile

    General News Discussion

    Maybe there just isn't enough appetite for social kustice, because society as a whole thinks it's giving more than it receives on an individual basis. No solidarity any more.