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  1. What about this bit? Labour need to be aware that this will be the same no matter who the Labour leader is. If they are offering transformative socialist policies, they will be attacked. If they are not attacked, it is because they are not socialists and represent no threat to capitalist hegemony in the UK. And I don't get how that lady could have 3 zero hour contract jobs and consider herself self employed. I warched Lucy Powell this morning, she was good. She said that there are multiple issues that need to be considered. She also stated that Labour members are predominantly middle class, educated urbanites, out of touch with Labour heartlands.
  2. We have the Socialist Party in our town centre, under a Save the NHS petition" banner, saying we should follow France's example.
  3. https://medium.com/@DrDanEvans/reflections-from-the-doorstep-e4337513d909 Thoughts anyone?
  4. Well my husband, who I think of as a barometer for Joe Bloggs, thinks both leaders are extremists but at least one isn't a commie terrorist sympathiser who despises Britain. And he lives with me, so it's not like he hasn't heard the other side.
  5. Shopworkers from Wales voting Tory. Because... Fuck knows. I can't discuss it with them calmly.
  6. So, any ideas of how Labour can reconnect with the electorate when Corbyn goes?
  7. I can never believe that people can be so blind to their own interests.
  8. Well my opinion has always been irrelevant, as I'm not a member. I hadn't realised quite how irrelevant, however.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/13/devastating-exit-poll-triggers-bitter-blame-game-within-labour I don't honestly think antisemitism had much to do with it in working class areas who want to leave because immigrants steal jobs and think Corbyn is an unpatriotic terrorist sympathiser.
  10. I think (finally) you might be right.
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