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  1. I think it’ll depend on who is captain. Root stays then Bairstow stays
  2. 30.68 if I’m using cricinfo statsguru on my phone correctly. Form goes up and down, but his record stands up to anything before him. We will miss him hugely when he retires. Yes, there’s a good argument for it and I wouldn’t have an issue if they go that way. He’s certainly one of the next off the rank. I just prefer Crawley. Pope looks nailed on for a place in the starting 11 in NZ - albeit it depends on Silverwood/new coach.
  3. His career average is 28.68 Since the beginning of the 2017 English season he averages 29.26 He’s class. He’s been class for over a decade. You have a weird blind spot when it comes to Broad. I’ve watched Northeast a lot. He has a technique for Oz. He doesn’t have the technique for most other places. From the little I’ve seen of Crawley, he does have the technique required for the majority of test venues and conditions. He also has the patience.
  4. When it comes to cricket I think we agree on most things. Except Broad !
  5. My team for Mount Maunganui: Burns (c) Sibley Root Crawley Stokes Pope Foakes (wk) Archer Leach Anderson Broad
  6. Weirdly, middle order looks weakened but the tail looks strengthened. Forecast looks great, I’m going tomorrow, Saturday, and Monday if it goes that far...
  7. Not usually in agreement with Liew but he’s bang on the money here https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/cricket/ashes/england-australia-ashes-2019-fourth-test-four-day-report-jonathan-liew-a9096116.html
  8. Both great players, both utter twats. But I see Diangana has been picked for the U-21s
  9. Just seen it - classy finish
  10. What was Grady like? I see he scored again
  11. Productive day, I’ve bagged myself a ticket to day 2 at Old Trafford. I’ll try for a day 3 ticket while I’m up there. I should know better really - it always rains when I’m in Manchester
  12. Anderson out of the series.
  13. I may be forced to work from home slightly more often than usual...
  14. They do in the top leagues
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