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  1. I should have added a winky smily thingy
  2. Good to see. What was the end product though....
  3. Jimmy Armfield we can agree on.
  4. You’ve included Green on your list therefore your opinion is laughable and invalid.
  5. Somewhere above Drury but below the likes of Davies. Nice list but you’ve missed Bryon Butler and Brian Moore.
  6. For me, Drury has never managed to understand the nuances of tv commentary against radio commentary (which is he actually pretty good at). Drury is of course, an improvement on Clive Tyldesley
  7. He isn’t a commentator
  8. Peter Drury is one of the worst commentators of just about any sport let alone football !
  9. Terry over Rio? Madness. I’d have the Mickey over Terry all day.
  10. Pellegrini won’t be going anywhere as long as Sullivan thinks we’ll finish 17th or higher.
  11. The biggest worry for me now, is that this game is more important to Eddie Jones than it is to England. I hope he handles the pressure and it doesn’t translate to the players.
  12. Went to Italy at the weekend - saw 3 Serie A games and 2 were negatively affected by the process of VAR. Good to know it’s not just England. Other things to note were that attendances seem to be on an upwards trend from my last visit, and that Lukaku still always scores when I watch him live.
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