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  1. I have just watched The Tunnel. Years late to the party as always.
  2. I’d rather they showed the 2010/11 Ashes as live. That would see me through well.
  3. That’s the definition of win win isn’t it
  4. It’s a lot easier to come to a sensible decision when you don’t have a TV contract to find resolution with.
  5. Life’s not fucking fair. Boo fucking hoo
  6. None of it fucking matters.
  7. Has insurance, or has insurance against business interruption caused by disease? Most won’t have the latter even if all have the former.
  8. Most businesses won’t be insured even if the government forced businesses such as pubs and restaurants to close.
  9. Gutted. Supposed to be flying out Tuesday
  10. To call a season off as finished with almost 25% of fixtures outstanding is ridiculous
  11. Liverpool, Tottenham, and Arsenal.
  12. Moore was too old by Moonraker let alone AVTAK!
  13. The new Bond is bound to be poor isn’t it - if only because Craig is far too old for the role.
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