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  1. If you cant beat us with 12 men you don't deserve to win the league
  2. Encouraging? Na - Mahrez v Johnson says no encouragement required. Every cloud has a silver lining though eh
  3. I'm just back from an Italian weekend. Saw Verona v Saliterna, Carpi v Spezia, and Fiorentina v Inter. Carpi's ground is mad - it's an old outdoor velodrome with the cycling track still clearly visible. Fiorentina's ground as terrible as it looks, but they're noisy buggers to be fair. Great weekend, but no trips planned now until the new year.
  4. Smashing architecture. Pity they don't get bigger crowds. Jealous, enjoy the trip.
  5. Nothing would please me more than if the non self aware non wastes of times, formed a breakaway European league. It would soon become apparent how much you need us two bit wastes of time
  6. Unlike some, we're fully aware of our position in the pecking order.
  7. Double treble and you're a fraud 😂
  8. Which side his bread is buttered. Lovely to watch spurs being spurs
  9. Interesting team and squad tonight...Pellegrini knows
  10. Depends whether there’s another brown envelope in the lino’s locker
  11. Jennings for Foakes isn’t getting much support in the bars. About the only positive offered is it means no Bairstow at 3...
  12. I cut my shin on a wall at Maine Road celebrating a Steve Lomas goal in the cup - the game Kinkladze scored one of his daft goals with the ball glued to his foot. Got applause from all four sides. Atmosphere at the new place is toilet in comparison.
  13. This time I was upper bullens, have been in the lower too. It’s fine unless you’re at the back. People in a concourse, who would have thought it - hate to think what you’d have thought about the chicken run. I’d swap the bowl for Goodison in a heartbeat.
  14. Disagree. Although the pie I had at Goodison this season was probably the foulest tasting thing I’ve ever had at a game of football
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