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  1. A fit Danny Ings is an excellent signing for Villa
  2. Cantwell is not a regular top half starter for me. Squad filler at a reasonable price might make him a decent signing depending on the price.
  3. Intriguing series this. On the one hand India have been extremely good in recent times. Extraordinary performances in Australia and reaching the final of the inaugural world test championship. On the other hand their batsmen have struggled against the moving ball in the last two series. England are coming in off the back of a home series loss albeit to a very good kiwi team. They also have key players unavailable in Stokes, Archer, Woakes and possibly Pope. Pujara has been in woeful form for a long time and India have selection problems at the top of the order. Similarly, England have questions over the ability/form of their top 3. Hameed has rediscovered his mojo at Notts and is averaging over 45 - does he come in, and if he does who for? Anderson is just 3 wickets away from overtaking Kumble and becoming the 3rd highest wicket taker ever in test cricket. Conditions are likely to suit him in terms of likely atmospheric conditions and I doubt this is going to be a high scoring series in terms of runs. However with 2 back to back tests how many tests can Anderson and Broad play? Will Woakes be fit from the 3rd test onwards and given he and Wood haven’t played any red ball cricket for yonks, what form will they be in anyway? There are unanswered questions for India in terms of run scoring in English conditions and they also have a very long tail in Sharma, Bumrah, & Shami. In short, I’ve no idea who will come out on top, or even whether it’ll be a thrashing either way. Which I guess, is one of the reasons it’s such an exciting proposition.
  4. If the forecast is correct we might not be getting much cricket anyway. Typical given I’ve got tickets for days 3 & 4. If we do get some play conditions should suit the seamers - and given the armoury India have at their disposal you would think Steve Birks has not been told to prepare a bunsen.
  5. Let’s not go back to the 90s and call bowlers who can hold a bat an all rounder! Stevo is God but he wasn’t good enough in his prime to play for England and certainly isn’t now. Sam Curran will now definitely get some game time and Woakes will be seriously considered for the 3rd test if he can prove his fitness.
  6. I think they’ve screwed up massively. Starting a new season with almost a brand new squad and manager is surely a recipe for disaster. Can’t see anything past bottom 5 for them.
  7. I think it’ll take more than that - no doubt Silverwood has called him up to see what his temperament is like more than anything else. It’s all about team now in every aspect not just on the field. The fact two tests are being played in September with the atmospheric conditions that is likely to bring I’d fancy him to do rather well with the ball.
  8. New signings, what are they?
  9. It’s the worst thing to hit the county game ever.
  10. Bairstow back 🙄 Woakes almost as unlucky as Foakes when it comes to injuries (particularly the timing of them)
  11. Be interesting to see how Hameed gets on opening against India tomorrow
  12. I’m not discussing other big games. I’ve never suggested Kane is in any best in the world discussion. You suggested he bottled it last night. Last night Kane got fuck all service. Zilch. Nothing. England spent large parts of the game without the ball, and any width they might have had 50 yards further back than they needed to be to provide any width. How many chances did England create for Kane? How many chances did England create for Kane that he missed/bottled? After missing his last pen he stood up to take the first in the shoot out. And slotted it home. England lost and deservedly so. Kane bottled nothing. You’ve made something up to suit your own narrative. Poor darts.
  13. I can’t stand the bloke but that’s bullshit.
  14. No idea really. He speaks so well but yet seems to rub people up the wrong way. At 31 he’s likely to be another that doesn’t fulfil his potential. although…he’s 14 years younger than God so….
  15. That’s an understatement
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