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  1. Fair enough my mistake cheers
  2. If I read it correctly these 6k cases are spread over the dates from over the past week.. And also I got my info from the Spain thing from the coronavirus world tracker which shows the rolling average clearly falling.. Until today where it has gone up again a bit
  3. I think you click on the more on cases bit on the post of the graphs you did.... I think
  4. With testing result delays as well people should be looking at specimen date... Which does not show such a sharp increase although of course more will be added in the next couple of days. Also worth bearing in mind we now have some of the stricter measures in the whole of Europe currently.. Spains rolling average is coming down with out having to od as much
  5. people also seem to think that getting the virus today is the same as it is in march, we know heaps more now than what we did, if that same person caught it now they might recover in a different and better way.
  6. https://www.forbes.com/sites/oracle/2020/09/22/scientists-find-an-avenue-to-attack-the-coronavirus-aided-by-cloud-imaging/#34a20a38f16f @Toilet Duck good news? also any thoughts on the Eli Lily finding https://investor.lilly.com/news-releases/news-release-details/lilly-announces-proof-concept-data-neutralizing-antibody-ly also people should ignore well not panic as much on case numbers in the next couple of weeks, will take time for these measures to work (if they do)
  7. well if we follow spain and France who have less strict lockdown measures than we do currently then in mid oct at worst we are hitting 10,000 cases a day like they are and not 49,000 cases a day spains cases are now also dropping or at least levelling off and nobody is saying no restrictions here, just not going overboard which will cripple the country france are allowing 5000 people events to ahead in places! and night clubs are open in france and spain ( i think)
  8. going to type a tweet as i cant link it etc The briefing showed recent trends in France and Spain and then showed that the UK would have 49k cases per day. 49k per day is a rate of 73.5 in 100k , nearly 3 times the rate in spain and 6 times the rate in France if you want to compare france and spain, why wouldnt you use their doubling time which is every 3 weeks not every week? they also didnt present the uk data using the same data format as france and spain. so so confusing and fear inducing
  9. however ONS have figures reducing again as does the ZOE app which is pretty good
  10. I am a leeds fan, naturally pessimistic . relegated the year before parachute payments, probably get relegated the year they scrap them ha
  11. as a leeds fan I do we still have the same if not a weaker squad that finished 16th in the championship can out coach championship teams, different story in the prem my predictions Man city, Liverpool, Man utd, Chelsea Fulham Leeds West brom
  12. remember that no antibodies does not mean you haven't had it, seems half fight it off with T-cells. why antibody studies need to be taken with a massive pinch of salt
  13. watch people ignore that prevalence is decreasing, its what we do as a people, focus on only the negative I am trying so hard to be positive for a change, its tough
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53772459 interesting article, shocking at how few hospital admissions there were in Leicester, would of expected a few more especially the areas in the city it was spreading which has quite a large BAME and elderly population. would be interested to see a breakdown in ages of those affected in leicester
  15. again we are seeing localised spreading not widespread why do people want to lockdown to march levels again, cases are not widely spreading out of control, yes they could, but they are not yet. new drug information about monoclonal ( I think that is correct) is coming out and it looks very positive for treatments and could be a game changer. people need to breathe and not go into an anxiety spiral like they are over a 0.1 increase in positive ratio increases. its not healthy. hospital admissions still down in all of these hotspots and the increas
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