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  1. might be better to start with a later podcast where they arnt new to the game, or maybe start with the 5live podcast
  2. Elis James and John Robbins podcast, all of their Radio x shows and their new 5live show hilarious stuff and you will have all the hours you need. the Jeselink and Rosenthal vanity project is also good. depends if you like americans! How did this get made is about terrible movies. 'Off menu' is from Ed gamble and James Acaster
  3. renovating the bathroom of our new house ....discovered the bathscreen used to leak and for god knows how long, the joist underneath is like a sponge and the woodworm holes are everywhere in the skirting board...praying its only in that area and not in the rest of the bathroom or house. should of done a damn damp survey
  4. pryce

    2019 New Music

    i am pretty sure I saw her support a small Icelandic band in Nottingham last year, Vox I think, she was really good
  5. always thought you could host a huge indoor festival at the NEC, so much space
  6. pryce

    Football 19/20

    IS the Huddersfield Kit a wind up? because if not it beats our horrendous badge change for one of the worst things I have seen on a football shirt
  7. pryce

    2020 headliners

    i would say we need to be careful comparing arena tours from 10 years ago to now 10 years ago it cost between 30 and 40 quid for an arena ticket , these days its costs 50-70 I wouldn't pay that for any band now, back 10 years ago it wasn't even a factor I thought of. Gig prices have increased massively and I think people are a lot more careful with what they spend money on. probably spouting rubbish... early in the morning
  8. pryce

    Your Dream Line Up

    Fri - Arcade Fire > Sigur Ros > Portishead > Florence And the Machine > Bon Iver > Lorde > The Regrettes Sat - Daft Punk > Nine Inch Nails > The Flaming Lips > Idles > Hives > Futureheads > We Were Promised Jetpacks Sun - Rush > Justice > Lil Wayne > Janelle Monae > King Gizzard > Lizzo > Thee Oh Sees > Maybeshewill This all on a mild winters night as I need all of this in the dark
  9. pryce


    probably the best sport drama I have seen, still trying to comprehend what I have just seen
  10. think its my fav season so far (stranger things) brilliant stuff
  11. they never used to release stage times until you got there, not sure if its changed
  12. pryce


    cracking game my dads fuming, had tickets went yesterday, came home today
  13. pryce


    sorry had to get my dad to do it
  14. pryce

    Football 19/20

    anyone gone for any Euro tickets? applied for 1 at Wembley for the final then a couple for Amsterdam in the Groups Budapest and Bucharest last 16 games cant really afford it right now, but I cant help myself with the chance of seeing new stadiums
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