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  1. I'm pinning my hopes on that Liam Gallagher is already playing bennicassim and I don't think they share headliners with mad cool. Also imagine it wouldn't of taken this long to get him to play as he is playing everywhere. Unless he is last choice. Just really really really don't want it to be him ha
  2. pryce

    Football 19/20

    I hope Leeds dont get promoted... Premiership doesn't seem fun Dusseldorf has beaten me again, hanging Got Dusseldorf vs Koln ice hockey in a few hours
  3. pryce

    Football 19/20

    Love football dusseldorf vs Mönchengladbach incredible atmosphere
  4. pryce

    Football 19/20

    Off to Fortuna Dusseldorf vs Mönchengladbach tomorrow! Done Fortunas stadium already albeit in the 2nd division about 1/8th full.. So this should be a much better experience
  5. Rammstein / Nine Inch Nails / Paramore /Gojira / Rodrigo y Gabriella / Black Peaks TOOL / Porcupine Tree / King Gizzard / Mars Volta / Between the Buried and me / Maybeshewill RATM / Justice (late night set) / Idles / Hives / DFA 1979 / Dillinger Escape Plan/ We were promised jetpacks
  6. Also checking Google maps it looks like there are trains all night from Castilla to Sol as well. And that is close to my hotel
  7. This if the first time I've seen people mention the extra buses! Were they all night? And put on by the festival? Hotel is about 5 mins from Cibeles
  8. Haim were announced as that weeks ago
  9. Bjork please, just announced for Blue dot
  10. Same, I have to leave the room if I hear an oasis song. Goes straight through me
  11. pryce


    I think so yes for the atmosphere and to not get distracted
  12. I've always feared it would be Post Malone, but because LG is at Beni I can't see him also being at mad cool.... Again massively wishful thinking on May part
  13. Why would they clash fever 333 with Rage, that sat is my worst nightmare
  14. I imagine those dotted lines are just seperating North America and Europe
  15. pryce


    Parasite, masterpiece.
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