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  1. pryce

    Football 18/19

    Just moved to Nuneaton...(not sure what I have done to deserve it) so I shall be going to a few National League North games this year
  2. pryce

    Bilbao BBK Live 2018

    i can afford festivals again next year, always wanted to try Bilbao..so this is a very good start
  3. pryce


    never been to a wrestling event, booked tickets for NXT UK in Cambridge, Really looking forward to that!
  4. pryce

    Football 18/19

    damn....got to go back to supporting Leeds Also with the Vida booing.....I swear they didn't for about 30 minutes? mass text from the Kemlin to remind them
  5. pryce

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    will be going to one or more of these, one of my fav bands! very underrated
  6. pryce

    Latitude 2018

    there was a massive gap between... I want to say la roux and SBTKRT a few years back in the tent people hung around to see what the secret set there was ...nothing EDIT: ignore, thought secret set was announced for main stage
  7. pryce

    Football 18/19

    They didn't even serve coffee at the games....was a struggle to stay awake
  8. pryce

    Football 18/19

    should be careful, I thought jackpot when I got Croatia vs Portugal in the knockouts at the euros 2 years ago....voted worst game of the tournament!
  9. pryce


    NXT UK should be good...hopefully Might try and get tickets for Cambridge show or Birmingham
  10. pryce

    Things that annoy you ?

    Mortgages, Solicitors, buying a house argghhhhhhhhhh
  11. pryce

    Football 18/19

    i expect it to go wrong...as a leeds fan, it always does but its the first time ive been excited as a leeds fan for years
  12. pryce

    Football 17/18

    never bother with world cup sweep stakes...for the reasons above at least with Grand National every horse has some chance. (it was a tenner at my work) .. a quid yeah probs would have a go
  13. pryce

    Football 17/18

    my wallet when I apply for matches in Canada usa and mexico hoping to get one ticket but get all three.... internal flights might go up a bit
  14. pryce

    The Gaming Thread

    XCOM 2 is a lot harder than XCOM EU! need to watch a few videos on tactics, enemy seem to get the rub of the green a lot and timed missions seem to be very hard!
  15. pryce

    Football 17/18

    Dont think so, cant see Burton going straight back up. But Barnsley and sunderland should i imagine. They do get patachute payments though i think which especially in the lower leagues is a huge advantage. Wigan had a player on more than the entire shrews team combined. We performed well against bristol rovers but they had a far better squad. The other 3 games we didnt turn up. When we equalised though ive never experienced joy like it ha! My dad went beserk so will never forget that