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  1. Trouble is they are asking fans... And a fan of LG probably thinks he has evolved
  2. pryce


    That was.... Wow! Most fun I've had at a gig! She is amazing! Didn't think Tool would be beaten this year but God damn I think that might of done it
  3. pryce


    Let my dad get the lizzo tickets in the presale.. Serves me right... Blimmin circle seated tickets... Still can't wait
  4. To be fair... Biffy also have a song mentioning a mountain and a sea... That's why I thought it might be too on the nose
  5. Biffy Clyro? Or is that too on the nose
  6. Best man at a wedding that Friday... Was fuming Managed to see them plenty of times though ever since they blew me away at 2000 trees one year
  7. Did you manage to catch Maybeshewill support them? My fav band and was gutted I missed their reunion just for that show
  8. They were brilliant headlining Latitude a few years back I thought, first time hearing them as well.
  9. if that is the case, I bet its coldplay day on the first day, with an increased price
  10. Just finished Dark crystal, age of resistance. Never seen or heard of the film....but this might be my favourite thing netflix has put on. Hup is an absolute boss
  11. Didn't say that they would answer the call
  12. pryce

    Football 19/20

    Went to spurs new stadium for the nfl this weekend, it is stunning! Best stadium I have been too. Felt like a bears home game. Its very well done!
  13. Cheers for the thoughts, it was just a cyst, feel a little stupid now! Always best to get it checked. Now I know what I sound like crying though, the girlfriend said I better not make those noises when she walks down the aisle... I am one ugly crier
  14. Heard the last half of Orbs set and they were really good, can't comment on Stonefield
  15. King Gizzard tonight in Nottingham! first time to rock city for a gig as well! cant wait to see them again
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