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  1. ive been spat at called a racist and had my Alonso hat stolen and thrown over a fence at the height of the Alonso Hamilton rivalry at Silverstone before, its not a new thing, saw lots of name calling during those times, its just that in recent years Hamilton has won by so much there hasnt been any rivalries to get fans riled up
  2. toooooo hot, but i love the festival and city, one of my fav places Phoebe Bridgers, St Vincent, Florence and Modest Mouse were the highlights for me never going to be 10 rows from the front for Phoebe Bridgers again! Metallica always do what they do and are enjoyable, Agree what was said about the Strokes above Great prices, just so chilled, too hot not to be! Will probably go next year
  3. it been years since i went last, can someone remind of the train situation back from the festival, i only took taxis last time, that was easy enough, but are the trains free back, i see they run pretty much every 15 mins through the night if not free is it possible to get a return ticket so you dont have to queue when leaving at a ticket station cheers
  4. never in a million years did i expect to say Harry Styles was one of the better acts ive ever seen, blew the place away and was so much better than anyone else, glad the crowd was better during Harry, The main stage compared to the other stage was like a different festival, completely different crowd vibe Wet Leg, Alfie, Rina, Koffee, Crawlers, Foals, Lorde and Harry were all great ...well Lorde was ok was expecting more. good day all in all, but after a wedding, Killers (who were incredible) and this ... i need to sleep for atleast a week
  5. id argue Sheff utd and wilder did a better job a few seasons back and leeds would of finsihed 6 this season with last seasons total with a poorer squad, but it still argue he deserves it more than Klopp and Pep who are where they were expected to be. Moyes needs a bit more respect with the season he had with west ham, the non big 6 are always going to struggle to keep up towards the end of a season. Potter as well, but they underperformed last year, should of finished where they did this season, played really good stuff 2 years in a row
  6. seen on one of the facebook groups an email reply saying Harry is on at 9pm, so looking at a 1hr25 min set Wedding tomorrow Killers sat big weekend sun not sure my body is ready!
  7. been 4 times with Shrewsbury, and lost 4 times, horrible place
  8. Handmade Festival in Leicester, different and smaller than 'recent' versions but a great team behind it and always well put together, Firebug is a great venue as well
  9. pryce

    Arcade Fire

    decided on sitting for Birmingham, everyone stands anyway and i like standing towards the back at gigs now, at an arena thats too far back god im old
  10. not F1, but been offered tickets to Le mans next month! cant wait, bucket list stuff for me. just need to keep up with my swiss cousin and her friends, lets not split the bill please! your money goes hell of alonger way than mine
  11. pryce

    2022 New Music

    SVE album is incredible, beautiful work, any doubt booking to see her in a few months gone now
  12. pryce

    Arcade Fire

    prices for them seem to be 55.70/64.20 and 78.50 thats what i saw on the NIA website
  13. agree, again on Sat Sigrid is the only person i would pay for, the main stage is horrendous Lorde, Foals, Wet Leg, Joy Crookes, Koffee, Rina, XCX and Ezra i would all pay for plus i dont like either but Harry Styles is less bland than Ed Sheeran
  14. love the Foals, but seen them a few times....no interest in Harry Styles....but heard he does put on a good show and im never ever going to see him again...think it will be a game time decision
  15. someone must of dropped out, as they did push 2 headliners on the announcement day quite hard
  16. he does keep saying final headliner ...not headliners though which is worrying me a little
  17. thought Ezra was speculation anyway, ive noticed a leaked Arcade Fire date at the NIA in September....lets just say they announce the world tour monday..... we can all dream
  18. prices for them seem to be 55.70/64.20 and 78.50 very reasonable i think
  19. pryce

    Arcade Fire

    2nd sept Brum NIA ..on the NIA website - or whatever its called now guessing tour dates soon!!!
  20. just scrolling through Whats on at Birm NIA Arcade Fire 2nd Sept guessing tour dates soon
  21. 1) Rage against the machine 2008 2) Smashing Pumpkins 2007 3) Metallica 2008 4) Killers 2008 - helped by the incredible run of Foals/Justice/BFMV in the radio 1 tent 5) Razorlight 2007 6) RHCP 2007 ...by a looooong way last, so went to see Hot Hot Heat half way through who were much better but the subs in 2007 were also better than each of their headliners
  22. They did push the ticket resale back a month was meant to be a couple of days ago now its 10th may wonder if that has anything to do with the announcement timeline would it be fair to open up ticket resales to those who have tickets but dont know the full lineup etc if so we could be waiting until the start of May
  23. Lizzo on Radio 1 next week.......again probably nothing but someone who might of been waiting to announce tour dates and has just announced new music
  24. read a guess from someone.... Little Mix last ever show something that radio one would class as very very special something i would class as a huge let down...but its radio one so i shouldnt hold that high expectations
  25. Severance! what a show. Apple making it harder and harder for me to cancel it
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