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  1. Just wondered if anybody from here is off to this festival in a couple of weeks? It looks amazing from last years reviews.... just got myself a resale ticket and getting rather excited for it. 😱
  2. So is it an additional wrist band that you get?
  3. Does anybody know the deal with showers? I think it's pretty dispicable they are charging an extra £30 for these.... Is it actually worth it? Could a couple get away with having one pass somehow? Are there no cold communial showers at all? Any local lesiure centres you could sneak too for a quick shower?
  4. So what's the deal with the soundsystems then?? Is it really that quiet? I'll be gutted if they are keeping it low for the kiddies... They should just get further back.
  5. chestwig

    Kendrick Lamar

    That Bit in DNA where it steps up a level, gets a bit clubby and the flow gets fast. Dopest shit I've heard this year.:-)
  6. chestwig

    Kendrick Lamar

    Let them fume.... I'd be made up with whatever he played. It's time more headline acts stopped catering to all this bullshit 'greatest hits' lark. Saw Radiohead in Lollapalooza last year and they opened with 5 songs from the new album before any old stuff... People listened and enjoyed. An appreciative and interested in music crowd is what's needed more at Glastonbury. Way too many w*nkers at Glastonbury go these days just to 'do Glastonbury' Pah.... Rant over!
  7. We'll I'm starting a new job. Not the contracting one I expecte, but a new employed role. I explained I had the time booked off with my previous employer but if it's a problem I could just take 2-3 days off as apposed to 4. Anybody up on employment law? Do they have to honor this? Really don't want to put on a new employer to much....
  8. In short, yep! I suppose I would have the prospect of heading down Friday night and back Sunday afternoon, but it doesn't represent very good value for money. I'm waiting for the offer then may try to negotiate a start date Monday after the festival. Would mean I could do all days but leave late afternoon Sunday. Might actually be nice to get back for a bath at that point, but gutted I'd miss PJ Harvey.
  9. Nightmare buying a fake ticket. Can't believe people are so cruel to con good festivals goers out of their hard earn cash, when there are countless other twats they could target instead. I've just found out I may have a new work contract that starts the Monday before Glastonbury. If it does go ahead, I won't be able to get anytime off from work and I really need to take this contract as it ties me and the family over for the next 6 months. So mixed feelings to say the least. So, I may have a ticket with car parking pass for face value. Will post here if I am not able to make the festival. I'm male, brown hair, no facial hair.no distinctive features. I'm currently 35 but the picture on the ticket is from when I was around 28-29 I believe. Will hopefully know more about work by the end of the week.
  10. I'm totally wired like that fall track listening to this.... Tits!
  11. Just been pounding weights in the gym to that album. I think I was looking like a right spazz. Some cracking tunes and hopefully a return to form!
  12. I must admit I did leave my tent. But I did clean up after myself on site.... Dropped litter like we all do in crowds. But made a point of picking some littler up here and there. I thought that they collected the tents and gave them to charity?
  13. I went to flick the channel over, but I was kindda mesmerized by how odd she came across. I reckon she was spoon fed Kate Bush as a kid
  14. What the fuck was all that side swishing of her head and then "Yyaa"???? Kasabian = Total bores
  15. At least Paolo wasn't doing his odd crooked back dancing of old.
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