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  1. Harry3

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Group of 21 people and nothing! Oh well The outrage on twitter is obviously amazing
  2. Id be less annoyed if I didnt even get in, getting to the coach selection screen then being cockblocked by what looked like a website bug is infuriating.
  3. We entered 4 registrations but when selecting the time of the coach it would bring us back to the time selection with only the lead booker details, but only let us select 0 or 4 tickets. Then it would say you cant buy tickets for more than the number of registrants. Then go back to showing all 4 and just do the same over and over. Anyone else get this?
  4. This is like a million times more stressful than the sunday sales, keep selecting times and it says 0. Ffs
  5. Dont suppose anyone knows who was playing in Caravansia at like 3.30am on Saturday night, like super fast balkan stuff? Looks like the Woov app deletes past events and I didnt get a proper schedule :/
  6. Harry3


    Always very silly rave Reckon Ill finish my festival with Producer and Vandal...
  7. Harry3


    Pics from boomtown but they use the same tent thing Its not very big at all
  8. Harry3


    Anyone else feel as though the Common, Unfairground and Block9 have taken budget cuts? I mean, there are still big names there.. but no one really new or different? An awful lot of names are recycled from last year, like its the resident DJs of the crews that run the areas & their mates but they couldnt afford anyone else? I blame Kanye
  9. Harry3


    Thursday in the London Underground for any oldskool rave fans Nicky Blackmarket > 2 Bad Mice > Hyper-on-Experience
  10. Harry3


    Dillinja in salon carousel or DJ EZ
  11. Harry3


    London Underground is a bizarre place for Jah Shaka to be.... Blues surely? But cant argue with a 4pm opening time!
  12. Harry3


    uhhh.. psytrance whilst on acid?
  13. Harry3


    Wasnt someone hoping for a Kompakt takeover? Bit of a result for whoever that was!
  14. Harry3


    Awesome, hopefully he brings Novelist along
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