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  1. Think it was in 2013 they had a huge selection. Was the first time I tried Black Rat cider.
  2. Speaking of bars, The Bad Apple bar was a big dissappointment compared to 2013/14. Where did all the ciders go
  3. Oh and I forgot: My main complaint about Boomtowns 2013/2014 and the reason why I havent been for so long was the abysmal sound restrictions, but this year.. oh my god did it bang. The sound design at the biggest stages was absolutely spot on. You can really tell they care about the sound quality. I pray they didnt get any complaints and the same volumes can be kept for next year!
  4. Fuck me I havent been to Boomtown in 5 years and this was definetely my favourite. Its grown and matured into the maddest festival thats ever existed. I think it might even beat Glastonbury. Spent most of my time Uptown, doing the story and wandering into unknown bands and DJs. I have a new found love of folk, gypsy and balkan music. Elephant Sessions, Gogol Bordello, Prophets of Rage, Eats Everything breaks set, DJ Yoda, Ngaio, Emily Dust, Soca in the Paradisio Hotel, afternoon Psytrance in the Psyforest...everyone I saw in the Peoples Front Room.. just too many good acts to mention. I was terrified the festival would be overrun by teenage roadmen, and yeah downtown was full of them, but it was so easy to avoid them. Glad Im not so much into DnB than I used to be so I didnt have to deal with the dickheads. My only complaint is that every single popup street party was playing DnB. Also loved volunteering. Free showers, decent staff canteen with reasonable prices, quiet campsites, great neighbours and free hot water/tea! I couldnt go as a normal punter ever again.
  5. Theyre kinda like "back to their roots" sets. Less poppy than the stuff people would usually expect from Chase & Status.
  6. The people interviewed in this article sound like the biggest bellends "waah my tents wet and im all depressed because the festivals over so i cant be bothered" grow up for fuck sake
  7. Harry3

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Group of 21 people and nothing! Oh well The outrage on twitter is obviously amazing
  8. Id be less annoyed if I didnt even get in, getting to the coach selection screen then being cockblocked by what looked like a website bug is infuriating.
  9. We entered 4 registrations but when selecting the time of the coach it would bring us back to the time selection with only the lead booker details, but only let us select 0 or 4 tickets. Then it would say you cant buy tickets for more than the number of registrants. Then go back to showing all 4 and just do the same over and over. Anyone else get this?
  10. This is like a million times more stressful than the sunday sales, keep selecting times and it says 0. Ffs
  11. Dont suppose anyone knows who was playing in Caravansia at like 3.30am on Saturday night, like super fast balkan stuff? Looks like the Woov app deletes past events and I didnt get a proper schedule :/
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