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We are sorry to announce that Leicester’s Summer Sundae Weekender will not be returning in 2014.

Having taken a hiatus for 2013, we have worked hard on a number of different options to try and make the festival viable moving forward. Sadly we have found that running a city-centre event of this size with such an array of entertainment and professional production standards is just not possible in the current economic climate.

Summer Sundae has always been subsidised, even in very successful years (namely 2006 and 2010). In recent years Concert Clinic has underwritten cumulative financial losses, and unfortunately a point has been reached where the festival is no longer financially viable for either party.

We are very proud of what we have achieved over the years, from a one day event in 2001 through to the 5 stage, 6000 capacity event with camping and all forms of entertainment, Summer Sundae has provided opportunities for 100s of artists from the region as well as internationally known names, and has left us with some brilliant memories.

Thank you to all those that have supported the festival and attended the event over its 12 year history, we couldn't have come this far without you.

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Such a shame, but I hope someone else takes up the location, its such an prime location for a festival, close to city centre, railway station, you have camping space and the hall on site which is a brilliant plus that other festivals don't have.

If I had the finances I would set up a festival there in a heartbeat.

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