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  1. Bit late to this. But.....Yr probably better off walking to Bletchley train station and getting a train to Wolverton, I reckon. Out of the 3 after parties I know off, two of them (at unit 11 and my local, the Craufurd Arms) are only a 10/15 min walk away. The third one (at MK11) is a bit of a trek, but still probably quicker than waiting for a cab at mk stadium (around a 45 min walk). You will probably get a cab easier from Wolverton station than mk station anyways.. Hope this (belatedly) helps.
  2. Ah....ok. They clashed with Mercury Rev. And I had to see them. Obviously gutting.
  3. bit late to this. Apologies......personal stuff. What have i might have gone to?
  4. do we think there will be free/cheap things for this?
  5. Do We think there might be some cheap tickets around for this? Really fancy it. But about to be made redundant...
  6. All gone now. have a LOVELY Time all. x
  7. Hello. There is one Saturday ticket left. I have placed it on Twickets. Link available on request. I am gutted that I cannot make it. Bloody medically complex kids, eh?
  8. OK.....so....that line up is VERY Moz friendly!!! HURRAH!!! However.....i have a question. On their Covid 19 update on their FAQS they say.... "Proof of vaccination from Wales or Scotland. Those from Wales and Scotland can provide their vaccination records to show they have had both doses" I assume this is a typo, and those of us jabbed by the bill hicks chip here in England will also be OK? Or will I have to do a lateral flow test too? I mean.....I OBVIOUSLY will.....Im gonna be going! :)
  9. Hello. I cant go due to family medical stuff. I have 3 saturday tickets going spare. £80 each. DM me if you want them. Chemical Brothers! Saturday night! Oi-OI!!!!!
  10. Yeah, I would assume its way too late to organise a rollover, if it goes ahead. And I would assume there would have a lot on already. I'd assume it would be easy to flog them on though....
  11. Hello. My weekend ticket is still available to £160 ONO. I forgot to say, IF you buy before 4pm tmrw, Im able to change the details on the ticket for you too, for piece of mind. Same with the day ticket (£70 ONO). Interested? DM me. I am kosher. Been a member on this forum for years. Im gutted to be missing out on what will be most likely one HELL of a party. Never have kids. They only get ill.
  12. Sorry. Typo. £160 for the weekend. £70 for the day ticket. Apologies. Its been stressful here.
  13. Hello. Unfortunately, due to my kid having a medical emergency, I am no longer able to go to this years Latitude. This is utterly gutting. For me. But it could be great for YOU!!! I am selling my weekend ticket for £180. I also have a Friday Day ticket available which I will sell for £75. I am not a tout. Those guys can fuck right off. Interested? DM me ASAP. Thanks.
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