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  1. fuck. that is SHOCKING typing skills, isnt it? Apologies.
  2. I cant remember if its been mentioned anywhere..... But, on the Idles Website, it states they are playing on the Thursday. So......thats our Thursday headliner, me thinks. I also cant remember if anyone has mentioned the comedy announcement last week. I realise its more of a secondary thing to the music, but there is some good stuff on tgat yku should try to watch. Mist noticably Lazt Susan and tge CRIMINALLY underrated David Trent.
  3. You know what? You are absolutely right. I apologise. And, whilst i still think equality IS an important topic, and i am COMPLETELY perplexed that some either cannot see that or can see that and dont care, banging on about it so much is not gonna get anywhere. Some people have ignorance to the issue. Either by lack of knowledge or choice. That's a shame. But nothing anyone will say can change that. So i will bite my tongue. Sorry. In other thoughts, i think Lottery Winners should play. They are great.
  4. So....do you not think there is a problem? Or do you acknowledge there is a problem, but because men sell more albums/tickets/merch etc, they should just play everywhere at all times anyway? Because the status quo is fine? And that women would play more places if they only got their fingers out and work on selling their wares and earning that coin?
  5. This wins best torturous pun of the week. Well played fella.
  6. Its a blunt tool. But it IS something. Maybe read other things which are researched and explained properly.... https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/may/11/music-festivals-agender-equality-wireless-green-man-slam-dunk-male-lineups Or https://pitchfork.com/features/festival-report/tracking-the-gender-balance-of-this-years-music-festival-lineups/ Or https://graziadaily.co.uk/life/music/gender-equality-women-festival-line-ups-rebalance-keychange/ Or....you know.....assume there is no problem. I cant make you look at the evidence. I cant seem to convince you there has been a problem. But, just because you personally don't think about someone's gender when you listen to stuff, others do. And that is a problem. X
  7. And that is fine! Well done. But others arnt as enlightened as you.
  8. Yes, in theory, this is correct! Obviously! But it simply does not happen! So, right now, in 2019, there is prejudice! Do you not see that?
  9. Not consciously, no. And the same with women. But......that is my point. Its been my point all this time! There is undeniable (sometimes unconscious) bias against those who arnt male and white! To deny this is sticking your heads in the clouds. And.....to be honest, looking at the world currently, I can kinda see the appeal of staying there..... Admittedly, the line up AS A WHOLE is very gender balanced which is good. HOWEVER.....the headliners are not. And, apart from 2009 (and 2014, although that was only coz Two Door Cinema Club pulled out), it hasnt been. This isnt a purely Latitude problem. But, with Festival Republic's 'talk', its maybe all the more disappointing, in my view. But this conversation is not going anywhere. So........yeah. Nadine Shah is great, aint she? I hope you all see her.
  10. Why WOULDN'T I be outraged for any member of society not getting an opportunity to play an event purely because of their skin colour/ethnicity/sex etc? The most pertinent question should be why isnt EVERYONE outraged? OR, at the VERY least, concerned?!? And the fact you have to list the exceptions to the general rule proves my point, doesnt it?
  11. Its an 'utter irrelevance' to us white men. But to women or homosexuals or those who arnt honky's, it is the complete opposite.
  12. To be honest, im not that outraged about the line up as a whole this year. However, as i have mentioned previously, the headliners are a 'tent pole' for the event as a whole. And its a bit shitty that, again, there isnt enough representation there. Its not a talent thing, so what else could it be? And this isnt just a Latitude thing either. Look at a lot of festivals. Its the same. I guess, maybe, im always a little more annoyed at Latitude because a) i love it (so i see its faults tenfold) and b) Festival Republic always say the right things, but do not inact on them.
  13. You are obviously not reading my posts properly or just deciding to not understand. So.....to clarify..... 'most of us dont believe this bullshit' refers to the majority of us on this forum who are fed up with lipservice being paid to equality when no equality exists. Whilst your 'everyone is institutionally sexist' quote i didnt actually say. I said that "society is institutionally sexist etc" I would assume most of us ARE intelligent enough to think talent is the only thing that should count when talking about headliners. You say that i 'blindly assume' women dont headline for sexist reasons alone. But....when there is so much female talent who somehow cannot get a headlining gig, then what IS the reason, other that prejudice? Then you state that there is a majority of male headliners purely because they 'sell more records'. Which ignores what would constitute a good headliner to begin with. Its not JUST record sales, obviously. Otherwise, Ed Sheeran, Adele and Beyonce would headline everywhere every year. Look, we are not going to agree. My point is, whilst what sex/orientation/race you are SHOULDN'T stop anyone from headlining, in reality it obviously does. Your point seems to be, if you have women being headliners too, no one will go to these events because they arnt a box office draw. Or something. Which, in my view, is a form of sexism itself. Still......its just bants innit. Men. Ruling the world for over 2000 years. Classic.
  14. I dont mean to be rude.....i hope this is taken constructively...... But...... How are we supposed to 'show them they are wrong' but in such a way that doesnt embolden their antiquated beliefs? By your reckoning (and because of the indisputable fact that all parts of society are institutionally sexist / racist / homophobic etc), if any women/transexual/person of non white ethnicity/gay manage to be headlining anywhere, stupid morons will be emboldened into thinking that their belief that these people do not belong in a headliner spot simply because they have a vagina/non white background/sleep with members of the same sex is right?!? Is that REALLY your thought?!? That does not make sense!!!!! Why pander to these fools when the majority of us do NOT think this bullshit?!? Most of us are intelligent enough to know that NOTHING except talent should be the main reason to be headlining. Yet, every fucking year, its the same. Women are absent from headliner slots. And its not on. Its bullshit that this is STILL a thing, in 2019!!! After centuries of discrimination against women, having the foresight to make sure you have equality in your line up is the LEAST that should be done. This does not 'legitimise' their warped opinions because those opinions are not legitimate. Those views are as dickensian as Jacob Rees-Mogg.
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