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  1. Green man is actually the weekend after.....but still possible, obviously....
  2. because we are all sheep!!! We bitch and moan about this, yet still hawk out the honk for a lesser line up! (I include me in this analogy)
  3. My 10 pick of the pops. Patti Smith Sports Team Dry Cleaning sleater kinney (ever the optimist) Field Music Slotface Matt Berringer Mystery Jets Celeste Cigarettes After Sex (who i always call 'fags after fucking') I win and claim my 5 pounds please.
  4. I wont be on this cruise. I get (sic) on boats.....
  5. I saw Idles about a year and a half before they sold out the ally pally.... I mostly seem to watch disappointedly poorly attended things there. Amplifier is never sold out when they play, which is a pisser as they are the tops. Neither was And So I Watch You From Afar the 3 times ive seen them there. And I also saw Frankie & The Heartstrings with only 8 others. Frankie shook everyones hand at the end. Which was nice. I miss the past.
  6. I find Lizzo's fame utterly brilliant. Even if her 'newer' stuff is a bit poppy for me, 'Lizzobangers' is an absolute hammer legend of a classic! SUCH a good album..... And it seems like only yesterday that she was supporting Har Mar Superstar at my local (Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes) in 2013. Time.....it goes, dunnit?!?
  7. IT is, isnt it? I dont know whether is shows ambition for Latitude (booking acts that can also headline Reading) or cutting costs for Reading. OR maybe its a 2 for 1 deal.....
  8. this got old quite quickly! ? To be honest....it seems a bit better than last years 1st announcement. But that is damning with the faintest of praises. HOWEVER......the subsequent announcements turned it around, and I was gutted to be missing it last year......so, I'd hold fire with final judgements yet.... AND I can re-trot out my joke from the beginning of this year, when they were rumoured to be playing this years Latitude..... Haim? LAME more like!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  9. looks RIGHT up my alley! SO.....do i/we get tickets now or wait for the (possibly) inevitable freebies that will be knocking around nearer the time.... To be honest, in normal times, at only £27.50 a pop, for that quality a line up, its a no brainer. However....daughters need xmas pressies.....
  10. YES PLEASE!!!! (or rather....YES! YES! YES! please?)
  11. Just getting in early... I still looking for free tickets for this. Any info pls DM me. Ta.
  12. It's OK. Its a safe space here.
  13. Does anyone know if there are any reduced priced tickets for this yet?
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