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  1. retromoz

    lauitude 2019

    Liam Gallagher doing a drunk monologue about how he is too pissed to sing anything. OR.......Years & Years on Friday, Cure Saturday (which is now the big name to flog saturday tickets day) and Sigur Ros sunday
  2. retromoz

    Latitude 2018

    what, pray tell, WAS the main problem(s)?
  3. retromoz

    Latitude 2018

    Polyphonic spree it is then. They are possibly the 'biggest' act that would have played latitude, band member wise.
  4. retromoz

    Latitude 2018

    cool.... do you wanna give us a job?
  5. retromoz

    Latitude 2018

    well....my last post got old VERY quickly!! https://www.efestivals.co.uk/news/18/180621b.shtml
  6. retromoz

    Latitude 2018

    once assume this hasnt been given a decent press release.....but this has been announced... https://www.latitudefestival.com/news/bbc-music-introducing-announcement
  7. retromoz

    Beer Prices

    i like beer. It is nice.
  8. retromoz

    Latitude 2018

    new announcement. https://www.latitudefestival.com/arts-line-up-announcement No music. But Adam Kay. And Mark Kermode. nice.
  9. retromoz

    Mutiny 2018 (Cancelled)

    Well.....maybe not the Charlie.....i mean, he's already talking a lot of crap without it, to be fair.....
  10. retromoz

    Mutiny 2018 (Cancelled)

    i would say 'take a chill pill', but I dont think you would.....
  11. retromoz

    Mutiny 2018 (Cancelled)

    A forum about festivals isn't the ideal place for a debate like this.....but......here goes..... I'm not a pill muncher. I think I had a 'funny' brownie once which made me a wee bit funny in the head. I'm a drinker. This is my own personal choice, due to being a) educated about what drug does what (benefits and risks) and b) knowing my limitations. This is just my own way of choosing what to use to enhance my enjoyment. HOWEVER, millions of people partake in recreational drugs every weekend. 90 odd percent in these fatalities are due to said drug of choice (mdma, coke, whatever) is due to said drug being laced with something that isn't the drug it was claimed to be. These things are happening now. If you ignore the legality of it, SURELY the best thing to prevent people from dying this way is some form of testing station. So you know what you are taking! Say you bought a bottle of voddie from yr local office, and it was laced with bleach. You would be life threateningly ill. Regulating drugs would mean knowing that officially sourced drugs were what they were claimed to be. And let's not even go into the official stats from the office of national statistics which state that there was 50 deaths in the UK in 2015 from mdma, yet 2016, good old LEGAL alcohol was responsible for over 7000 deaths here in blighty. Or the good old fag (legal) which is responsible for 80000 deaths in the UK in 2014. Or even my personal favourite, cake. I blooming love the stuff! Yet obesity counts for 30000 deaths annually. So....yeah. Educating yourself and knowing your limits is the best way to chose your own personal vice. Drug testing station aids that education. The end. X
  12. retromoz

    Common People - Oxford

    Well.....this is in 3 days..... My wife has been looking at Facebook reviews of this. It appears last year was a field of Druggy hell. Queues for the toilets due to the amount of coke that was being hoovered up. Security being as secure as a tory majority in Parliament. And other things. I'm not a prude. Drugs are all fine for oneself if that's what you wanna do. However, especially with cokeheads, the arsehole quota increases substantially when the Bolivian marching powder is around. So.......please answer my slight concerns. Its gonna be all nice and chilled, right? A bit of weed, some lsd to look at all the pretty colours etc, and not full of aggressive arse bags, right?
  13. retromoz

    All Points East Festival 2018

    You forgot Nadine Shah. For shame. 😜
  14. retromoz

    Standon Calling 2018

    Thanks man. Appreciated.
  15. retromoz

    Standon Calling 2018

    i realise there is no love for this festival (and understandably so). BUT.......does ANYONE have something like a clashguide/timetable for last year? Kinda thinking about doing this this year, but the headliners are the epitome of shocking (imo). So want to know if there would be ANYTHING else on when they are on. Thanks. x