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  1. This is incorrect. I was there at Latitude. And the crowd was the smallest I have ever seen for a headliner. lucky if it was 8 deep from the front. VERY empty. Shame, as I like them. Course, if you were after a headliner who could play in a socially distant way.....
  2. £22.50 for this looks blinding value! BUT....will it go ahead? ALSO....due to having a child who will start school next year, we cant go to EOTR next year. So, having got a refund, we were gonna buy tickets for this instead. Anyone have any idea when (if?) tickets will be back on sale?
  3. I would go, if I didnt have a child considered to be 'at risk'.
  4. We will have to check to see. It depends on term times for our kid's first school year. If it was just a normal end of summer break, we would take her out of school to go. First school year?!? She will have to go, wont she? If we cant go next year, I wonder if we can 'rollover' our tickets till 2022....IF not, we will use that refund and invest in Green Man or another independent festival. Gutting.
  5. yeah...its worrying.....best thing, I guess, is to keep tickets for next year (so no need for tickets refunds), whilst having a bit of understanding when line ups arnt QUITE as 'great' and there isnt as much other offerings as they used to be for a few years while they recover costs etc. We (me and clan) dont think we can make it next year, due to child starting school. IF it was just a start of a new school year in the same school, we would be there in an instant. But.....new school.....its different, innit. Bloody kids.
  6. I dont suppose you can put a link up, could you? please? (Im not on any (anti)social networks....)
  7. This is a VERY good point! For a lot of us, festivals are just as important to the cultural fabric of the country as venues are. I havent heard of any company (Festival Republic, Live Nation etc) or the independents asking for help etc. They might be, but the media (BBC, Guardian, specialist music sites) I read arn't highlighting it if they are....Maybe they should. Because, with a tiny few exceptions, I would NOT want the festival 'scene' to disappear because of this nastiness.... I will write to my MP. He's a tory, so wont know his arse from his elbow, but its something.....
  8. According to the filings in Companies house, their last accounts filing (ending Oct 2018) stated that they had £375,330 of equity. With a smallish festival, Im SURE that would cover a year of not having a festival on. Costs will be substantially down, do to not hiring all the infrastructure needed, artists not being paid etc. They seem to run their festival VERY well, so Im SURE they would be one of the events with will continue to thrive in 2021 and beyond, not matter what the line up is next year (if it gets cancelled).
  9. I don't have the answer either. Maybe....this trial for a vaccine goes super well and our manufacturing capabilities are suitable enough to vaccinate at least those most vunerable, so we can be let out to play etc. Looking at the evidence, I obviously don't think that WILL happen (it requires a belief in anything Matt Hancock spews out of his lying mouth which borders on the insane). But.....again, the way this thing escalated was so quick that.....I just wonder..... could it be reversed just as quick, for an as yet undefined reason? I figure not. But....I need SOMETHIN
  10. I dunno....I read all the reports and analysis, and it all seems certain that nowt is going on this summer. And yet....and yet..... Well......our lives have changed completely in such a short space of time. In 6 weeks, society has turned on its head. Why can't something drastic happen in a short space of time again? And, in 6 weeks time, everything might possibly return to some sort of normal, where festival's can happen again?!? I realise that this is HIGHLY unlikely. And with this rotten government in charge, I won't be surprised if it's like this for a few years yet
  11. Who knows....all the restrictions were only put in a few weeks ago.....one could possibly envisage the cancelling of those restrictions just as speedily (if they were feeling very optimistic, that is). Course, when it is safe to do that is anyones guess..... So......yeah. it's a case of expect the worst but hope for the best....
  12. Apart from the hardcore few of us. Who are like someone with a toothache who can't stop poking at it.....
  13. Edinburgh fringe also
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