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  1. The walled garden is now a 'proper' stage, rather than an afterthought. The far out tent is twice the size it used to be. Chai wallah and cinedrome is now located where the green man used to be. Etc.
  2. So....I haven't been here since 2014. When the hell did it get so bloody big?!?
  3. Do we think, if Green Man was this weekend, it would be cancelled? I would assume not, after being in some really rough weather under Sugarloaf Mountain in the past. And I'd assume the GM peeps would have tons of contingency plans to cope.....but, what with Boardmasters & Houghton cancelled....I wonder....
  4. If I get a signal, I will post them.
  5. It will be frowned upon.....but possible. And, you never know, you might get lucky and see acar leave to get something off side (maybe going for a morning trip to the seaside) and you can park where they left.
  6. Nadine Shah. ALWAYS Nadine Shah. X
  7. Trainers is fine. Pathways are uneven in places, but you should be OK in trainers.
  8. As is tradition when someone mentions the possibility of wet weather, I will be the person who states that, unless its a torrential tipping down, wellies are not needed. The drainage at the 'tude is VERY good.
  9. I understand the logic. Its just odd, putting them right near the entrance, where those pesky yoofs used to get their party on. For example, why not utilise the family campervan area for family camping and put family campervans somewhere else? Now, those yoof partiers (I wish i was young) will infiltrate the red campers, which will piss them off etc....
  10. So....is there any freebies for these yet?
  11. There are no real duffers at all. They are all funny. But, if I may, can I recommend Elf Lyons, Mawaan Rizwan and Lazy Susan. I assume they won't be doing their 'usual' hour show, but all 3 had BRILLIANT hours last year. Course, the funniest person on the bill is the CRIMINALLY underrated Mr Trent....
  12. ALSO.....four Tet Vs Lamb!!! Fuck me, that's a killer.....
  13. Also......as pleasant as yo la tenga are....they are NOT headliner material.....
  14. Idles v misty. That is brutal. Big arguments about to happen with me and Mrs moz...
  15. to be fair, they have NEVER been good with the social media stuff....
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