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    Just heads up, it’s £7.50 a pint at the O2 but you should still get in early anyway as Brass Against are supporting and are fantastic live.
  2. Or people doing drugs. You'd think people would have the sense to just do it the toilets or before getting to the venue. I remember seeing Prodigy at Ally Pally and one of my mates was doing coke in the crowd with security about 10 feet away from us so I slid into the security eye line and I told my mate if security sees him and tries to kick him out I'm just gonna pretend to not know him as I'm not missing them play.
  3. I've had to go to MK a few times before for work and gigs and every time I hate it. There was a taxi rank outside the staduim you can try to get to the hotel after the gig. When I saw Rammstein there we got a taxi with some randoms heading to the train station to split the cab fare but I'm not sure how easy it would be for you to find someone who is also heading to your hotel though.
  4. Sorry I can't help with directions but I feel your pain, MK is such a shit place in general and shit for gigs too.
  5. Didn't they cover that with the other Doctor Stranges though? The way this film is being dissected you'd think it's an European art house film rather than a Hollywood popcorn movie. lol
  6. You’re missing that the Darkhold has a corrupting influence on it’s reader and how she overcame it at the end.
  7. Yeah Brass Against are cool as fuck, I’ve seen them before at Boomtown. I rarely ever miss the supports bands anyway but I’m definitely getting in early to see them too.
  8. Things is why does every Marvel movie must be building to the next movie and not a movie on it's own? It really annoys me as Marvel so rarely ever do cliff hangers or part 2 out of 6 type things but the fans seem to really want it, it's like they just want to watch the movie to get closer to the next one rather than seeing it as a big playground where the films connect with each other which they did well here with Wanda acting like a c**t and knowing her backstory.
  9. Cheers. I’m always in two minds about set lists as bands should play whatever songs they want and I’d rather they play a song they are gonna enjoy whilst they are giving it their all rather than a song they are sick of as they have been playing it 200 times a year for the last 20 years but Tool rarely tour so a lot of fans have not had a chance to see some of these songs. The same thing applies with Nine Inch Nails, I’ve seen them 3 times and I’ve yet to see them play Closer their biggest song. Then again I’m thinking selfishly as I’ve not seen them before.
  10. Cheers for the heads up, I've got tixs for them at the O2 tomorrow. How did you find the setlist? I keep seeing chatter about them not playing a lot of major songs.
  11. Doctor Strange 2 reminds me alot of Guardians 2 as in there’s some really clever and cool shit going on which is far better than what you get from the average Marvel film but there’s alot of things that feel too forced. The marketing has been pretty clever where they have been misdirecting the villains and roles, if they hasn’t you would haves guessed it already. The horror stuff in it is great, it’s just a shame it had to be a rated 12 film and didn’t go for more scares and gore.
  12. jump

    Arcade Fire

    End Of The Empires is a weird one as live it was probably the highlight of their recent show but it is a downer on the album.
  13. When Slaves play they have the Vengaboys as their intro song and I’m always surprised how many people know the words and are singing along.
  14. Aren't you going to a festival headlined by Steps, Vengaboys and Aqua though? 😜
  15. That's better luck than me, I just got a none are left message when I tried. I must have used up my luck as I was on a roll with getting Arcade Fire, Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails and Halestorm tixs. Enjoy the gig!
  16. Actually Spotify listens don’t count towards chart positions unless it’s a paid premium account which I learnt from Kunt & The Gang when he was trying to get Boris Johnson Is Fucking A c**t to Xmas number 1. Also fuck chart positions.
  17. That will make a nice change from a London gig where it feels like I'm standing in between mannequins most of the time.
  18. I don't see the competition for Turnstile being just R&L, I can see them being regulars at Slam Dunk and 2000 Trees from now on and even the trendy fests like Glasto and All Points East have them this year. I know it's a dream pairing for alot of people but Limp Bizkit is the straw that broke the camel's back which caused Rage to break up orginally and Tim Commerford will still go off about how much he hates them still so I can't see that pairing ever happening myself.
  19. Red Hot Chilli Peppers So do I win the thread now?
  20. Well when 'tellica did the 20th anniversary of the black album at Download they did it 21 years after it's release you need to wait an extra year.
  21. Jamie T has just announced a show at Subterania in London. That's 500ish capacity, it's gonna be rough getting tixs!
  22. In fairness when Liam was announced for R&L 2020 people were talking about how he's not big enough to be a headliner, it's only in the last two years and specificlly these Knebworth dates people are saying he's one of the biggest acts in the country.
  23. Whilst you clearly have good logic, insight and are in touch with today's music you however overlooked something, Adele is no longer fat so what if these pro fat and sassy consumers of Adele now all flock to Lizzo as the new Adele? Also...
  24. jump

    Bob Vylan

    It does get tiring pointing that out to people and it makes you feel like a pedantic arsehole for doing it. I saw them at an all day pub festival last year where even though they were on stage and talked about how they are a band and they are both called Bobby I was in the smoking area later talking to a random and explained it. The conversation went from first the girl I was talking to thought his name was Bob Dylan which I corrected by saying they are a called Vylan, so she said something like "oh so his is name Vylan" which I then corrected by saying they are a band not just a guy so she then just gave me an annoyed looked and changed the subject.
  25. I don't think they can win either way, they changed up the formula with The Eternals though and people just complained about it. I thought it was good but they just needed to edit it again to take out the repeating exposition I got so sick of eveything being explained over and over again. This does feel like a building phase where they are getting all the pieces together, once that's over with they can step up their game like how Winter Solider was a big step up from the first Captain America. To be honest I'm more excited that this is Sam Raimi's first film in a decade rather than it's a Marvel film.
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