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  1. I'm planning on getting it after seeing reviews which are promising it's not shit like the Avengers game but I've heard the bugs are annoying so I'm gonna wait for a patch and a sale. I've heard the Marvel suits are all really impressed with it. It seems it's more like a Marvel Oscar fodder film, lovely cinematography and weighty issues but fairly aimless storytelling just like Nomadland (how the fuck did that win the best movie Oscar) so that isn't reconciling with the reviewers looking for good guy slaps the bad guy.
  2. I've seen all the ones you mentioned a few times before, Random Hand in particular I've probably seen about 10+ times. I remember being a kid and those type of cheap DIY punk band shows were the only gigs I could afford and Random Hand were always touring at the time and it was a great night out every time. I've not heard of Smoking Give You Big Tits before so I've given them a quick play, one of their songs is called My Favourite Fact About Maggie and they just keep talking about Thacther being dead and it then turns into ding dong the witch is dead at the end. lol
  3. The final announcement for Manchester Punk Festival 2022 has been announced. I love little fests like this as it gives a chance for great acts like Crazy Arm or The JB Conspiracy to have a live audience which isn’t just 12 people in the back of a pub.
  4. I saw Venom 2, meh It reminds me of a 90/00s superhero film. Does Carnage have the power to create twisters in the comics and I never noticed before? It seemed really out of place and until then it seemed they like they had a really cool take on him with being a vicious raptor like creature rather than just a red Venom.
  5. There’s only two types of music in this world, one is rock and the other roll!
  6. I like the strange vibe the fest’s line up has. I’d love to see a main stage run of Bob Vylan, Clutch, Wolf Alice, Madness and then Slipknot.
  7. I'm only so-so on Wolf Alice's music but they are very good live. It's like they have made their sound to appeal to tv producers so they can get royalties from being on Grey's Anatomy rather than showing what they are like as a live band. Apparently it's common for female singers to be told during the album recording to tame themselves down by the producer as it's not what the people/label want.
  8. I'd definitely put it as one of the most important ever made, it beat both The Clash and Sex Pistols as the first UK punk single if I remember my history correctly. Personally I thought Smash It Up was their best song. Are we only including 70s punk?
  9. Does this Coldplay stick light up?
  10. Well Aerosmith are charging £300 for standing tixs at the O2 with that in mind this is a bargain even if it is Coldplay.
  11. I'm more shocked about people on this forum like them. I thought us lot had better taste! 😜
  12. Nah. She tells me to turn down the music on my headphones as it's distracting her from listening to The Archers. Also most people who work in HR are c**ts from my experience, the current HR manager at my work has been caught using racial slurs but I still see her name sending out the it's black history month emails.
  13. I know people like to piss on their Glasto show but I thought they were great everytime I've seen them. I can't remember who out of the guest spots Gorillaz had at Boomtown were already on the line up but booking those acts may not be the solution, someone like Black Grape or Da La Soul would go down like a led a balloon at R&L nowadays and people would be pissed with no Dare or Feel Good Inc plus with it being a bank holiday weekend there's a good chance another small/mid sized fest could have booked those acts already so making sure enough of the guests are free would be a ball ache too.
  14. jump

    2021 New Music

    My bad. I probably would have only got around to listening to them till next week anyway and just assumed it was this week. lol
  15. jump

    2021 New Music

    Lots of new albums are out tomorrow for me to listen to. Big D & The Kids Table (who are probably my favourite ska punk band), Skinny Lister. Biffy Clyro, Dream Theater, Mastadon and Angel Du$t but I'm seeing Bokassa tomorrow so I normally like to spend the day blasting out the band I'm seeing that night all day long.
  16. The argument of the general public is always a weird one to me. Lots of the general public know stuff like The Darkness, The Specials, Adam Ant, Lily Allen etc but I've seen recent listings for them at non-arena venues. It's like the idea of building a big fanbase doesn't mean you are big unless they are massively exposed on shit Spotify playlists and even Karen from HR (who knows fuck all about music) knows of them even though the common metrics of chart positions, venues sizes etc puts them in the top tier. I mean does anyone really give a fuck if Karen knows them, she's a c**t anyway!
  17. Vandals 🙂 I've not seen them in years. Are The Used and Rancid on good terms with them recruiting their drummer? I was hoping for some street and ska bands on Rancid's stage rather than 00s emo.
  18. I was gonna say that they did split up during that time but their break up was only a 2/3 years.
  19. There are already 6 headliners, it would just get silly if there's now co-headliners on top of that. Chili Peppers ain't playing and if they did they wouldn't headline two different stages. They have a big UK tour already and are back touring Canada and America whilst R&L is on.
  20. Biffy Clyro have announced some acoustic shows.
  21. Sorta, Gary Numan is only coming out as a guest during Nine Inch Nails' headline slot on Main Stage South whilst N-Dubz headline Main Stage North.
  22. They are supporting Liam Gallgher on some of his own dates next year.
  23. I see the small band having their equipment stolen too often, it's fucking shit. It's made even shitter by it happening mid-tour making it harder to replace their instruments in time for the next gig. I remember when Maximo Park had their stuff stolen and the frontman was more worried about his notebook being returned more so than the equipment.
  24. Well yeah, they have several festivals lined up for next year like Isle Of Wight, Liam Gallagher, Neighbourhood. Even as a second stage headliner I think they are a bit over exposed to do R&L.
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