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  1. Why is it an either or though as there's plenty of current trendy bands that fit into the R&L mould that aren't 90s nu metal which could be on their day and appeal to both the R&L tweens and Rage fans even if the older fans just discover them there. Turnstile, IDLES, The Interrupters, Frank Carter, Nova Twins, Fever 333, Bob Vylan, Slaves, Viagra Boys, Amyl & The Sniffers, Boton Manor, Ho99o9, Tropical Fuck Storm, Black Midi etc. The issue for me at least is there's so little for the Rage fan and not that the entrie day isn't Downloadish. If there was just one or two acts even on the bottom of the poster who aren't even big names but are rock with some bite to their music the line up becomes so much more palatable. It's odd as well as there's no reason for the Rage fans to come into the arena till later in the day like this which is time they could be spending money on food and drink.
  2. I don't even need a hard rock run on the line up. I just need someone who I'm actually excited for every now and then to break up my 12 hour drinking session whilst I wait in the corner for Rage to come on stage. 😜
  3. I just followed the link you gave and chose the middle option and noticed it was Festicket and then remembered I've got that code for them. https://www.festicket.com/eventgenius/bsthydepark-bruce-amexpresale/shop/36685/
  4. Yep, I just gave it a try and got to the payment however it wont accept my card as it's not American Express. It's pain in the arse as I has Amex at one point but got rid of it when I changed banks.
  5. If you go with Festix rather than AXS use the code PERKBOX5 to save 5% off the ticker price.
  6. You say that but putting on any new shit just because it's new has ended up with Maneskin as the big rock act for the Rage day! 😜 The lack of a tent is nothing to do with it as the dance and rap stages are on running on the Rage day so there's already counter programming for non-Rage like music. The Pit/Lock Up has been piss poorly booked for years now so they wouldn't have seriously booked it with Rage in mind to make sure acts that fit like smaller current bands such as Stray From The Path or The Living Colour who crossover from backintheday for example are on it. Just look at the Friday tent day stuff with like Caspr or Phem being less suited to Rage than The Blinders are so having The Pit on that day isn't much of help, although Kid Kapichi would have been a better fit. It's nor really a stage big enough to keep a headlined sized band's audience happy for the entire day either. It's as simple as FR have done a fucking shit job of booking the day with Rage fans in mind.
  7. I don't mind seeing acts I've seen before and tbh I've seen the bulk of acts I like already as I'm quite happy to go to their own show rather than waiting years for them to pop up at the one festsival I go to like some folk do. To me this is like when a band has a comedian as the support act and it just puts you in the wrong frame of mind. Rage should be a day of mouthy loud riot music to have you warmed up and ready to go fucking batshit crazy in the pit.
  8. Yeah, if we ignore Cancel Culture isn't really the thing people think it is for a moment as a concept it's not something I agree with as it ignores being able to repent or rehabilitation which are more lefty values than the right idea of Law & Order/punishing people to make yourself feel better so it's fucking odd thing to get you knickers in a twist anyway. In any case it's all bollocks. I'm gonna listen to Babymetal now since there's nothing controversial about them! 😜
  9. Yeah, it seems to be they got Rage and RTJ but then figured the rest of the day would be for pop fans. It's madness as they have Fever 333 who have clear influences from Rage and Frank Carter who have collaborated with Tom Morello so there was a possibility of Tom could come out with them but they are on the other day. I'm surprised R&L didn't try to get IDLES, Turnstile or The Interrupters as all three are blowing up, have never played before, are the exact sort of acts R&L use to love booking and would fit under Rage, although The Interrupters would need to stick with their earlier material like Take Back The Power rather than the Billie Ellish covers/new poppier sound. I keep trying to like Halsey's new album because NIN worked on it, it's fine but I've got fuck all excitement for her.
  10. Half price tixs for The Libertines at Wembley below. https://sable.madmimi.com/c/19285?id=268426126.65650.1.6c28ab8a871eda1dff3387735c0805df
  11. The curation is so ridiculously bad that day, why book a band famous for being angry to headline and then not book any other angry bands?!? The closest you get to a Rage-ish band is The Blinders but even then they aren't really a Rage type band, there is also The Ks, Crawlers, DMAs, Panic Shack, Anorak Patch who are reasonably decent but nothing too special however they are guitar bands that aren't Maneskin. Also if you're drunk enough Bastille are enjoyable, I think I was on my 12th pint when I saw them last. Denzel Curry and Run The Jewels are both fucking awesome and well worth checking even if they haven't got guitars.
  12. It's entirely possible to be left wing and have some right wing views or vice versa as the world is full of greys rather than just black and white. You can be pro-Brexit and anti-nationalism or anti-lockdown but pro-vaccination or pro-conservative and pro-gay (probably because of how much they buggered each other in their private schools 😜 ) so just because they are against one induvial thing it doesn't make them an alt right white power c**t. Although some members of System Of A Down coming out as right wing is a fucking odd one.
  13. Yep, one is likely to be that classic album in full which has hit a big milestone St Anger for its 20th anniversary. Who would want to miss that! 😜
  14. Before you get your hopes up for a decent second stage alternative you need to hope they actually have the headliners playing at the same time first.
  15. Copping has mentioned stuff about going for it (which does make it sound like it doesn't try other years lol) and going to have surprises and Machine Head are probably the biggest non-headlining act I can think of that would get people excited especially as they seem more cooperative in recent years so it's not as much as a long shot as it once was even if it is still unlikely. Of course he could be talking about Pantera but there's a lot of eww with this reunion though even if it does bring in a load of Southern cross wearing fans just for them.
  16. On the plus side if Fender is a co-headliner than you have a replacement already to go when he pulls out! 😜
  17. I entered but I haven't been told either way yet, I even checked my spam. I'm London based so as long as it's not silly like they tell you that you've won 5 mins before the gig I'm still hoping to go.
  18. Yep, so artist do have a say which just shows that the working class hero Brucey is after the big bucks like the other big acts. 😜
  19. It's a different promoter though. Last time I went to BST Green Day were playing and they didn't have a paid golden circle. I got there early to see Stiff Little Fingers that day and saw that the golden circle was empty so I jumped the barrier as no one was around and security started chasing me, I thought it was to tell me off but instead they gave me a wristband to get in as it was on a first come basis for golden circle that day.
  20. But Parkway have never played Monsters Of Rock so they are a R&L type act who haven't proven themselves yet!
  21. My missus likes Springsteen so I'd imagine I will be going. I'm hoping for a couple of decent support acts like Frank Turner, The Gaslight Anthem, Patti Smith, The Hold Steady or Chrissie Hynde will do for me.
  22. Sub or second stage headliners are the only two spots I see them working as. I reckon Hellfest and some other Euro metal fests will have them headline though. I'd equate it to Slayer's last shows, for me that would have been an one off "worthy" headline set as every metal fan would have come out to see them even if they aren't a massive Slayer fans but they were put on the second stage against Tool another rare chance to see someone for some donkey reason.
  23. I'm not so sure even with Dimebag they would have headlined. This reunion is smaller than say Soundgarden who couldn't headline and as they are a band that appeal to a more niche (not the best word to describe them but it fits) metal fans in the UK their reunion buzz won't pick up as many temporary casuals fans the same way say Faith No More or Smashing Pumpkins did. It's a bizarre thing trying to place them on a festival line up, second stage headliner would be best imo because of the trouble that is Phil and the questioning of the band's line up but that would still keep them feeling big. Anyone reckon they will still be selling Confederate army merch at thier shows now?
  24. On one hand I would love to see Pantera but on the other hand this isn’t Pantera and Phil is a racist c**t.
  25. I remember them, their front man used to throw up on stage. I saw them on a tiny stage at a festival (not Reading but I can't remember which one) and the entire crowd was waiting for Odd Future who were on afterwards and their amateur chaotic punk routine didn't impress the crowd at all.
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