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  1. To be honest I don't give a shit about Impala or Fender as neither would make me buy a tix on their own although I'd prefer Impala headlining rather than Fender. Impala are pretty decent live whilst Fender was so dull when I saw him last month, I'm told the setlist was the problem that night but he just looked average to me even with a saxophone. I'm just bored of these it's not sold out therefore they are failure analysis arguments, it's like baby analytics which ignores all other variables and simplifying it to a binary of sold out or not sold so even if it's single tix away from being sold out it's treated like it's a trainwreck of an event. It's like people are trying to be insiders based of their knowledge of tickermaster saying it's sold out or not facts is the same thing as a percentage sold through or something.
  2. Ally Pally capacity is 10,400, Brixton is 4,921 then times two it's 9,842 so Ally Pally is 558 more people than Brixton times two. Ally Pally has it's drawback though as there's no seating so it's not always viable for bands that have older audiences who can't stand up for longer than 20 mins without getting out of breath.
  3. I wouldn't read too much into how APE sells, we just know it hasn't sold out and it's a weird festival. We can use the same logic on Rage for not selling out their Edinburgh show and say they aren't a big name draw even though they are headlining.
  4. In fairness I don't think they were aiming to. If they played Brixton it would have sold out which means scalpers can over charge for tixs and it will leave some fans unable to go which is a big shame for a reunion tour so a bigger venue is welcomed but there is no in between capacity venue when jumping from Brixton to Ally Pally/Wembley, even if you played Brixon twice it's still not overall as many people. I know people like to stupidly measure tours as being successful is every gig is sold out but that is such a basic binary view where to sold out means successful and not sold out means failure when bands generally start making a profit from a show when the venue is about 70% sold.
  5. I’ve been there recently for a gig. The drinks choices are shit as you have to leave the pitch if you want something other than beer and as most of the steps are roped off it’s a longer trip too, I can’t comment on what the crowds are like leaving as I have family in the area so went there to avoid the wait but I heard it was a pain for others, the sound was fine but not fantastic and you can go out for a smoke which is nice. Its not bad and better than Wembley and MK stadium but London Stadium is the best for gigs I’ve been to and Emirates Stadium is the worst.
  6. The premium would have exploded once he got cancer, especially as a freelancer and you still have out of pockets expenses even if you do have a good plan. It’s mental how it works there, I’ve come across it for work and it just makes wonder what the fuck American exceptionalism actually is.
  7. I dunno. Tom's broke from spending all of his money looking for aliens, Mark has had to pay for his doctors in the US health system (ouch!) and Travis is married to a Karadashin who are known putting their name on any old shit so I wouldn't be shocked if they got back together just so they can get Funko Pop money and ditched Skiba as his figure wouldn't sell with stuff like tours and albums can be figured out after the toys.
  8. Christ the festival is doing the rock stage on the cheap if Wargasm are headlining.
  9. I'm really good at those competitions, I always seem to win at them!
  10. Top of my list is Gorillaz and then Nick Cave is a close second and I wouldn't mind The National and Tame Impala.
  11. Lucky sod! I ain’t won shit yet on these competitions.
  12. Run The Jewels, Danny Brown and Denzel Curry are great, RTJ you should check out if you're a Rage fan as Zack is likely to come out for a song. If you're looking for harder guitar music there's not much though, The Blinders are the closest thing but are not really that Rage like. There is also The Ks, DMA's, Crawlers, Stone, Pale Waves, Panic Shack and Anorak Patch as guitar options however they aren't bad but I wouldn't pay to see any of them myself. But if you're going anyway you may as well as throw yourself into the yoofs music and see 100 Gecs even if it's just to laugh at them.
  13. Bob Vylan has been announed a new London show this week!
  14. Who are saying The Strokes are relevant though?
  15. The new Black Panther Lego sets have just revealed who takes over as Black Panther. Lol
  16. I like how all posts from Chad end up with him complaining about how he doesn't understand the yoof music. Neither do I but I just say they are shit and move on from it rather than trying to quantify those acts. lol
  17. He didn't direct the Scooby Doos, he just wrote them.
  18. You make it sound like Copping is somekind of cowboy.
  19. Manson was a co-headlined tour with Rob Zombie where Rob was the one to play last. Apparently the two of them hated each other on that tour.
  20. Metal was never a mainstream public consciousness type of music yet there are metal acts that start playing arenas for the first time every year. You're thinking Download needs stadium headliners because it's the same bollocks that's always been said even though Download rarely ever gets stadium acts. There are acts like Iron Maiden, System Of A Down, Slipknot who aren't big enough to do stadium tours in this country but yet bring in whopping crowds still. If Download treats someone like Ghost, Bring Me or whoever then they will be seen as a headliner the same way they did with System and Slipknot. If anything having more metal acts who are stadium headliners in general would probably fuck over the festival as those acts would skip the festival and create more competition for ticket sales with their own mega shows. I agree with Download doesn't think about it's own future but not the same way you do, instead of downsizing they need to make the line ups stronger. Download is booked without it's finger on the pulse of the hard rock scene for example Bring Me the biggest UK metal band who have been playing arenas for ages now have only ever played the mainstage once and Download is meant to be the biggest UK metal festival so it's mental they haven't booked them as a mainstage act more. The bottom half of the main stage line up gets filled up with shit like Alestorm or pub rock bands who will never get bigger than that slot rather than those shit hot bands like Code Orange, Bob Vylan etc and when they do play the fest it's for 25mins on the smallest stages against the big bands. It doesn't help that Download is booked liked a budget festival either, Skindred third down and The Distillers headlining the second stage is weak. I find the headliner borings but that can be forgiven if the undercard is shit hot which it rarely ever is.
  21. Nah, if you look at Monsters Of Rock in the 80s it was getting huge crowds and except for AC/DC they didn't really have stadium headliners in those days, just shit like Whitesnake, Status Quo and Rainbow. A festival is more than just it's headliners and it can be a big festival without big stadium headliners which is what makes this thread so boring as that's all what everyone wants to talk about even though it's a symptom of Download's shit booking throughtout the line up due to everyone needing to prove themselves or they are a R&L type acts. The funny thing is the same thing happened to Monsters Of Rock in the 90s, they didn't embrace the new acts of the day like Rage Against The Machine, Marilyn Manson, Green Day, NIN, Ash, Pearl Jam etc so they were made obsolete and Download was meant to be the solution to the Monsters Of Rock problem but after the last 10 years they have gone backwards or manage fuck up easy wins for themselves.
  22. That sucks for the other others acts but at the same time if the stage was that weak maybe they shouldn't be playing on it.
  23. So what happened with Bob Vylan, did they fuck the stage up or something and now the other acts can’t play?
  24. Prodigy were on at 9.30, I'm not sure about the support act as I got in late around 8ish and the support act was already on. You are in for a treat, it's still a Prodigy gig and what they did for Firestarter was a really lovely tribute to Flint. It's fucking hot though, I felt cooler at a Rammstein gig with their 100s of flamethrowers.
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