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  1. Four months seems way out to start doing rehearsals especially for a band that don't have loads of gimmicks around the stage. It's generally a month before a band tour they rehearse, a week or two to get tight and figure out the setlist and another week or two with production. Some bands use to not even bother rehearsing like Lemmy and Blink 182, tbh you can tell Blink didn't rehearse. lol
  2. jump

    2022 Headliners

    Contracts don't work like that, she would still be in breach of an exclusivity clause and Glasto is before British Summer Time anyway.
  3. I'd argue it's easier for Download to sell tixs. There's no rawk fest really competing with it and has it's fanbase built now whilst R&L needs to keep being relevant and keep it's line ups fresh as teenagers stop going to R&L after a few years so it's always pressure to get the next lot of punters in.
  4. They are also at Boardmasters.
  5. I find it bonkers people talk about how bands need to prove how big they are to headline Download whilst Reading repeatedly book riskier/upcoming acts and mostly pull it off. Download have maybe 3 legit stadium acts that can headline whilst the rest are often not big enough to play the o2 on a tour and/or sub at other fests. Why the fuck isn't anyone going we need to see how well Def Leppards tour goes before we can have them back yet again? lol
  6. There's still day tixs to flog but my thinking was since Foos have a good relationship with the fest someone like them is more likely to step in then as a 2nd choice headliner than trying to convince a different name band to step in last min.
  7. I've seen loads of people just start accusing bands of cancelling because shows to low tix sales rather than it being genuinely covid concern related. It reminds of when people on here start saying a band's tour is selling badly because it's not sold out even though not sold out can be anything between 0-99.9% of the tickets sold and it always comes off to me a lazy speculation.
  8. Nah, that would piss people off who have already got day tixs to see Bring Me.
  9. I'd say go for it. No one can say for sure if another lockdown is coming or not so I'm trying to fit as many gigs I can in plus I'm making up for the last couple of years of missed gigs.
  10. I'm not buying Rage are pulling out but IF they were to what bands could they get to replace them? Gorillaz wouldn't look out of place with RTJ and Maneskin beneath them on the line up and are active in Aug but would depend if APE have an exclusive billing on them or not. Metallica, Queens Of The Stone Age or Slipknot are touring Europe and have no UK dates and would be the closer to appeasing Rage fans, Royal Blood would be a good shout imo, maybe Foos or My Chemical Romance if they wait to announce them after their UK dates are willing to come back from the US.
  11. Nah. Bring Me have played Reading 6 times (7 if you include 2022) including 4 times on the main stage and they played Download 5 times but only one of those times was on the main stage. To be honest I'm surprised they have played Download that many times.
  12. I'd scratch either Skinny Lister or The Wildhearts from that list now as I've been listening to the new Every Time I Die album today and fuck it's good! I've seen they are touring with The Bronx soon in the UK, I need to grab tickets now.
  13. It's probably one of the other A$AP Mob lot who released an album. There's so many to keep track of as there's A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ginger, A$AP Sporty, A$AP Posh, A$AP Baby and A$AP Scary.
  14. Yes but you also have folk now going specifically for just Rage which will be a massive blow to them as they going in spite of the zeitgeist of soundcloud rappers and Maneskin.
  15. jump


    Best movies of the year lists are always annoying as Hollywood will try to release their Oscar fodder films in Dec to make them eligible for the Oscars but then release them in the UK in Feb to capitalise on Oscar Buzz. I'm pretty sure I watched both Sound of Metal and Promising Young Women in 2020 so they aren't here depsite both would have easily gotten onto 2021's list for me and I've not had a chance to see Nightmare Alley yet. Anyway here's mine; 1, Spider Man: No Way Home 2, Candyman 3, Raya & The Last Dragon 4,The Suicide Squad 5, Titane 6, Shang Chi 7, Last Night In Soho 8, Censor 9, The Mitchells vs The Machines 10, Cry Macho Also Dune doesn't make my list as they forgot to put an ending in it and neither does Bond as it's been 15 years and he's still moping about for Eva Green!
  16. That wouldn't be such a problem if the Lock UP/Pit stages weren't so shit nowadays. Maybe I will just bottle Maneskin instead to kill time? 😜
  17. I think the problem is simpler than that and they just keep making shit films rather than they don't know how to build an universe. 70s Superman, The Dark Knight etc were all driven by the directors' vision as the producers at WB are constantly bickering with themselves like it's an episode of Succession, getting sacked etc to get shit done. It's at the point where AT&T are looking to sell WB as it's such a mess. I'm trying to not get that excited for the new Batman, it starts looking really good but then I hear something stupid like they are basing Batman on Kurt Cobain, it's early Batman which is the most boring Batman they can be done, and plot twist it's the Joker again.
  18. jump


    I saw Marix 4, I wouldn't say it's shit as I preferred it over the over sequels but it doesn't touch the original but nothing ever will. There's problems with it as the action is less Matrix and more 00s direct to DVD Matrix knock off, a few characters are back who seem completely unnecessarily to be there and it's less meta and more fist punching on the nose. With that said there's some really cool ideas in it Keanu and Moss haven't lost a step. I also saw Bond. SPOILERS I really didn't like the McGuffin of him having a kid he needs to save now otherwise it's a better than average Craig Bong film. The nurse from Knives Out stole the show for me, I wanted to see more of her rather than the 5/10mins she is in it for.
  19. No Bokassa or Ministry 😞 1, Self Esteem - Prioritise Pleasure 2, Idles - Crawler 3, Biffy Clyro - The Myth of the Happily Ever After 4, Inhaler - It Won't Always Be Like This 5, Royal Blood - Typhoons
  20. Rage Against The Machine have thrown support to Kunt now.
  21. I actually feel like celebrating Xmas this year after a shit few years of covid and not being able to last year. Happy holidays folks!
  22. I've just gifted it to a few family members. I figured it will give me at least 5mins of conversation over xmas dinner with them that isn't mind numbingly dull.
  23. I can't actually remember what I put down as my top albums of the year in the thread before the reset. In no specific order I'd rate these as my top ten albums of the year. Bokassa Ministry The Bronx Amyl and the Sniffers Gojira Mastadon Skinny Lister The Pretty Reckless Rob Zombie The Wildhearts Also it's worth a mention that Weezer and Frank Carter both gave albums I was excited about but then ended up disappointed by even if they aren't bad albums.
  24. My mate is a fan of his and he took me to one of his shows a few years ago. Kunt had a ventriloquist dummy of himself who would sing the songs and we talked to him a bit afterwards and he seemed a decent chap. I hope he gets to xmas number one!
  25. Next you will be telling us R&L is full of teenagers who get pissed from drinking two pints.
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