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  1. She says stupid things on the internet and supports Chris Brown.
  2. I thought that was just Bellamy who lives in LA, the drummer is in France and the other one is still in the UK? I believe they recorded the new album in Devon so they might be UK based at the moment but yeah, Muse are a British band but they aren't locales.
  3. jump


    If there’s anyone in London who wants a free tix for tonight PM me. It’s an old skool paper tix and I’m heading in at 7pm to see the support acts so you will have to get to Brixton before then for it.
  4. jump


    I've got tixs to night too. I know Self Esteem isn't the most obvious support act but I'd probably say tonight is the best night for support acts as Witch Fever are opening and are pretty good too even if people are going crazy for Wet Leg at the moment.
  5. Violent Femmes, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Run DMC, CAKE, Jurassic 5, Joan Jett, Hoffmaestro, Nine Inch Nails and basically any other acts I've not seen in ages so they have an excuse to tour the UK.
  6. It's easy enough to do put you can't just call the same 2nd stage headliners a main stage headliner all of a sudden without actually getting bigger bands, it looks too much like a shit marketing move. Like get Def Leppard to headline the other main stage whilst Metallica are on the main stage rather than just calling The Offspring a main stage headliner when they were last booked to headline the second stage anyway. However they can't really do that as there's not enough Download headliners to begin without going through them twice as fast.
  7. I don't get the point to be honest. Acts like The Offspring or Alice Cooper would probably be 2nd stage headliners anyway and Download don't have enough headliner options to have 6 proper headliners as it is.
  8. There were plenty of American acts that played the same R&L which they pulled out of plus other fests and shows last year though. I suppose you can say American acts are more likely to pull out of because they have to travel more and there's a higher percentage of Americans not getting a jab so there's more restrictions for those ones but I fully expect to see American bands in the UK/EU this year.
  9. Looks decent for £20. If it was closer then I’d might go.
  10. That's a controversial statement. I’d probably call Death Magnetic their weakest, it’s just a redundant album in the scheme of things since it’s an okayish version of what they have done. Even as shit as Reload, St Anger or Lulu were at least there’s a purpose or an idea for them unlike Death Magnetic. Out of the first five which everyone seems to love And Justice For All is the weakest for me, I’d bump it to 6th and bring in Hardwired as 5th. Hardwired did what I thought wasn’t possible any more and made me give a shit about new Metallica music even if it is a few songs too long.
  11. I'm always happy seeing The Bronx play so I'm happy with this announcement. 🙂 They are probably on the Dickies stage, it was only removed last year as there were too many bands pulling out.
  12. A batch of tixs for Foo Fighter's UK tour has just been released for anyone who missed them first time round.
  13. How are Hanson big enough to play Roundhouse? The last one hit wonder I saw was Wheatus and that was in a club for a fiver.
  14. jump

    2022 New Music

    To be honest after Frankie T talking about how the next album was gonna be back to a hardcore sound I'm kinda disappointed with the singles so far even if they aren’t bad.
  15. Gorillaz are playing APE this year. It's a decent line up too with IDLES, Pusha T, Self Esteem etc on it.
  16. Instore and their website are the same price, it's just harder finding their sale/reduced items on the website.
  17. I second (or third?) Banquet Records. I use to go there all the time when I lived in South London plus they do alot in the community and put on shows way above their weight.
  18. I've always found agreeing to disagree a sort of weird paradox saying, it's just so much easier saying I can't be arsed with this anymore. In any case Dental has a billion posts and another billion upvotes, I call him winning the disagreement.
  19. Yep, we are actually the fools for not doing the Youtube-social media influencer thing and giving our time away for free. Matt in particular should give it a try, he has just enough upbeatness with his posts to carry it well as opposed to alot of other posters on here who tend to bitch, rant and moan too easily about festivals.
  20. I would have thought before the 31st Dec which was before the price bump which they sort of did in Nov though. So maybe before the next payment plan installment at the end of this month. I've been giving Pinkshift a listen simply because I've not heard of them before and they are on the line up. They are fairly decent, I might check them out at the fest now as long as they aren't clashing.
  21. jump

    2022 Headliners

    KoRn would need a few years away but think of the heroes welcome they would get when they finally do return and as a headliner too. Copping has talked about all of those before but has never pulled it off though. I've never been overly impressed with Copping myself, Downloaders seem to celebrate as he has a hard job and pulls off a few miracles like AC/DC or Faith No More but he seems to get burnt alot of the time. Like Faith No More's return went from exclusive, to festival exclusive to just playing the fest or getting Blink 182 to headline in the 00s but then they spit up and there's a story about in 08 he thought he had booked Rage, Foos and Rammstein to headline (this was before Rammstein use to play festivals) so he put his feet up on a job well done only for all three of them decided they didn't want to play so Download ended up with KISS, Lost Prophets and The Offspring in a last minute scramble whilst there were options like Sex Pistols playing the same weekend at IOW, Slipknot would have been a better bump etc. Maybe his headliner bookings are the safe same old thing as when he tries something else he fails to get them or does with heavy compromise like AC/DC refusing to be on the line up hoodie.
  22. jump

    2022 Headliners

    There's a handful of bands that can make a fresh jump to headliner for them. Ghost are on headliner form and should be a contender, Bring Me should heave headlined already and KoRn already pull headliner sized crowds. The biggest challenge for them is trying to convince bands to play as The Who, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Blink 182, Bon Jovi,Nickelback etc could help ease their headliner troubles but they don't seem to want to play or Copping is just shit at persuading them. But the annoying part is the undercard. It seems younger bands like Architects have lost interesting playing at Download and there's acts like Code Orange, Ghost, Greta Van Fleet, Slaves, IDLES, Royal Blood, Nothing But Thieves etc have never played the fest or never played the mainstage despite some of the most talked about rock/punk/metal etcs in the UK for last few years.
  23. jump

    2022 Headliners

    Yeah Dave's tour was an instant sell out which includes two nights at The O2 which is headliner form plus to the kids who go to R&L he's massive, it's a pitch perfect booking for both of them. It's like that every year at Download, they haven't got their finger on the pulse at all. It's shocking that Bring Me the biggest UK metal band of the last few years have only ever played Download mainstage once.
  24. jump

    2022 Headliners

    Nah, loads of acts are back on tour at the same time so it's a generally more choice for fests. However I’ve seen people are still complaining just because they can and try to minimize the acts though, like; Muse are no longer a stadium act because they are at IOW even though they had a sold out stadium tour a few years ago. Glasto are desperate as they have Billie Eillish despite being a white hot international acts who sold shit loads of dates. Rage Against The Machine at Reading only appeals to CEX workers. Dave isn’t a headliner nor is Stormzy. The only exception to putting out a stronger than usual line up is Download who have stuck with almost the same headliners since 2020 despite Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold etc being available now and choosing not to replace the bands that have pulled out so bands like The Distillers have been bumpedup but look out of place headlining the second stage or brining in shit like Steel Panther. Of course Download tries to offer the most boring line ups possible every year so it’s really no change.
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