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  1. Rock En Seine haven’t finished announcing their headliners yet, there’s one more still to come.
  2. They are at Download, I doubt they will be playing anything else in the UK unless it’s in Scotland.
  3. Just my thoughts but AC/DC have never really chased relevancy the same way Aerosmith and Metallica have. Like Aerosmith clocked onto themselves as being dinosaurs back in the 80s which resulted in that song with Run DMC and there’s only so many fake out farewells tours they can do now to get people talking.
  4. There's normally an element of courting or tick it off the list/status for doing Glasto in those situations which doesn't really apply here. Maybe to prove people they aren't completely fucked up from their last tour but I doubt it to be honest.
  5. I was thinking more of the money needed for them and they are not on the list of headliners Glasto typically goes after and like fuck would they agree to do a tea time slot.
  6. Plus they had all the other stages to be closed when they were playing. But really it comes down to Glasto and AC/DC aren't a good match.
  7. It's an assumption but it's an easy one to make.
  8. They are never playing Glasto, it was a small miracle they played Download that year.
  9. I would agree but the last tour was apparently hellish for them and they aren't in the best of health anymore. My money would be on a tour with limited dates or a drastically different line up from the one who did the last album.
  10. I can't remember which festival it was (either R&L or Sonisphere) but when NIN and Janes Addiction were doing that co-headlining tour both were meant to be at a festival as part of the tour but only NIN appeared as Jane's Addiction never got round to doing the paperwork so the fest just got someone else to play in their spot.
  11. Yep but the issue of why he was kicked out which was not being able to tour due to his hearing still exists. The line up now seems centred around recording rather than touring as the bassist rejoined despite retiring due to not wanting to tour anymore.
  12. Fuck knows to be honest. Angus Young has said he's keen but the bassist has retired from touring, Brian Johnson was kicked out once for not being able to tour due to his hearing and Axel has Guns n Roses booked up for a while. It may just be Angus if they do tour again.
  13. I had a quick look at the old line ups to see for some massive years long return headliners but instead I'm just wondering why Porno for Pyros and Black Grape headlined when Jane's Addiction and Happy Mondays never did.
  14. How much a band cost is always a sticky wicket as we have no idea how much they are paid so it's complete speculation. Biffy whilst not a stadium act are still pretty in demand, they can headline plenty of mid-sized fests if they aren't at Download or R&L. Whilst KISS it is a case that they need Download more than Download needs KISS as there's not another festival option for them here on Euro fest tours so perhaps it's the case that KISS are the cheapest rather than Biffy but who knows really. Also why do people think Download's headliners must be stadium sized as more often than not they aren't, even the popular ones like Slipknot took a while to get to the point of playing the O2 arena which is really surprising. In any case there are other threads for talking about Download's line up. They haven't got anything new out but I'm listening to Radkey at the moment. I can never got over how much he sounds like Danzig.
  15. Yeah, I've noticed that at the gigs I've been back to as well, still a few twats not knowing how to behave themselves is a small price to pay for the return of live music.
  16. I've picked up Back 4 Blood and Metroid Dread during the week. I was expecting to love Back 4 Blood as I was a fan of Left 4 Dead but I've just kinda found my attention being stolen away by Metroid instead. I was never a big fan of the 2D Metroids but I've seen loads of people raving about it so I gave it a try and it's fucking fantastic and possibly my game of the year.
  17. I'd take matt with a pinch of salt, they like to pretend they have insider info but it's often the same speculation and rumours everyone else knows on here.
  18. Speaking of long lost headliners, I’d like to see Saxon, Deep Purple and UFO be announced as headliners just so I can see the meltdown.
  19. Hyde Park has one big gig left. My reckoning it’s Metallica at British Summer Time but I’m probably wrong. Also I forgot Finsbury Park from the earlier list.
  20. Twickenham, Emirates, London Stadium, White Heart Lane or whatever it’s called now, British Summer Time and probably more I’ve forgotten.
  21. Probably fake as Wembley has already reached its 12 gigs allowance with all the Coldplay and Sheeran shows.
  22. jump

    Gig Ticket Prices

    Divan seats sounds like something they should bring back, they’d probably charge an extra £50 for them though.
  23. 1. Moral Hygiene by Ministry 2. A Matter Of Life & Love by Skinny Lister 3. Sticky by Frank Carter Mastadon and Big D & The Kids Table are close runners up.
  24. The next one has been announced for Berlin now. Berlin is a great city, it might be worth making it a week long holiday for.
  25. jump


    I'm looking forward Last Night In Soho too, I've got tixs booked for Monday but most of the reviews I've seen are saying it's only okay/could be better.
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