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  1. Throwing pints is such a dickhead move, why the fuck are you wasting a £7 drink let alone throwing it as someone. There was a c**t who was in her late 30s/early 40s who threw her drink maybe 10 feet away and saw who it hit whilst giggling. I've been to gigs where the band tells you to look after each other in the pit etc but you don't see enough bands say something about drink throwing. I've only ever seen Idles say something about it.
  2. It was maddening at Green Day last night. I could have just got a bus home but the buses were on division because of the gig so instead I had to get the overground which took me longer.
  3. Meh, I wasn't impressed with Sam Fender when I saw him but Wolf Alice have been fantastic live every time I've seen them even though I don't particularly like their records.
  4. I wont be. I hopefully wont be even be going this year and I will see Rage in Paris instead. Reading is like eating baby food, once you have grown up and have started eating real food why the fuck why you go back to eating that shit? 😜
  5. Then just go to a different festival. 🙂 Fuck R&L as it's a shit festival really. It's fine if you're a teen going to your first concert but once you break the habit of going to it as you went there as a kid then you will have so much more fun with better crowds, better atmosphere, better drinks, better drugs, better curated line ups etc.
  6. But why book a new or diverse band to the main stage at Download when you can book Saxon instead!
  7. The problem is they play Can't Stop and then they don't stop jamming on for the next two hours. Can't Stop isn't a song, its a warning!
  8. I genuinely don't know if I hate or love Bloodywood.
  9. Electric Ballroom is a bigger venue than what I was expecting but I still reckon they have got a good chance of selling it out. The friends and special guests bit makes me reckon there's a good chance of a decent undercard, some of their frequent collaborators like The Skints, Kid Kapichi and Strange Bones all together would be a fucking stellar evening.
  10. Good luck with that. Glasto, Ed Sheeran and Green Day are all today too so that's a lot of the gig going population unavailable plus throw in rail strikes.
  11. The funny thing is I've mentioned to people I'm seeing/seen Nine Inch Nails and then I have to go they did Closer and Hurt but they are still lost so then I have to say the I Want To Fuck You Like An Animal song and Johnny Cash covered them for them to go Ah okay. Since this is the R&L section I have even lower expectations that people would know them.
  12. Meh, it's Peppers so you're lucky if you get them on a good day let alone worrying if they are playing a specific hit. I'm less worried about bands that have a monstrous back catalogue on what they will play as chances are you can get a cool rare deep cut instead of an established hit you're sick of hearing of. Like I saw Nine Inch Nails the other day and they didn't play the I Want To Fuck You Like An Animal song which is probably their biggest song but I didn't care as the band is so good live and they brought in a few deep cuts to wow me instead. Besides people should be going to see the band themselves play rather than just wanting to hear that one specific songs, waiting around for 2 hours for one song is so fucking boring. Maybe it's a new thing as people don't listen to albums anymore just their shitty Spotify playlists so they only expect greatest hits now? It's only really a problem with all of these indie landfill bands of the last 20 years that have to milk the one decent album they did to put on a good show but then still have to do an anniversary of that album tour to reassure people they will only play the songs they know.
  13. I wouldn't take Chad seriously, he usually talks a load of bollocks.
  14. Get there early as the awesome Amyl & The Sniffers are opening.
  15. I would post this in the gig thread of the chat section but I doubt many would care since it's pop-punk. There are cheap £4.95 tickets for Lagwagon's London show at the weekend. https://www.weticketit.com/showfilmfirst/booking/Event/detail/WYU43056
  16. Royal Blood when I've seen them before put on a great show, it's impressive that just two guys can make so much noise. Of course it's dependant on their health though.
  17. If it helps, I've seen Jimmy twice and both times were meh. They seem to lose interest in the middle (pun!) and only perk up for a couple of songs. First time was at Reading years ago and the other time was more recently supporting Frank Turner in 2019.
  18. Because the line up is shit.
  19. Try getting shit faced whilst watching Glasto on the BBC, it's the same thing really.
  20. It may sound silly but I was very close to going this year and Bokassa, a hyped up new band just like Code Orange/Jinjer/Spiritbox etc, playing for only 20ish mins high up on the smallest stage was the deal breaker for me. My missus loves Frank Carter (although I am a fan too) and she has suddenly got I Was Made for Lovin You stuck in her head a week or two before the fest so I was thinking of getting us day tickets so we can then see KISS and Frank Carter for her and I can see Bokassa and Skindred for myself but Skindred and Bokassa were clashing so really we'd only have three bands we are excited for even if we can enjoy/mildly like some of the others acts playing that day. I do find it odd that Metallica have been bigging up Bokassa as the next big thing so with a recommendation like that you'd think them opening the mainstage could draw some people even if they don't know them. They are solid live too and very charming with their stupid jokes/stories so they could have won the crowd over for those who don't know them.
  21. Yeah, that type of booking does work too. Babymetal were unkown to the West until Sonisphere booked them to open the mainstage and a few short years later they ended up playing Wembley. It's not even as if Download are booking at least Brixton sized acts on the mainstage, alot of times it's these bands that have been around for years and look out of place on a big stage with no hope of ever moving up the line up.
  22. Jinjer is another one of those hot new acts where instead of Download putting them on low mainestage so people can check out this new band people are talking about they will stick them on the tiny tent when they are up against the bigger names so no one will see them.
  23. jump

    Nine Inch Nails

    You're a lucky bastard, I've just seen the setlist.
  24. Nah, oldies are a major demo of festivals. The two biggest age groups are either in the 40s or early 20s. Have you ever gone to Download, IOW or Glasto and seen the waves of double denim dinosaurs and deck chairs in the crowd?
  25. I'm not sure I agree with that. They were more allowing of other genres in a more meaningful way than Download and they were pushing new acts which are both major complaints of how stale Download is. They wouldn't have booked a load of indie landfill (and there's too many of those fests already nowadays imo, how many fucking times do you really want to see Catfish and Wombats 😜 ) to become the guitar Reading of today but instead be a much better version of Download. Soni don't seem to get enough credit where credit was due. They were a lot more creative with their bookings, some of which have made the last 10 years of Download's line up less boring as Soni making those choices gave Download the confidence to do them themselves. This was all doing on when Live Nation were trying to kill them off too by booking acts to just to block them from playing which is why R&L and Download suddenly upped their game at the time, if Soni wasn't around it's very possible the pop R&L of now would have happened sooner. I would have much rather Soni survived as I can't stand the location of Donnington, it's not fit for purpose and I really don't give a shit about the history of Rainbow and Cinderella played there in the 80s.
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