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  1. Hyde Park has one big gig left. My reckoning it’s Metallica at British Summer Time but I’m probably wrong. Also I forgot Finsbury Park from the earlier list.
  2. Twickenham, Emirates, London Stadium, White Heart Lane or whatever it’s called now, British Summer Time and probably more I’ve forgotten.
  3. Probably fake as Wembley has already reached its 12 gigs allowance with all the Coldplay and Sheeran shows.
  4. jump

    Gig Ticket Prices

    Divan seats sounds like something they should bring back, they’d probably charge an extra £50 for them though.
  5. 1. Moral Hygiene by Ministry 2. A Matter Of Life & Love by Skinny Lister 3. Sticky by Frank Carter Mastadon and Big D & The Kids Table are close runners up.
  6. The next one has been announced for Berlin now. Berlin is a great city, it might be worth making it a week long holiday for.
  7. jump


    I'm looking forward Last Night In Soho too, I've got tixs booked for Monday but most of the reviews I've seen are saying it's only okay/could be better.
  8. I didn't realise he released a song today 🙂 This is the first song that actually sounds like the more hardcore sound he's been talking about for the new album.
  9. Can you stop saying shit like I'm mad, heated etc when I'm not. It doesn't become real the more you say it and that is something that will get people mad the more you accuse them of it as well as actually closing down discussion.
  10. Who is Emma? You realise you're the one who brought it up as an anti-Queens thing as I also mentioned Foo Fighters and Gallows missing from it in the same post and even framed it as a nit picking despite you seeming to think I'm in somekind of rage over it.
  11. What the fuck are you on about? I never said anything about them being clickbait and said it was a good list.
  12. How am I getting heated? I'm pointing out as a time capsule Queens (and others) were far more relevant than a band that were a small blimp for the time. You're the one that took it into that territory even if you didn't outright say "cancelled" by saying " banished for eternity" and "hall pass renewed" and the inclusion of The Distillers should therefore mean no Queens.
  13. The line up is shaping up very nicely, I just need a way to trick my missus into going now!
  14. You can still get Creeper tixs for their London show.
  15. I had similar thoughts about Gwen Stefani on that day. I loved No Doubt as a kid and apparently she does a few of their songs in her setlist so with No Doubt having not toured the UK in 20 years I'd figured it'd probably be the closest I can get to seeing them but she's just disappeared from the line-up.
  16. So what? As a time capsule Queens Of The Stone Age was way more frequent than The Distillers were, it felt like they only popped up for a year or two before dropping off whilst No One Knows was still being shown frequently years and years after it's debut. I actually grew to dislike the song as it was so over played during the 00s. Queens haven't been "cancelled", it's one article that has popped up which most folk aren't even aware and those that are aware of it are sceptical due to how much of it seems like a bad break up and throwing accusations at each other is nowhere near the same level as Lost Prophets.
  17. I've got a few nit picks like no Queens Of The Stone Age for either No One Knows or Go With The Flow is surprising as well as no Foo Fighters or Gallows and Tenacious D should be higher, that was constantly on. Otherwise a very good nostalgia list.
  18. Why are people talking about Limp Bizkit when the new Mastadon album is fucking great and a must listen!
  19. jump


    Brass Against has been added as the support. Fantastic band, they started out a rock band with a brass section that did covers of mostly Rage Against The Machine but did a few others like TOOL and Beastie Boys too but have now moved into original music. They are fantastic live!
  20. jump

    Gig Ticket Prices

    I’m just gonna point out that’s pretty much the same prices for all of the British Summer Time shows and not just Adele, it’s been that way for a few years now.
  21. They could have chosen better venues if these events are meant to be connected as Scala and Troxy aren’t close to each other.
  22. Given how bad Bob Dylan is live she'd wish it was Biffy instead.
  23. They are great live, I'd rather see Bob live than Biffy to be honest. I've only ever gone to their sweaty shithole venue gigs which suits them perfectly rather than a big venue so I'm not sure how they would translate to a bigger stage.
  24. I've gone through a bunch of the album releases from Friday. Big D & The Kids Table, probably my favourite ska punk band (even though they don't touch the brilliance of Streetlight Manifesto) and this is their first album in 8ish years so I was looking forward to this. It's not their best album but also not their worst. There are new ideas that range from stupid silliness to weighty brilliance but it really suffers from having too much filler. Dream Theatre, it's alright but nothing I've not heard before from them. Biffy Clyro, yep that's a Biffy album. I enjoyed it a lot more than the last few albums but I can't get into them same way I did in the early 10s for some reason. The Download bookers. 😜
  25. Bob Vylan is blowing up as they are supporting The Offspring on their UK tour too. It wasn't that long ago you could see them in the back of a pub for free.
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