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  1. cdm22

    Your Headliners

    Friday - No idea as not really interested in any of them 😁 Saturday - Probably Roisin Murphy after seeing Mitski. Sunday - Probably Suzanne Vega (as saw Pet Shop Boys a couple of weeks ago)
  2. cdm22

    Favourite music day?

    Without doubt it's Friday first.
  3. cdm22


    😁 Finally back home after seeing this tonight too. I thought she and the crowd were excellent but Jesus H the 2 or 3 talking bobbins bits were tedious in the extreme 😁
  4. Well Friday is a fricking nightmare clashwise for me! 😮
  5. ^This. Why sit through stuff you don't like? You'll hate it and the others you are with know that you aren't enjoying it so what's the point? Just meet up again later.
  6. On the barrier for their Roadmender Northampton gig early April and then saw Gaz Coombes at the Lexington in London a couple of weeks later. Both awesome gigs and will definitely be seeing them at Glastonbury too.
  7. Damn you! Earworm!! 😄
  8. Grr! Suzanne Vega on at the same time as the Pet Shop Boys 😞
  9. Based on amount of listening to them i'd have to go with.. 1. Let's Eat Grandma - Two Ribbons 2. Fontaines DC - Skinty Fia 3. Wet Leg - Wet Leg
  10. Yep, this or Plastic Fox 😁
  11. We really enjoyed it last year and it was great that all of the stages were all close together. Just a shame they reduced it to a one day festival this year as it isn't really worth going up from Cambridge for the day.
  12. cdm22

    Wet Leg

    Simon Pegg was there with Edgar Wright and posted a couple of videos to his instagram stories last night and the place seemed quite bouncy for Chaise Longue 🙂
  13. cdm22

    Field of Avalon

    Excellent! Orla Gartland is playing. Another one for the list 🙂
  14. Not seem one in John Peel or on West Holts. Not really a fan of the John Peel tent when it's busy but am normally at Park or Other for headliners anyway.
  15. They have announced on their Discord channel dates at London Koko, Brighton Chalk, and Nottingham iirc. I signed up to have a look but deleted the account again now. Ah, showing on their website now https://diiv.net/shows Bristol too.
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