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  1. Fri - Wet Leg, Confidence Man, Wolf Alice, Sigrid, Phoebe Bridgers, St Vincent, Sugababes, FOALS. Sat - Skunk Anansie, Self Esteem, Porridge Radio, Jane Weaver, Mitski, Roisin Murphy, Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs, Beans on Toast. Sun - Fontaines DC, Amyl and the Sniffers, McFly, Orla Gartland, Pet Shop Boys. Planned to see Beabadoobee after Self Esteem on the Saturday but couldn't be doing with the crowd any longer in there. Missed Just Mustard on Sunday morning which was a shame but Saturday night ended that one 😄 Only one Pyramid set all weekend which I think is the lowest ever for me.
  2. My top three is likely to be: Pet Shop Boys Confidence Man Sugababes (completely unexpectedly!) With Orla Gartland, Sigrid, Phoebe Bridgers and Wolf Alice following very closely behind.
  3. McFLy was the busiest I have ever seen that field! I thought the crowd for Sugababes was busy on Friday but the entire field was standing room only for McFly unless you managed to get around to the right hand side of the Avalon bar. The place was rammed!
  4. cdm22

    Your Headliners

    Friday - No idea as not really interested in any of them 😁 Saturday - Probably Roisin Murphy after seeing Mitski. Sunday - Probably Suzanne Vega (as saw Pet Shop Boys a couple of weeks ago)
  5. cdm22

    Favourite music day?

    Without doubt it's Friday first.
  6. cdm22


    😁 Finally back home after seeing this tonight too. I thought she and the crowd were excellent but Jesus H the 2 or 3 talking bobbins bits were tedious in the extreme 😁
  7. Well Friday is a fricking nightmare clashwise for me! 😮
  8. ^This. Why sit through stuff you don't like? You'll hate it and the others you are with know that you aren't enjoying it so what's the point? Just meet up again later.
  9. On the barrier for their Roadmender Northampton gig early April and then saw Gaz Coombes at the Lexington in London a couple of weeks later. Both awesome gigs and will definitely be seeing them at Glastonbury too.
  10. Damn you! Earworm!! 😄
  11. Grr! Suzanne Vega on at the same time as the Pet Shop Boys 😞
  12. Based on amount of listening to them i'd have to go with.. 1. Let's Eat Grandma - Two Ribbons 2. Fontaines DC - Skinty Fia 3. Wet Leg - Wet Leg
  13. Yep, this or Plastic Fox 😁
  14. We really enjoyed it last year and it was great that all of the stages were all close together. Just a shame they reduced it to a one day festival this year as it isn't really worth going up from Cambridge for the day.
  15. cdm22

    Wet Leg

    Simon Pegg was there with Edgar Wright and posted a couple of videos to his instagram stories last night and the place seemed quite bouncy for Chaise Longue 🙂
  16. cdm22

    Field of Avalon

    Excellent! Orla Gartland is playing. Another one for the list 🙂
  17. Not seem one in John Peel or on West Holts. Not really a fan of the John Peel tent when it's busy but am normally at Park or Other for headliners anyway.
  18. They have announced on their Discord channel dates at London Koko, Brighton Chalk, and Nottingham iirc. I signed up to have a look but deleted the account again now. Ah, showing on their website now https://diiv.net/shows Bristol too.
  19. 1) Mysterines - Reeling 2) Bodega - Broken Equipment 3) Placebo - Never let me go
  20. Saw Bodega last night in Cambridge. It was very loud and very sweaty. It was great! 🙂 A shame that Bug Club had to pull out last minute but still totally worth going to.
  21. The fan email suggests otherwise so you might be safe on the Monday 😄: "We are pleased to announce two consecutive nights of fundraising concerts at the Eventim Apollo London on 9th and 10th May. The first night will benefit War Child to help those affected by the war in Ukraine and other conflict zones, and Médecins Sans Frontières for its ongoing work in Ukraine and the world’s greatest crises. The second night is in support of The Big Issue for its 30th Anniversary and will feature Razorlight as very special guests."
  22. The problem being the 20% vat on top when it enters the country and the £10 or so fee for the postal company collecting the vat so probably another £30 to add to the total when it comes in.
  23. I thought £57 for Sigur Ros seemed a bit steep but £77 for a Brixton gig for Nine Inch Nails does seem a lot and has priced me out this time. Having seen them a number of times does make it easier to miss though and very much doubt it will beat the Scala gig and being 3rd row centre for their Royal Festival Hall gig recently (checks gig date and realises that was nearly 4 years ago! 😲) Flipping heck, the Scala gig was 9 years ago!!
  24. Headline a smaller stage if only because they get a longer set if nothing else.
  25. You can't seem to be able to pick 'none' btw. Not liking any of group 2 but it won't let me submit without choosing at least one of them.
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