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  1. cdm22

    Rolling Stones

    It was the same in London and Coventry too. Quite a few at the recent The The gigs. Must be an age thing
  2. cdm22

    Beer Prices

    That can't be right. I may have not been to the Roundhouse for about a year but it was always one of the better ones for prices.
  3. cdm22

    Beer Prices

    £6.40 for a pint of Amstel at London Stadium once you find the draught bars. The bars selling bottles were £6 a go iirc!
  4. cdm22

    Meltdown 2018

    Its just odd that I got both the Cure ones last week but not MBV or NIN. All were separate orders. I've emailed them now and they "have just emailed you the e-tickets now and they should be with you within the next few hours." which makes no sense but hopefully I should get them soon!
  5. cdm22

    Meltdown 2018

    Still waiting for my MBV and NIN tickets but have the Cure ones. Anybody else in the same boat?
  6. cdm22

    Meltdown 2018

    There were Cure ones as I managed (eventually) to get a 4th row one. Some boxes and other stalls tickets were also available, although not many.
  7. cdm22

    Standon Calling 2018

    I'll see if I can find my lanyards for the last couple of years and post them here at some point.
  8. cdm22

    Rolling Stones

    Yeah, considered that. Some security were rather thorough though. I was hardly checked (typically!) but others in front of me were being properly patted down.
  9. cdm22

    Rolling Stones

    Even the Gallagher was alright!
  10. cdm22

    Rolling Stones

    Very much enjoyed that! £6.40 a pint though 😮 once you find the draught bars!
  11. cdm22

    Rolling Stones

    Standing ticket for next Tuesday has finally turned up despite a complete lack of help from Ticketmaster! Now....does anyone want to buy it? 😀 £80 inc special delivery. (I have tickets for Coventry too so going to that)
  12. cdm22

    Rolling Stones

    Still waiting for my ticket for next Tuesday to be sent by ticketmaster!
  13. cdm22

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I hope you don't mean the Brixton date as that was rescheduled to September wasn't it?
  14. cdm22

    Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    Boy Azooga, Gwenno, and the Manics on next week according to Boy Azooga's Twitter.
  15. cdm22

    Handmade 2018

    That's because they were all upstairs for IDLES! The pit for them was crazy! 😁 First time going and will definitely be back again next year. Such a great little festival and so easy to get to the front for anything you want to see.