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  1. I've managed to go every time I have wanted to / could go but then there are normally about 30 or 40 of us with all of our details on a big spreadsheet trying at the same time. I have managed to get to the page to buy a couple of times but it is normally others that manage to get through and get them for me. The next one will be a nightmare as there does seem to be a lot of interest in it by people we know who have never been before.
  2. Pretty much exactly what I have been saying since leaving the festival this year
  3. Teleman and Primal Scream clashing is a shame (but expected) and so is Tom Parry and Kero Kero Bonito clashing but otherwise its not too bad for me
  4. The Timeline is now up on their website and app.
  5. cdm22


    I thought the toilets were mostly fine too. The worst thing I saw was the first time I used a compost loo and found some shite covered condoms on the seat from someone who had obviously stashed the drugs up their arse and then fished them out as soon as they got on the campsite.
  6. Ta. That means I can stop checking every half hour!
  7. To be fair, i'd probably go for a week if the masses weren't there too! Wed and Thurs felt too rammed this year as it was so personally I don't think i'd want another couple of days of that especially with not that much to do.
  8. cdm22

    Flops 2019

    I believe so yes, so looking back on it i'm glad they changed their original later night set from 2am to 3am and shortened it from 1hr to 30 minutes, otherwise I would have not gone to the 8pm set which did at least happen eventually.
  9. Nah, if them paying more means I can pay less then i'm all for it
  10. A complete stranger on the internet, usually with no genuine talent, followed by the same people who watch love island.
  11. Anyone that makes decisions based on an 'influencer' needs to take a long hard look at themselves
  12. That's fine unless they decide to slash the tent instead to get in making your tent unusable.
  13. A guy walked past our tent in Pylon whilst I was half dozing in the sun on the Saturday and 30 seconds later about 6 security and 4 or 5 police went past too and spread out and started to try tents looking for him. No idea what he had done but I did see him 30 minutes later being marched out of the campsite by security so they did find him in the end.
  14. Yeah, vans charging upwards of £2.50 for a can really was taking the pee somewhat.
  15. cdm22

    Flops 2019

    I'd forgotten about that. Seemed odd the sound was fine for the first one or two and then went. Completely mucked up 1 of the 4 times we saw them
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