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  1. I had a quick look as signed up for the presale. Cheapest were £63 for ltd leg room balcony seats. Stalls were £137. It did make me laugh that the couple of seats either side of the aisle were a few quid more. How to squeeze every last pound out of an audience!
  2. cdm22

    2020 headliners

    Just seen that it has already been posted! oops! (still good news though eh?!)
  3. cdm22


    Saw them at Latitude this year and they were excellent.
  4. One of the few bands from back then that I never saw so would definitely be wanting to see them this time round. Make it so Glastonbury to save me some money!
  5. Green Man Latitude Standon Calling
  6. Bah! Found an editing error on page 106 to 107 when skimming through. Rubbish, send them all back!
  7. My signed copy has just arrived It's quite a big bugger and all the better for it!
  8. cdm22

    Diana Ross

    One thing's for sure, Chain Reaction has been playing over and over again in my head since 8 this morning!
  9. Something like that and he was excellent. He did headline Kendal Calling in 2015 but I can't see him headlining next year. Saying that, I guess West Holts is a possibility.
  10. cdm22

    Liam confirmed

    Had enough of him 20 years ago! He does seem to turn up at everything.
  11. cdm22

    Legend Slot 2020

    No Chain Reaction either! Ah, beaten to it!
  12. cdm22

    2020 headliners

    I came on here to post that too. Looks like he is doing Tomorrows Modern Boxes.
  13. Eugh, is it an international break again soon?
  14. Deposit email just came in. It's official 🥰
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