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  1. I had one of those last week after ordering on the 14th. Still nothing arrived as yet
  2. Getting on site and putting up the tent in 30 degree heat would have been horrible but otherwise yes.
  3. cdm22

    BBC Glastonbury

    Oh for flips sake. Bloody Elbow!
  4. cdm22

    BBC Glastonbury

    Winding down with a bit of BBC4. Ed Sheeran can do one!
  5. cdm22

    BBC Glastonbury

    One of the Gallaghers when he was announced said that Jay-Z had no place being at Glastonbury iirc.
  6. cdm22

    BBC Glastonbury

    Which channel/programme was it on as we just got a screenshot from a friend as ours was on it too Ah, found out it was on BBC2 so will check it out later when available
  7. cdm22

    BBC Glastonbury

    She reached out on social media to find her and her Dad replied. They got tickets to Latitude festival where she was also playing and met her either before or afterwards.
  8. cdm22

    BBC Glastonbury

    Metallica were fudging great! Happy memories rocking out sharing rum and vodka with a stranger and getting smacked in the back of the head by one of the large Metallica balls near the end 😄
  9. cdm22

    BBC Glastonbury

    Ball at the ready!
  10. cdm22

    BBC Glastonbury

    Just came on here to say the same. Excellent stuff as that was a great set.
  11. It is quite possible that the first full set we saw in 2007 was Mik Artistik's Ego Trip in the Avalon Cafe. We grabbed some seats in there and caught half of the previous act and decided to hang about and have some hot chocolates with shots of stuff in that they were serving there. Saw them again that year and it became a tradition to see them every year since, and other times in London, and they even played a mate's wedding party.
  12. Bjork in 2007. Wet, muddy and cold!
  13. Queens of the Stone Age and the Pet Shop Boys are the main ones that spring to mind.
  14. You've ruined everything!! 😁
  15. cdm22

    The Weather Thread 2020

    Waaaaay too hot followed by it peeing down. Certainly makes it a bit easier.
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