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  1. cdm22

    2021 New Music

    I couldn't decide which show to get a ticket for so ended up buying a ticket for both 😁
  2. cdm22

    Spare Gig Tickets

    Got a pair of standing tickets for JARV IS at the Roundhouse tonight if anyone wants them. Couldn't return them to DICE as they hadn't sold out of their ticket allocation but now seem to be emailed tickets so don't need the DICE app now anyway!
  3. Placebo are £38 - £48 for the Cambridge gig. Am rather hoping the cheaper tickets are the standing ones 🙂
  4. cdm22

    Taylor Swift

    Well that song is now stuck in my head so thanks for that! 😄
  5. cdm22

    Gig Ticket Prices

    To be fair to Pearl Jam they cost £70+fees and for that you can get in front of stage unlike the Adele day where you would have to pay £275 for golden circle for the equivalent area so not really the same. Christ! I just looked at the Adele BST map just for fun and one of the gold areas isn't even in front of stage! Thats split between one other gold area and the diamond tickets that are £380! That's mad!
  6. Thank God I decided to book a place on a bus that takes me directly to and from the Guns'n'Roses gig. The trains and tube will be a nightmare! 😄
  7. Saw this last year. It's most enjoyable 🙂
  8. cdm22

    2021 New Music

    The Self Esteem album is a belter! So good to have an album that matches how good they are live.
  9. Yep, it crops up on "angry people in newspapers" pretty much every week. Why they chose there I have no idea 😕
  10. Saw Orla Gartland at the Electric Ballroom in Camden on Friday who was excellent. I think I was possibly the oldest one in the room but the bonus of a lot of the audience being both young and female meant many were quite short so I had a decent view for the entire gig 😄 Their van was broken into the following day and many of their instruments and equipment stolen which obviously sucks so putting this here too https://www.clashmusic.com/news/orla-gartlands-van-broken-into-equipment-stolen on the vaguest offchance it helps them get something back.
  11. Really good i'm afraid. They were always on a list of bands i'd wanted to see at some point but never did so when the small venue gigs came up (and were far cheaper than the Hyde Parks gigs) I thought sod it and went for it. The sound was excellent too. The 2 hours queuing outside and then another 2 hours standing in the venue waiting for them to come on was not so good, and neither was the 100 mile drive home afterwards 😄 Got a half decent spot though at least..
  12. Since lockdown ended i've been to... Sigrid - London Lafayette (support who was brought in to replace the original support last minute was really good too but can't for the life of me remember her name!) Mew - London Royal Festival Hall Beabadoobee - Cambridge Junction Tom Jones - Cambridge Junction Duran Duran - Birmingham O2 Academy Damon Albarn - London Shakespeare Theatre Pip Blom - Cambridge Portland Arms October Drift (with Junodef supporting) - Cambridge Portland Arms Lanterns on the Lake (last night with Wyldest supporting) - Cambridge Storeys Field and all have been excellent with the crowds in the main being excellent too. Only another 12 gigs before Christmas to go 😄
  13. Yeah, we have gone for the refund as can't really do midweek and now no Garbage 😞
  14. WTF?! I have tickets to Blondie in Brighton and this is the first i've heard of this! Where have Garbage gone too?
  15. Probably a bit pointless just banging out a list but... Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoebe Bridgers, Sharon Van Etten, Halsey, Django Django, Drug Store Romeos, Ist Ist, Cherry Glazerr, Cigarettes after sex, Gurr, Middle Kids, Soccer Mommy, Teleman, White Flowers will do 😄
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