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  1. ukmountie

    Headliners 2019

    Comments on that are awful, but then they usually are. I had to get past West Holts while he was on and it was as rammed as I've seen it. I'm not a fan but fair dues to him, it surprised the hell out of my group. I doubt that would translate to a Pyramid Headliner but he had enough of a crowd to be an "Other" contender.
  2. ukmountie

    So... Who else is on their last day of work clock watching

    Watching the clock but also worrying about how much I have to do. Absolutely nothing packed or sorted yet. Managed to get the tent up on the weekend to check it out, but that's it. Had some serious issues come up at the start of the month that threatened my going at all. Only finally got the go-ahead last night to head down tomorrow morning. Should be there and pitching the tent at 1pm. Heat of the day but what the hell. At least I'll be there. Given how close it was to not happening it will be all the sweeter.
  3. ukmountie

    New security measures in place

    You may be describing the cyclist lock up. Steel shed fencing on the outside is unusual but they use queue fence as bicycle stands and there is a tent at the end towards PGA for cyclist luggage.
  4. ukmountie

    flushing toilets

    Fair enough. I presumed they were OK as they can also go down toilets. Thinking about it a bit of a stupid assumption and I won't do that again. I would not do that in a situation where there was a queue. And I am generally quicker than that when at the festival anyway for reasons we shan't go into. I blame an overly restrictive toilet training regime. :-)
  5. ukmountie

    flushing toilets

    I'm also a 20 minutes for a quick one sort of person. The compost toilets are fine. Close the door and you are completely enclosed and private. The only issue you may have is someone changing the wheely bin underneath you if they get fed up waiting. I imagine if you go later in the day they'll get pretty hot as well. So I try to go fairly early in the morning. Make sure the bin underneath is not full up, and then enjoy my morning constitutional. As far as I know toilet wipes are fine if you prefer but normal wet wipes are not. Toilet paper is best and make sure you bring your own. Odds are good there won't be any when you need it. Good luck.
  6. ukmountie

    Best act you've seen on...

    Pyramid - Neil Young - 2009 Other - LCD Soundsystem - 2016 West Holts - Hot Chip - 2015 Acoustic - Al Stewart - 2010 John Peel - Phoenix - 2013 The Park - Steve Mason - 2013 Dance Tent - Leftfield - 2015 The Glade - PSB -2015 Avalon- Ragu Dixit - 2015 Think I have those dates right. Some of those are actually the only acts I've seen on the stage.
  7. ukmountie

    Weather 2017

    Cold wet island, that's adorable. Visit Newfoundland some time. I came to the UK because the weather is so much better. :-)
  8. ukmountie

    The 2017 what tent are you taking thread

    As it looks like I won't be cycling I'll take this one this year. http://www.outdoorkit.co.uk/product.php?product_id=5516 Small footprint but standing room. Only downside is that it is too heavy to take on the bike. If I do cycle it will be this. http://www.outdoorkit.co.uk/product.php?product_id=1261 Nice big porch, but not standing room. It's the one I've taken the last couple of years. Needs a pole repair though. Got the bits, just need to do it.
  9. ukmountie

    Secret resales

    I like that you appear not to be considering missing it for your fiancée. Priorities after all, and if she's a good-un she'll understand. Really hope that you manage to get the second ticket for her. Best of luck. UK
  10. ukmountie

    Really cheap cider at Asda

    Just missed checking out as well. Ah well, was worth a try.
  11. ukmountie

    I have never...

    I've never had a shit in a long drop or portaloo at the festival. Motorhome loo the first few times, now composting in the cyclist fields. Then again I've been lucky enough not to have an urgent need. :-)
  12. ukmountie

    Vaping at Glastonbury - what to bring & tips

    Well if you're willing to move to a dry vape then this is what I use. Of course that means your substance must be dry, which in the case of tobacco could be a temptation. http://www.iolite.com/our-vaporizers/wispr-vaporizers.html Alternately, provided your vape charges over USB, as I believe most do, just get yourself a battery bank. As Neil has said. Looks like the battery for the one you linked to are about 3000 mAh, so a 20K mAh battery pack for about 20 quid should get you through the festival. Also you can get your bank recharged at the lock-ups for a modest donation.
  13. ukmountie

    Compact sleeping bag

    I used one of these last year. Not available from Amazon ATM, but you'll find them on eBay for about £20. Kept me warm enough. Packs up tiny and very light. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00Y82Y03O/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2JO6IMXTZ2BD5&coliid=I3HUD6FAKXJVI5&psc=1
  14. ukmountie

    Counting down the memories

    I'm another 2009 first timer. We were in camper-vans, and I remember leaving Shrewsbury about 11am and finally parking up at about 1am the next day. Oddly though I didn't remember the traffic until I read this thread. I do remember there was one young-ish fellow staggering along the road who appeared to have gotten through a lot of "supplies" en-route. He actually was keeping pace with traffic despite taking a less than direct path. I still recall my first view of the site from the top of the hill of death. I also recall being somewhat trepidatious. A 46 year old going to his first Glastonbury without a big group felt a bit odd. Got over that quick. Musically I did what I expect most first-timers do and mostly stayed in front of the Pyramid, but what a year for that. Neil Young on the first night was amazing. I found myself next to some random and we talked a bit and had a great time. Springsteen, the motivator for attending was very disappointing. Seen him better before and since. Then Blur... was completely knackered by that point, but what a show. Must have had an impact as the only one I've missed since was 2014 and that was only because it was very close to the due date for my second child. Fortunatly born after Glastonbury rather than during. If she had been born that week it would have cause some issues.
  15. ukmountie

    The Email...

    This tread is magic! I just started reading it and "ping". Nice little bit of excitement on a Monday. I'm not coach by the way.