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  1. ukmountie

    Rum club

    Well I normally drink at BMDS. Cheapest bar on the island at $4 a drink. A bit off the beaten track for most as it's by Victoria park behind city hall. I think the nicest dark and stormy I've had was at Wahoo in St. Georges. I imagine you can get nicer at more upscale bars, but I haven't been here long enough to get my head around paying $15 for a drink. Perhaps that's a good project for the winter. Find the best one. ? For swizzle it has to be Swizzle Inn. Swizzle west is my local, but of course the one by the causeway is the original and best. I had forgot you could get the powdere
  2. ukmountie

    Rum club

    I was going to ask where in Bermuda you can get Black Seal for $16/litre, but of course... duty free. I always bring it with me on the way back to the UK, but tend to buy whiskey coming in this direction. Old Jamaican is close but not perfect, and of course it really needs to be Barritts Ginger Beer which pre-dates Goslings getting in on that act. Yum! Think I might have one or three after work today. I work at BELCO btw. Not the most environmentally friendly business but getting better.
  3. ukmountie

    Rum club

    + = Best rum and best drink in the world.
  4. OK, I’ll play. Canadian originally, Newfoundland specifically though I’ve live a few places in Canada. Moved to Bermuda in the 90’s, met my wife and moved to England. First Glastonbury in 2009, been to all since except 2014 and 2019. Moved back to Bermuda in 2018 and didn’t sort myself in time for 2019, but couldn’t miss the 50th. Coach tickets secured earlier so will be back in June, Oh, and it’s 11pm here and I may just have a beer.
  5. Two from Bristol Wednesday morning. I didn't get a sniff but a friend who is trying on Sunday got through for us. Really going to have to come through for her and crew now.
  6. There was a cyclist pre-sale in 2016, but not in 2017 or 2019 and I don't believe this year as a friend who cycled this year hasn't mentioned it. Of course it wasn't announced until very close to T-Day in 2016. I believe there were also pre-sales in the past but I didn't cycle back then so can't say for certain. The 2016 pre-sale was very limited. I'd guess less than 1000 and possibly less than 500. There were cyclists who missed out. It was a nice perk but cycling is a great way to get to the festival and worth doing even without the pre-sale.
  7. Sorted. That wasn't so bad. See you in Campervan East... sounds like a band name. ?
  8. 16:32:43. So not bad. They also changed it at 17:04:22 to take out a bit about only using a single browser tab. As I said. Hopefully I'll get lucky tomorrow. Not used to having to do a full press for campervan tickets the way we have to for festival tickets. Ah well. Worst case is I'm on my bike.
  9. Yeah that will be it. I had a look and found it on the GFL website as well. Of course you're right, I don't monitor that page. Some relief then and hopefully after tomorrow I won't have to monitor any more. Doubt that will have been seen by many outside this site. "Queue email from GFL telling all ticket holders about it."
  10. Odd then. Wonder why my page checker didn't pick it up. That's more than a bit worrying. Ah well... in any case hopefully lucky tomorrow.
  11. Weird. Where did your notice come from? I noticed it because my page monitor saw the change about 15 minutes before I posted. I normally cycle but circumstances mean I'll probably be in campervan next year. Assuming of course I can wrangle a ticket.
  12. Just up on site... Limited number of additional campervan tickets on sale 12 noon, Saturday 10th November Ladies and Gentlemen... Ready your F5 fingers.
  13. Cant beat kalifire, but I've just moved back to Bermuda and will be trying at 5am local time. 3500 miles back to the farm, give or take. A lot further than coming down from Shropshire. Good luck to everyone. May the F5 gods be with you.
  14. That looks like no Glastonbury to me. They aren’t doing consecutive nights let alone three in a row.
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