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  1. No idea, I wasn't there but if there was proof of vaccination required for entry I suspect that everyone would have been turned away....... Edit, From the FB page... I wasn't at Buddafield. Caught covid from someone who was there. Just read the covid conscious page on the website and understand that even these lax rules were not adhered to. I love Buddafield but seriously the festival owes a duty of care to volunteers and guests. Irresponsible. Shameful. The faqs made me wonder if I was reading a page from 2019.
  2. Masses of positive tests among the festival goers after their return home. I didn't attend the event. Some rather interesting views and comments on the Buddhafield Community Noticeboard on FB 🙄
  3. Buddahfield Festival ended a week ago yesterday. It was a few miles from me up on The Blackdown Hills. Seems that it turned into a super spreader event.
  4. You've seen the rolls of plastic bags that you fill with water and then put them in the freezer to make ice cubes? Fill with vodka and put in your waistband. To get vodka into campsite use spring water bottles and your imagination. With the above you get unlimited spirits into arena.
  5. Halleluja, the story is finally going to be told..... I think that the original Kickstarter (or whatever was used) fundraiser has closed but it did raise £30k ish! There are channels to donate if you fancy it. This documentary is going to be absolutely epic for anyone who was there, for anyone who wishes that they had been there and will be a fantastic historic record. It seems that this project is actually bringing together everyone from the key movers and shakers to the wide eyed weekend ravers to finally tell the story. There is going to be SO much unseen footage (loads from a mate of mine who actually had an Amstrad camcorder back in the day and got away with filming onsite as everyone knew that he was sound...ironically the sound has somehow evaporated from the tapes though!) and footage from media archives. Hopefully it's going to be released on the 30th anniversary of Castlemoreton. @guypjfreak
  6. Outstanding,well done!
  7. There will be a button to allow audio
  8. Here, go on, what could possibly be better this evening?
  9. I am SO chuffed that Dadmin is going to be able to join. Fantastico!
  10. I'd be drinking in the atmosphere in a state of bliss in the CN field which would be packed. Chilling, seeing old friends, people watching and loving the regulars performing on the bandstand. Had so many text exchanges over the last few days. Seems like nobody can shake off recurring thoughts of where we should be right now. Next year is going to be rather emotional I suspect.
  11. Joe Rush and Alex Wreckage's Mount Trashmore faces off against the G7 leaders in Cornwall. Brilliant!
  12. Arcadia doing their own campsite, looks rather good. www.naturesspectacular.com
  13. Arcadia doing their own campsite, looks rather good. www.naturesspectacular.com
  14. Pinrut

    Virtual Meet

    You absolutely had to be sober. No drunkard could possibly have come up with those fantastic camera angles
  15. Pinrut

    Virtual Meet

    No, I was at a 'Craft Fair'. Was all legit. Was lovely although did possibly end up imbibing rather more than I planned and then joined VM at heaven knows what time. All a bit of a blur but seem to remember others possible as well oiled as me. I've felt absolutey .awful all day and only managed to improve my condition by cracking a beer about an hour ago. I must say that it did feel so surreal to be among loads of people at what in effect felt like a tiny festival after recent times.
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