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  1. Shambala also cancelled, Bank Holiday w/e Aug. Doesn't fill me with confidence for BT.
  2. You must have saved yourself a fortune! 😄
  3. Dang, just realised that I missed an essential word out of my previous post. Should have read "No idea why but just cant drink IT any more." Sorry if it had been misconstrued to suggest I can no longer, on occasion, drink copious amounts of alcohol. My bad! It just seems that the delicious Weston's Vintage (8.2% not 8% btw, these things matter 🙂 ) Don't know why, such a shame. It's so full bodied that you almost have to chew it.
  4. From Lak, the head honcho..... We are super happy and very grateful to receive funding support from the cultural recovery pot today - the arts council have done an incredible job in managing the distribution. Receiving almost the maximum amount shows a recognition for events based around the arts. However to put things into perspective, although this pot gives us a bit more stability and planning time, this is in fact only a small lifeline, the festival costs around 17 million to put on each year and due to its creative nature only has a small profit margin.. if we get good wh
  5. Hmm, interesting. I'll make some enquiries. Will also buy some tomorrow, sample and report back....not claiming to be any kind of cider sommelier despite having lived in Ciderset for over two decades. Is it still 6%? My favourite cider that is widely avalable is Weston's Vintage...Ice cold. Sadly I've found that over the last couple of years, even drinking just a couple of bottles of it give me the most god awful hangover the next day. No idea why but just cant drink any more. @gizmoman Hugely impressed that you remember me posting about the Devonshire Scrumpy at all, hats off
  6. 75% Not liking the idea of current vaccines becoming obsolete.
  7. Pinrut

    Virtual Meet

    A giant one with Zorb Balls.
  8. Pinrut

    Virtual Meet

    That is absolutely brilliant! Hats off to you.
  9. Pinrut


    Stark and cold.
  10. Pinrut


    Shame thre isn't an audio feed on the cam. Huge sonic boom heard over Somerset just after three this afternoon. Our whole gaff shook. Heard as far away as Weymouth. Anyone else hear it?
  11. Edit totally covered in other thread!
  12. Pinrut

    Virtual Meet

    I'd join but am already in bed!
  13. Pinrut

    Virtual Meet

    I had a non Virtual Meet today..in the aisles 🙂
  14. Pinrut

    How do you feel?

    Having quite an unusual time. had Covid jab yesterday and now feeling a little odd because of it. To add to that my 2nd most favourite auntie died today, OK shouldn't rate aunties, but there we have it. To compound it all my mum is literally on her death bed. She's 87 and to be fair there's no way thatshe should have lasted as long as she has. Yesterday was just mental. Daughter #2 started to drive up form Cornwall to Somerset to say goodye to her granny. Got half way and a pheasant hit her windscreen and shattered it. I was at B&W getting my jab. Drove down to Bo
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