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  1. I take back what I said about it being more than just about the headliners. That was a bad line up.
  2. There's so much more than headliners. I wasn't interested in any of this year's headliners (apart from Underworld who somehow weren't a headline act, they were "special guests", and it was one of my all time favourite festivals.
  3. km9

    2019 recommendations?

    Khruangbin was another that I had stumbled across. At first it looked as though they would clash with Parcels but now it would seem I can catch both.
  4. Anybody got a recommendation for an act which might slip under the radar? I've been on you tube looking at a lot of acts I've never heard of and like the sound of a few. Parcels and Daithi for a start. Anything else I shouldn't miss?
  5. km9

    The Streets

    I love that you've deliberately (or not maybe?) used all of there, their and they're. Unfortunately the spelling mistake in "absolutely" slightly detracts from your point. 8/10.
  6. km9

    Your Dream Line Up

    Do you mean Everlong? If so, great song, but first dance?
  7. Didn't help that the ferry companies used it as a way of ripping people off. I went to the Dorset site last year but it just didn't have any of the feel that made Robin Hill so special. I've said it before, but it felt like a fairground with a stage at each end. A half empty fairground too. Was very sad to see HMS Bestival totally underused. Couldn't work out why they had 4 fairly big stages, but from what I could tell there was never any need for all of them. When the Temple was full of people watching Rudimental, the rest of the site was eerily quiet.
  8. Phill Colin's what? Oh Phil Collins!
  9. What I mean is, it's always heaving, and if you're going for food, they put on a distinctly average buffet breakfast during the festival. Try going a little bit further for somewhere a bit nicer. We usually go to the Cedars near Wootton Bridge.
  10. If they just stopped repeating every line, as Bastille love to do, their set could be half as long.
  11. I would recommend walking straight past the wetherspoons and going anywhere else. Thanks for clearing up my info about exits. I haven't been in a few years, but when I did go I was always in the campervan field so that's the exit we always used.
  12. If you look on google maps, I think the exit is at public footpath N121. The house right on the corner has a stall selling drinks and hot food. Nice place to sit for breakfast. I've just looked and it's a 2 mile walk (downhill) into town, which means a 2 mile walk uphill with anything you've bought. Also it's a 1 mile walk from the campervan field to the main stage.
  13. Last year there were quite a few families with young kids dancing around at the disco shed until the early hours. As has been mentioned, it's fairly compact, and you'll know your way around very quickly. Don't feel that you have to hang around at the main stage area, there's so much more to see. Just get in and look around, you don't really need too much advice.
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