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  1. This is what they looked like this year
  2. She filed a report describing it and roughly where it came off. Seemed that was enough info. The custom wristband probably helped 👍
  3. My partner's Fitbit just showed up in the post - the strap broke and it fell off somewhere near the other stage. It's a bit battered but otherwise seems ok! If the person who found it and handed it in is reading this, thanks very much! 🙂
  4. Cheesey


    Looking at the webcam archive, 2015 was the last year they put the flags up there. To be honest I hadn't even noticed, but it's shame. The last time I went up there was in 2014.
  5. My understanding is that the giant crane was a permanent structure and therefore needed planning permission. The application was denied.
  6. I was talking to my son about this. He's 12, and this was the first year that he really understood the scale of the place. At one point he was lamenting things that he was missing, and I pointed out that at every moment you're missing 99.9% of the festival, but so is everyone else! You have to just let it go and enjoy what you're doing. If you're really not enjoying something, move on. Everyone you see there is having a different festival. There isn't just one Glastonbury - there are 200,000 Glastonburys happening simultaneously 🙂
  7. I had a positive LFT and PCR (for the ONS) on Tuesday. Negative LFT today, but still feeling a little rough.
  8. The seats themselves don't bother me much as long as they're wiped dry. Piss is fairly inert, and in any case I don't go around touching my bare buttocks afterwards so I'm not too bothered if any small traces of nastiness are on them. The thing that disgusts me most is when you're sat on the composter toilets and your knob touches the inside of the large black tube that extends down from the hole. Sends shivers down my spine. I now make a point of wiping that part of the toilet as well. Also, I was in a toilet in Wicket Ground this year, mid-shit, when a baby came crawling underneath the divider from next door and looked up at me before it was pulled back by its mother. Who lets their baby crawl around on the floor of any public toilet, let alone a Glastonbury toilet!
  9. The spider seemed very cut down this year, presumably because was a last minute thing. There was no show, and the extra bits on top of its legs (I don't what you'd call them - "pincers" maybe 🤣) were missing, which made it look smaller. These are from 2015: I must say though, the lasers emanating from it this year were outrageously powerful:
  10. The toilets are so much better than they used to be overall. The portaloos in hot weather back in the day were diabolical. That said, one of the long drops at the Other Stage smelled incredibly bad at one point (on Saturday I think?) - an extremely intense ammonia smell. I think it just needed emptying. The worst toilets I've ever seen were next to the main stage at Phoenix 96. Piles of shit literally coming out through the holes by about two feet.
  11. What on earth is the deranged logic behind doing that? If the seat is dirty then clean it and you can sit on it. Why would you want to sit on a precarious construction of toilet roll that you then need to pick up and bin afterwards? I don't really understand this either. Especially sitting on wet bog roll.
  12. Cheesey


    Yeah, you might be right. Maybe they didn't want people higher than the fire.
  13. Cheesey


    The webcam archive suggests there was a restriction in 2017 too, but not in 2016 or 2015. However, the fence wasn't as high up the hill for 2015/2016 so you couldn't get as high as you could this year. 2015 2016 2017 2019 2022 I really need to stop webcam-nerding and get back to work! 🤣
  14. Cheesey


  15. My reason for testing is that my father in law is in his mid 70s and he's asthmatic. Do I have your permission to try to avoid giving him COVID? I feel really bad for not checking with you before.
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