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  1. Cheesey

    Post your favourite picture from this year

    It was lovely. I could listen to that voice all day. If you really were stood next to us, please accept my apologies on behalf of my children, who, despite my best efforts to educate them, aren't yet old enough to appreciate the beauty of what they were hearing. Instead they spent the entire time fighting (that's them in the picture). Bloody kids!
  2. Cheesey

    Post your favourite picture from this year

    Illumaphonium My daughter and a robot London Grammar
  3. Cheesey

    John Peel crowds

    This. The JP field would be a lovely place to sit and listen to the acts on the stage if that bar wasn't pumping out its crappy music. Maybe I'm getting old, but I found the JP sound to be brutally loud, perhaps too loud at times. I was about halfway back for Goldfrapp (who were great) and I literally couldn't hear properly afterwards. Might have to invest in some ear plugs.
  4. Cheesey

    Largest Crowd of the Weekend?

    Ed Sheeran's crowd was very large. We arrived late after watching London Grammar at JP and we couldn't get into the Pyramid field at the northwest entrance - it was just an unmoving wall of people. We spoke to a bloke who had just managed to get out (somehow!) and he assured us that it wasn't just a bottleneck - the field was completely rammed, and it remained that way pretty much until the end of the set. We had to watch from the crossroads in Hawkwell. Terrible echoing sound from the repeaters, but you can actually see the stage from there. I watched Craig David from right in the middle, just behind the first set of repeaters, and the crowd seemed massive looking back from there. (Craig David was utterly hilarious by the way. The man is essentially a parody of himself. An unexpected highlight of the weekend.)
  5. Cheesey

    Packing light when taking a toddler

    This is a must. We've always found that people at glasto are very patient and accommodating to people with kids, as long as they can see them. Interestingly, this seems to hold true when people are completely and utterly wasted and unable to even stand up straight. But you do need to take steps to avoid accidents where people honestly didn't realise you had kids with you, and these are far more likely at night if you're not lit up like a Christmas tree.
  6. Cheesey

    Packing light when taking a toddler

    The NCT tent is right next to the giant sandpit. Here it is on a map (red circle):
  7. Cheesey

    Packing light when taking a toddler

    My kids are not toddlers anymore, but we did three festivals when they were. Packing light is, to be honest, very difficult. We have to do two trips from the car. The NCT area in the kids field is great when you've got babies/toddlers. They do give away free nappies there, but you'll need lots of your own too. Food-wise we take a box of cereal for breakfasts (milk is readily available onsite), and loads of snacks. For everything else, most food stalls are very good and they'll give you a cheap (and usually pretty generous) kids portion if you ask (it's never advertised). Things like bangers and mash and plain chicken and rice are pretty easy to find. I'm not sure about bottles - we never did bottle feeding. The NCT place might be able to help with that, but keeping them sterile for any length of time would be very tricky. For a couple of years we took an inflatable baby bath, and heated water up on a small stove. It worked fairly well, but wet-wipes would probably have sufficed. Ready-beds work well, and they pack up pretty small. I never worried about the kids escaping to be honest - at 18 months they'd have a hard time finding and operating the tent zips. Clothing is a tricky one. When they're still regularly soiling themselves you can't get round having to take quite a lot of clothes. We can get away with far fewer clothes now that ours are a bit older. Although we now take fancy dress costumes, glowsticks and all sorts of other stuff they didn't need or want when they were toddlers, so its swings and roundabouts
  8. Cheesey


    Up it goes! 20 years of glastos and I still find this shit exciting!
  9. Cheesey

    Pregnant at Glastonbury 2017

    My GF was about 10 weeks pregnant with our first kid in 2009. We actually revealed to our mates that she was expecting on the Wednesday evening, which was a really nice moment. She still had a great time, but she did get a bit annoyed with us a few times, especially on the Thursday when we just wanted to sit around getting hammered, which is apparently pretty boring for someone who isn't indulging
  10. Cheesey


    You're right. I found this much quicker than I thought I would:
  11. Cheesey


    It's still massive. Here's a closer view, taken during Fatboy Slim last year. It's so big it didn't fit into the photo
  12. Cheesey


    I think that image is a mockup with the old JP tent photoshopped into the new position. The new one has four posts - here's a real shot from last year:
  13. Cheesey


    Yep, JP is going up
  14. Cheesey


    Seriously trippy tractor action
  15. Cheesey

    Glastonbury Toe

    My big toes always take a few months to return to normal, but "normal" seems to be slightly more numb each year. I think I'm slowly doing permanent damage to a nerve in each foot. But fuck it. It's only my toes.

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