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  1. Think they’ve just shifted all of the main stage acts forward so there’s no gap between John Grant and Bon Iver rather than adding anyone new.
  2. Black Country New Road seem to have been replaced by Jelly Boy looking at the app. Anyone heard of him? Any good? EDIT: just read that he is/was a member of Happyness who are pretty great! Might be worth checking out. But probably not due to Julien Baker...
  3. My brother bought me my ticket for Sunday as a gift. It has his name on the ticket - will that be an issue? Do they check names or just scan the barcode? Thanks!
  4. It really is an amazing line up this year. Need these day splits to come out soon! Back to refreshing twickets...
  5. Was just looking at this! Some of my faves in there (La boob oscillator, John Cage, Fluorescences, French Disko). Hoping to get Stomach Worm, Les Yper-Sound and Super-Electric as well!
  6. My current plan is to see KOKOKO > Snail Mail > Julien Baker > Tallest Man > Westerman > John Grant > Gwenno > Bon Iver. Would really recommend giving Westerman a listen if you haven’t before!
  7. Good to hear! Got tickets for their show in London next year.
  8. So who does that leave for the Thursday headliner? Whitney: in Norway on Thursday Idles: in France on the Wednesday then Belgium on Friday - in theory could be playing on Thursday but probably more likely Saturday or Sunday? Especially as they are in the UK the following week Big Thief: Also in France on the Wednesday then Belgium on Friday so could be playing on Thursday...but I think more likely to be playing on Sunday looking at their dates in the previous week. They play one show every two days from the 6th August so the pattern would suggest they play GM on Sunday. Khruangbin: in Portugal on Thursday Stereolab: it could be them! No tour dates around the same weekend. The only reason why i didn't think it would be them is that their position on the poster suggests they are sub-headlining going off previous editions but maybe not... Aldous Harding: it could also be her but not sure she would quite fit the bill of a thursday headliner - not sure she's quite big enough either. Also, I'm pretty sure they tweeted that she would be on the mountain stage as well when they posted about her new single SVE: seems like she will be on Sunday due to her tour dates but could technically play Thursday in between France on the Wednesday and Belgium on the Friday. She's also playing Lowlands that weekend as well but don't think they've announced day splits yet - everything suggests she'll be on the Sunday though... So, Stereolab for Thursday headliner then?? Where have I gone wrong?
  9. I can’t see him unless I’ve missed something...
  10. lol ^ looks like DJ legend Greg Wilson will be in the next announcement judging by his latest tweet!
  11. So I think Big Thief are now my joint number 1 must see with Stereolab. Was aware of them when Capacity came out and really liked Mary but never really bothered to listen to them properly for some reason. Since UFOF came out I’ve been obsessed with them. Really love that album - reminds me quite a lot of A Moon Shaped Pool. The other two albums have more of a rockier sound (e.g. Real Love, Masterpiece, Shark Smile) which should make for a nice diverse setlist!
  12. Haha if we’re thinking Sleater Kinney, might as well add Bikini Kill! + if i got to hear Modern Girl on the Mountain Stage i could die happy. MY WHOLE LIFE!!!
  13. Yeah I went to one of the Brixton shows and it wasn’t great and I’m a massive fan. But my friend went to the Ally Pally show that had that massive light installation and it was amazing apparently.
  14. Any must sees on the bottom half of the line up? For me, The Beths and Audiobooks are must sees. Also hoping to see Grimm Grimm, Hen Ogledd, TVAM, Squid, Mapache, Hand Habits, Bess Atwell, Black Country New Road, Scalping and Just Mustard. Deptford Northern Soul Club were brilliant on Sunday night in the Walled Garden last year so will probably see them again as well.
  15. Thanks both! Will keep my fingers crossed.
  16. No tickets came up on Twickets this week ? For those of you who have bought via Twickets in the past how late on did you get them? Panicking slightly that i’ll never get them!
  17. Wasn’t a big fan on first listen, but really enjoying The Comet is Coming album now. Hoping they play an after dark set in Far Out.
  18. that’s the real question for sure
  19. ahhh right I see what you mean. I’m not sure how common something like that is but to me that would be very underwhelming to announce an existing act as the last headliner.
  20. Sorry I meant the bit about readying the stage split with YLT at the top on Friday
  21. haha totally agree on your last point! what seems strange if that is the case is that they’ve already booked bands that are, in my opinion, big enough to headline (SVE/Eels). Perhaps it was due to them being not available for Friday when they had already booked FT and FJM for Sat and Sunday. think we’ll hear some news this week though!
  22. I’d love it to be her but doesn’t really seem like a GM act She is around though...playing in Belgium on the Wednesday. Quite good timing for the Friday slot!
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