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  1. As I'm not disabled or impaired in any way I cannot provide comment from that angle. As a physically fit able bodied person whose attended both however, there is little comparison. Boomtown child's play. It is tiny compared with Glasto and my memory stays much flatter with forgiving pathways. Glastonbury is probably 4 or 5 times bigger than Boomtown with most of the stages in the flat of the valley. If you have mobility issues you would be best served in the Spring Ground camp which gives "quick" access to the Pyramid stage, though even this does entail going down (and then back up) a hill. Covering all of Glasto is demanding for even for the able bodied!
  2. They can be slightly early, prompt or even very late..... as in the very wet 2016. All depends on the circumstances on the day.
  3. Normally there is still some space available toward to top of Hitchen on Thursday but this cannot be guaranteed. The problem however is accessibility for someone with reduced mobility as there is no clear route/pathway from the roadway. The lower parts (nearer the roadway) get packed with tents close together with guideline hazards galore. For Thursday arrival you may be best considering the western fringe campsites where space should be guaranteed. Your problem then becomes the remoteness & consequent distance to stages.
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    Mr Tony

    You can't pre-purchase a car park ticket if you've bought a coach/admission ticket package. And as advised earlier, you can purchase a car park ticket on arrival on the day, with an added price premium. The problem is I recall your festival ticket is checked on arrival at the car park. If this is not full intact with the stub and match the occupant you could get refused entry. You could try booking one of the private car parks which spring up or use the train.
  5. Lycra


    Put it this way @richard10012, over the course of the festival you could well see 10012 Richard the Thirds. ps Best not to look down if you're an incy wincy bit squeamish 😉
  6. Lycra


    There's something quite cathartic about sitting in a long drop. A gentle breeze lapping over the nethers as the sun warms your head.........A much more pleasant memory than sitting on a cold wet wooden seat having a shat whilst being drenched with rain......And then there's the aromas!
  7. Seen elsewhere: Deposit refund notifications have dropped.
  8. A lost cause I'm afraid. A friend who's worked at SEE told me a few years back GF ticket sales are totally automated and tickets on which balances are not paid were cancelled the moment the payment widow closed.
  9. Glastonbury 2023 has not been confirmed, nor has any date been released. However as the festival takes place over the weekend following the summer solstice (June 21), your guesstimate has sound logic.
  10. Copied from the GF official info: If you are unable to come to the Festival, and require a refund for your ticket, please contact See Tickets by emailing glastonbury@seetickets.com or at www.seetickets.com/customerservice before midnight Friday May 6th 2022 to log your request for a refund. A £25 administration charge will be retained from all refunded tickets. An additional £10 administration charge will be retained from any cancelled coach packages. (£25 ticket cancellation fee + £10 coach cancellation fee). System works. Had previous experience.
  11. Your probably right. It's so easy for Border Control & Police agencies to swap date these days. It's called "intelligence led" and it crops up all the time in reality traffic police or border force/ airport programs.
  12. Campervan passes are linked to your registration number so they can't be given away or traded.
  13. Done arrive east camp west once......never again!
  14. Getting there 8/9 means you could be queuing for up to 2hrs and so not get in until 10/11.....assuming arrival by car. By this time I'd expect a very little chance of being able to set up a tent with such a large footprint near the Pyramid area. The last time I entered by Gate B the area practically full by 10 with peeps squeezing small tents into ever smaller spaces. Entering by Gate A or D is a sensible suggestion for "later" arrivals as most of the camping is on the west side of the site and here areas other than Oxylers, Pennard and Park are slower to fill. Hauling a large and probably heavy across the site looking for space is not a pleasant task.
  15. Too true. It's great to sit on the hillside and just drink it all in. We all need to make time for that. It's part of what makes the fest so special.
  16. Have a hardcore who will tough it out no matter what's throw at us. I'd say the majority of those who left were novice flakey ones who thought it would be a good idea but in reality had no experience of life without a cosy bed & duvet! Recall one year an acquaintance dropped out when she realised there'd be no where to plug her hair dry in! ffs
  17. Yes you are correct. The Common Travel area with Ireland is preserved under Brexit. That said you still need to check as the UK is permitted to refuse those who have been convicted of certain criminal activity. It all depends what it is and whether it has been notified to UK authorities. Whatever you do don't mention Glastonbury and drugs to anyone in authority when you arrive 😉
  18. Thinking more about people leaving Glasto early, it's actually 5 of those I've gone with have done it. One left on the Friday morning couldn't cope with camping, the rain and the mud. Two left on the Saturday hating the whole experience. One was medevaced to hospital with a dislocated hip after a slip. And one left Saturday evening cos she missed her boyfriend 😍
  19. You really do need specialist advice as relying on your Irish passport may not be of help either. Since Brexit occurred the UK is no longer part of the EU and this impacts travel between Ireland and the UK. A quick search when Brexit happened revealed an intent to check all travellers from an EU country, including Ireland, for criminal record but no info if this is being done. Then there are the questions of what offences and sentences qualify for being denied entry and if those offences have been notified to UK authorities. A tricky one which needs resolution before travel. You have my sympathy. Do you take a risk and just present yourself at UK immigration? Or do you flag yourself up to UK immigration before travel and plead mercy!
  20. Good morning @Dontthrowstones. You will love it, just not sure about your friend. My point about the crowds is that they are everywhere, not just around the Pyramid but at most of the 100+ venues. Then there's the walk-ways where crowds are channeled between stalls as they transition from area to area, or the old railway line which serves as a pedestrian highway. Crowds can be so dense that holding hands is necessary to avoid losing one another. The stewards do a fanastic job in crowd management and at times they have to close areas/routes to avoid crushes. My sister in law was ok in the camping field and on the first 2 days but her anxiety took over on Friday when we encountered a large pedestrian traffic jam near The Glade. Thereafter she spent most of her time back at the tent. Glasto is a love it or hate it scenario for people; the vast majority being of the former. Over the 6 fests I've attended I've seen 3 individuals in our group pack up and leave because they couldn't hack it.
  21. You should be ok with the tent. We've done similar in the past. Tbh though I'm more concerned about your friend who suffers from crowd anxiety. Mrs Lycra's sister has this and I've witnessed it first hand. Glasto is definitely not the place for her if it is anything other than a mild anxiety. The crowds are massive across the site and very dense pockets routinely spring up. Massive/large crowds are very difficult/almost impossible to avoid.
  22. Thanks @incident This looks a significant change to previous. Makes sense in some ways as most international travellers probably arrive by public transport at PGA
  23. Are they doing an internationals collect this year. If so I just have missed the announement. Where did you see this? @incident
  24. It's a reportable offence at my hospital.
  25. That's quite correct. Our own opinions will always be tainted by the route it is received. For me I see Putin as stuck in the past, trying to take Russia back to what it was. But that infer what was before was right. As history repeatedly shows, countries are about people collectively and freely belonging. Not about powers owning, subjecting and suppressing.
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