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  1. They've been so anonymous of late I'd forgotten the LDEM's existed anymore 😲
  2. @stuartbert two hats It's still manic but there's definitely improvement, albeit slow. Mrs L had 2 free beds when she was last on duty, the first time since October. Patients are in longer & deaths remain high, though the latter is semi-typical of this time of year. Excess deaths rather than daily covid death reporting will ultimately be the better judge. The NHS is in a much better place now than in the first wave and PPE is much improved. She even gets to play at being an astronaut.
  3. Exactly. Having ordered vaccine on a huge scale the EU just sat back and expected it to happen to their totally unrealistic trameframe. Then rather than rationally explaining to EU citizens that building vaccine production takes time they have chosen to be defensively confrontational. Surely there must be some rational voices in the EU who recognise the scale at which AZ can deliver.
  4. Stupid accusation by Van set Leyen that "best endeavours" stop when vaccine has passed it's development & testing. Its one thing making products on a small scale, its a while new development process to derive large volume. Obviously never had a proper job!
  5. Bet Spaffer can't believe his luck. The UK well ahead in jabs given, EU kicks up a fuss re: AZ and threatens stop P/B supply, then along comes UK made Novavax. Wish I was a fly on the wall to UK/EU discussions. Maybe goes something like "Disrupting our P/B supplies will imperil the Belgium AZ license and any export of Novavax"
  6. As I recall size restrictions on vaccination venues were brought in to aid social distancing & room ventilation.
  7. Those on the frontline have been elevated, but we're not saints. Just normal people doing a job. And we do get bad thoughts.... "I can't save you so will you hurry up and die so I can get on with saving someone who may live" "Wonder how many are still alive when I go in tomorrow" When I realise the thoughts running through my head I don't feel human anymore. Mrs L
  8. I have every optimism we will get out of this sooner rather than later. The problem is how much it will the pandemic chance the world we had? In the forthcoming new normal how many will return to their old habits and will the new generation have lost the urge to replace them?
  9. Vaccines have a tremendous potential to lead the way out of the pandemic but right now no one knows if they will be the magic pill. For instance, will vaccinated people acquire and transmit SARS-CoV-19 without becoming ill? And what will be their mass use efficacy? These are unknowns to be determined. That's why all the experts are advocating masks & social distancing to remain for the foreseeable future. Without hard evidence it's difficult to advise otherwise. Projections cannot be based on best guesses. Unfortunately businesses, GFL included, cannot function with too many uncertainties, viz: will vaccination control covid in the UK? protecting unvaccinated staff/workers/volunteers/stall holders/attendees, international acts & attendees, will bands want to play? international travel? social distancing? masks? rapid testing? etc etc etc Unfortunately for GFL too little time remained for the covid fog to begin lift.
  10. Thats why i advocate restricting attendance this year to those 50+
  11. Surface sanitizing is good practice but it's been shown airborne virus is the greatest progenerator of transmission. Latest research has found viral particles can spread beyond 2m metres in a just a couple of seconds in still air from a speaking infected person.
  12. During the first wave we used to discuss the cases & deaths after each shift. Now we really do. Guess it's become our way of getting away from it all. Helped of course by cider and red wine.
  13. Yes that would make sense. It would be good to see the full report rather than just the outline journalistic spin. For instance proper scientific study would require 2 control groups: viz 1 screened but not attending & 1 not tested at all. Plus follow up testing for all groups.
  14. Very interesting article and it's good to see people working on solutions. Taken at face value the report shows promise but also highlights potential issues. The biggest being it taking a morning to process 1000 tests. Hopefully when it comes to events if scale this could be solved logistically. The report was also a tad confusing as it stated there was no social distancing: 463 people attended in a theatre of 1608 capacity and they screened 1047. Can only assume number of staff & performers exceed attendees. Whilst good to see the efforts I personally believe controlling (& hopefully defeating covid) by vaccination is our best hope for the return of mass attendance events.
  15. Reading today about the woes of the Horse Racing Industry. Seems it's not expecting full crowds to return until the autumn ☹
  16. According to espn UEFA will take a decision on the summer Euro's in March. It reports full stadiums almost certainly ruled out. Options are 70% or 30% crowd limits in current host cities or of needed behind closed doors in 1 country. https://www.espn.co.uk/football/uefa-european-championship/story/4282074/clock-ticking-for-euro-2020-how-can-the-tournament-survive-the-covid-19-crisis?platform=amp
  17. It is on UEFA's radar to run the Euro's behind doors without fans if needs be. They have developed plans to this effect.
  18. Sporting crowds can easily be size limited or have no fans at all; just like now. Festivals & gigs without near capacity attendance are not viable.
  19. Tbh it's not even a little journalistic scoop. UEFA have developed multiple plans for the Euros, including single host country & city, and various with & without fans scenarios.
  20. Whenever government wishes to say little they put up a person who knows little for interview.
  21. Phase 1 has 9 sub-categories. 1-4 is just starting bits
  22. Raab on Beeb said 15mil jabs initially followed by additional 17mil by spring. Not very inspiring when 50mil jabs needed for phase 1.
  23. That's a fair assumption. I do note The Sunday Telegraph, which is headlining "All over 18's vaccinated by July", caution in the detail that government is concerned about supply. Ministers privately fearing the mid-Feb target will be missed due to lack of vaccine.
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