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  1. For this I carry always a wine skin. Red wine does ok in the heat. I'm never dry ☺️
  2. Amusing image of you slugging dubiously on cans of booze whilst alarming the other local dog walkers. Maybe they chucked your a few quid? 😉
  3. Interested in the red wine box recommendations. I've grown tired of Namaqua over the years. I famously drink red wine from breakfast till dawn at festivals so it helps if it's nice. I like full bodied and a bit sweet not sickly. I used to love Zinfandel until it seemingly fell out of fashion and I can rarely find it at a sensible price. I often like a Merlot or a Shiraz.. but they do vary a lot in quality especially in boxes. Bringing in beer or cider - excepting a few for fuel- is madness IMHO. Not worth the effort for all that water- and I prefer it fresh and cold from the bars anyway.
  4. Excellent idea. Perplexes me that someone has taken their time to moan about it. I hope I get the chance to give it a go 😊
  5. Thursday suits Neil best so that is the sensible option. I do like the idea of it being earlier in the day.
  6. Neil doesn't appreciate people using Adblock. He needs the revenue.
  7. Cheers for that 🙂
  8. I did it for the first time in 2019. It was evening and there was barely a queue. Frankly I'd never trusted myself to walk the stairs.. but for some reason I felt a moment of clarity. It was excellent.
  9. What? I liked it. Apart from the intense noise bleed- from the Glade?
  10. Me too.. completely failed to step on. My wife and kid managed it though. Must try harder.
  11. William of Walworth has been working on the Greenfields Festival Information point for several years now.
  12. Me too, (1986) as you know. Every one a winner.. in one way or another. Except maybe my second and third weren't the best.
  13. I'm gonna try Proper Coffee- sounds good. I've most often gone to Coffee on West Holts- because it's just easy to find! A massive sign saying 'Coffee'.. no matter what state I'm in I can find that!.. cheeky extra shot every time mind...
  14. Don't remind me of that shit advert
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