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  1. Yeah I'm struggling to understand how this gives us current non-holders much of a better chance. There'll be a load of coverage and probably way *less* chance than an April resale surely?
  2. Well.. at least we know... and fair play. Obviously.
  3. Hope you don't mind but shared to my FB (friends only). Interesting points.
  4. That's fair enough. I haven't been able to bear thinking about it. I should have been here.
  5. Can someone give me a heads up how to get involved?- I might already be on the spreadsheet- but I've been avoiding the forums out of depression.
  6. Yes. That was so utterly superb.
  7. A problem I wish I had!.. work on your boss mate.
  8. It's a great venue. Seen some quality gigs there.
  9. Saw her at Primavera. She may have some odd fashion choices but by 'eck what a lovely voice. I doubt you would be disappointed.
  10. Boris

    2019 Crew Map

    Didn't the map previously have explicit indication that the Bella's field access was from x o'clock until x o'clock?
  11. Boris

    2019 Crew Map

    God I would be so happy if they are getting rid of the cattle-queue!
  12. Boris

    2019 Crew Map

    Valhalla! Thank you! Hmmm slightly blurry when you zoom in- that shouldn't happen with a PDF no?
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