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  1. Lees23

    Did anyone gain entry without their own ticket?

    I was waiting at at gate B for a couple of mates to turn up around midday(ish) on thursday and some dude flew through the gates with about 3 security chasing him shouting 'runner!! Never saw him return
  2. Lees23

    Glastonbury Conspiracy theories

    I reckon they downplay the line up on the Sunday so a good percentage head home early.
  3. Lees23

    Shepton Mallet traffic standstill

    nutters from parkhurst!!
  4. Lees23

    Shepton Mallet traffic standstill

  5. Lees23

    Hot weather advice

    cheers bud.
  6. Lees23

    Hot weather advice

  7. Lees23

    Hot weather advice

    ok, heading out on my last shopping trip tomorrow - where do the space blankets go? over top of tent? between lining? funneled together to set alight attacking roman ships? help...
  8. Lees23

    East or West?

    just 50/50 between me and you at the moment bro!! it's looking like just 2 cars, no queues and everyone else via coach and train. viva la automobil!!!!!
  9. Lees23

    Weather 2017

    well spotted
  10. Lees23

    Secret Glasto text alerts

    Love the text/tweet I've just recieved
  11. Lees23

    Secret Glasto text alerts

    I set up for one of the many twitter accounts i have (play in 2 diff bands) and did a test tweet. if stuck give me a follow https://twitter.com/Dientesband and i'll run another for you
  12. Lees23


    great timelapse of the other stage
  13. Lees23


    Clashfinder question... if I highlight all the TBA's in their own colour am I correct in assuming they'll get updated as and when someone less lazy than myself fills them in? (and by the magic of said highlightery all will become apparent?)
  14. Lees23

    Secret resales

    that sounds like no fun at all
  15. Lees23

    Secret resales

    Worth a go. There weren't many entrants in the last one..