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  1. I took a tiny fast boil stove, instant coffee and a few tins of all day breakfast. didn't take up a massive amount of room and saved all that aimless wandering/queuing-up bollocks 👍
  2. Lees23

    Shameless Rip-offs

    only heard the creep air that I breathe comparison recently - it's uncanny
  3. Lees23


    thought the sound at the other was reasonably good this year (other year's it been dire). Massive crossovers at silver hayes venues - gully blues was at the mercy of no average groove (which i thought was a fresh fruit stall more than once) williams green was far too loud inside the tent on average i thought the sound was good at most stages
  4. 1. Fat Whites 2. Idles 3. Vampire weekend too much good stuff to dig through but these were great, as was the whole thing
  5. Just wondering if there any photo's of the stick @deebeedoobee? The RAM jam jar & random object posts are great but i'm not sure if I've seen the stick? I did scroll through but the last 10 or so pages it's been raining pictures of cats and dogs.
  6. how about this? https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?ll=51.152957841435196%2C-2.5828820101270367&z=15&mid=1Fb6abza1fXbASPYUzBSvJ8u4wXxqGVKH
  7. and this is why glastonbury is so fucking great,
  8. I bought this one for that reason also. it's pretty easy to put up on your own and on the road test I did a few weeks back absolutely pitch black and cool inside.
  9. 10 mins ago from glastonbury facebook acc. looks ok to me.
  10. what a f**king whopper...
  11. Lees23

    The Weather Thread 2019

    what was worse 1997 or 2016?
  12. Lees23

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Never went in 2016 but that tbh doesn't look that bad? - last time I went to a muddy one was 1997 (which destroyed my calves) however since my mid life crisis wouldn't stretch to a Porsche I started trail/ocr racing so mud's par for the course.
  13. banco de gaia with the last of the arriving mates
  14. Lees23


    I do logistics for a living. glastonbury takes it to the next level
  15. Lees23

    Clashfinder Stats

    can you break it down by colour? I use the clashfinder as a bit of a grading system/tool Green - loads of must sees (Friday's a nightmare.. do I stay in a metal mood with gojira after watching venom prism or mellow into tame impala / four tet experience? Blue - stuff i'd be cajoled into seeing to stay with my buds Purple - things I've yet to listen to / consider colouring Red - musical bilge (In my own opinion - which is of no consequence to anyone else anyway) if at least one extra person thinks the way I do then the stats are all skynews. fleaz
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