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  1. Very interesting article and it's good to see people working on solutions. Taken at face value the report shows promise but also highlights potential issues. The biggest being it taking a morning to process 1000 tests. Hopefully when it comes to events if scale this could be solved logistically. The report was also a tad confusing as it stated there was no social distancing: 463 people attended in a theatre of 1608 capacity and they screened 1047. Can only assume number of staff & performers exceed attendees. Whilst good to see the efforts I personally believe controlling (& hopefully defeating covid) by vaccination is our best hope for the return of mass attendance events.
  2. Reading today about the woes of the Horse Racing Industry. Seems it's not expecting full crowds to return until the autumn ☹
  3. According to espn UEFA will take a decision on the summer Euro's in March. It reports full stadiums almost certainly ruled out. Options are 70% or 30% crowd limits in current host cities or of needed behind closed doors in 1 country. https://www.espn.co.uk/football/uefa-european-championship/story/4282074/clock-ticking-for-euro-2020-how-can-the-tournament-survive-the-covid-19-crisis?platform=amp
  4. It is on UEFA's radar to run the Euro's behind doors without fans if needs be. They have developed plans to this effect.
  5. Sporting crowds can easily be size limited or have no fans at all; just like now. Festivals & gigs without near capacity attendance are not viable.
  6. Tbh it's not even a little journalistic scoop. UEFA have developed multiple plans for the Euros, including single host country & city, and various with & without fans scenarios.
  7. Whenever government wishes to say little they put up a person who knows little for interview.
  8. Phase 1 has 9 sub-categories. 1-4 is just starting bits
  9. Raab on Beeb said 15mil jabs initially followed by additional 17mil by spring. Not very inspiring when 50mil jabs needed for phase 1.
  10. That's a fair assumption. I do note The Sunday Telegraph, which is headlining "All over 18's vaccinated by July", caution in the detail that government is concerned about supply. Ministers privately fearing the mid-Feb target will be missed due to lack of vaccine.
  11. Currently running at about 2.1mil/week based on last 3 working days. Will this be sustained over weekend? Another unknown is vaccine availability as the government have not released contracted delivery supply schedules.
  12. The main rate determining step in all this is the availability of vaccine. The remainder is a logistical exercise. The crux is 50million doses need to be administered to complete phase 1 : ca. 2 million per week to achieve the target in 6 months. To roll out into phase 2 when still running phase 1 requires additional large scale vaccine supply and the extra capacity to administer it. And phase 1 roll out cannot be stopped half way through to accommodate phase 2 as the 2 vaccine doses must be given within 12 weeks. Those people who have received dose 1 have already received follow-up dose 2 appointments in April. The latest information suggests 2million vaccinations/week is achievable if the data is not being skewed by reporting anomalies. Hence rolling out further & faster is distinctly possible: it all comes down to vaccine supply.
  13. I did not imply the UK would give up doses. I asked if it was ethical to use them just so people can attend an event in the UK. It should also be recognised that first dose roll out of phase 1 is currently scheduled for completion by end March. All this people will them need a second dose so we're looking at another 2-3 months after to complete phase 1.
  14. The world wants vaccines and they're in short supply. Would you prioritise UK festival goers at the expense of those in less developed countries? As for rapid flow tests? they would be commercially acquired by the festival at cost, not by the UK government. And yes there does have to be a vaccination schedule for those below 50 because we're seeing increasing numbers patients in the category in our hospitals.
  15. Imagine the public outcry if a select group were vaccinated just so they could attend a non-essential event.
  16. Surely only works if UK comes out of the social distancing situation and then a festival is forced to cancel due to the re-imposition of distancing rules etc. For info think I recall the Germany insurance scheme has a max payout of €5million. Now get the fests on and pubs open coz jabs booked next week 😀🍾
  17. Attendance is always at you're own risk. The problem for GF & other festivals is they will need to meet the health & safety protection rules of the day in order to go ahead. So if the rules state social distancing and place attendance limits festivals will have to comply in order to run.
  18. UK Government sets the test standards, as do governments around the world, it's up to the title test to meet that standard. The issue specific to LAMP and Lateral Flow is most do not meet the spec. For instance the lateral flow test widely used in the UK is now considered only 40-60% accurate. The inaccuracy with the current crop of rapid covid tests is increasingly being recognised around the world.
  19. Be interesting to see how the numbers of vaccinations given varies by day. Will be get a drop off at the weekend followed by mid-week surges as reporting catches up 🤔
  20. Borders are open but tests and quarantine regulations only act as a barrier to travel. For the smaller acts (and even some larger ones) this may put them off touring abroad. The cost of a PCR test is one barrier (My sister's recent test cost more than the flight + airport parking). Yes we have cheaper lateral flow tests but there seems to be a growing movement against them due to their inaccuracy.
  21. Need hit 3mil per week from now on to hit this. A tall ask given the current availability of vaccine. There's a distinct difference between number doses in the country and number quality approved & released for use.
  22. For what its worth in the current climate. Locals tickets are for permanent residents living full time in a defined area, not people who "stay close". If you Aunt fits the local resident criteria she will be able to purchase up to 4 tickets, including herself. All 4 people must live permanently within the local area. Locals tickets cannot be purchased by a local resident for those not living in the local area. Demand for locals tickets is very high and demand greatly exceeds numbers available. Note however the sale of locals tickets for the postponed 2020 festival occurred 27 October 2019. Also there's no such thing as a Glastonbury early release ticket.
  23. For the 80+ all vaccine offers/bookings I am aware of have been verbal over the phone. Literally "We have a vaccination slot for you at x time on y day, do you want to come?" Bookings made ca. 3-6 days prior. For NHS staff here it's chaos. Wide circulation NHS internal email sent 18hrs prior to opening of 2 day vaccination clinic inviting you to make an appointment. Sets off a scramble worthy of a Glasto ticket sale day 2019! And your options are limited because you can only have them on your day off. No leave, even for 30 minutes, to get jabbed...grr.
  24. There will always be individuals willing not to comply with rules. That is their choice. However it is government who sets the rules and if it deems it appropriate to continue with restrictions, social distancing, masks, closed pubs etc, it will. And as it is doing, it enforce with fines if it needs to do so. And when you think about it the option to not comply has been greatly diminished by restrictions by on business, shops, pubs, cinemas, theatres, sporting attendance, festival organisers etc. Finally people need to realise that compliance actually provides the quickest route back to normality. Lots of individuals not complying will only serve to promote and extend the length of the pandemic.
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