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  1. Input prices have been flat or rising at a few % over the last decade and so any price rises passed on to the consumer have been largely unnoticed. Now input prices are rising 10%+ with energy & fuel costs much greater.....Back to the 70s 😭
  2. Most businesses are having to increase prices because they have to due to their increased input prices, viz: raw materials, energy, transport/distribution & wages. As this recession is driven by the price of energy and pandemic induced disruption in supply chains, the Bank of England has very few levers to control inflation. Raising interest rates will only add extra hurt to householders already enduring eye watering energy bills but the BoE has been forced into it by what's happening elsewhere. If the BoE didn't raise interest rates the £ would decline in value and thus input prices, including energy, would go even higher. Grim times.
  3. It's going to be difficult whichever way it's done but the higher the balance payment becomes the bigger the barrier it will be. Individual budgets are already being hit hard and it's forecast to get a lot worse. Energy bills are expected to rise again and over the course of the next 12 months 40% of households with (low) fixed rate mortgage deals will see them end, with new mortgage costs rising significantly. How this squeeze plays out on the festival and leisure industry know one knows.
  4. Glasto 2022 was £285 (£280 ticket + £5 booking fee). Then add ticket postage fees, car park pass, campervan pass, coach, train &/or fuel and you're looking at significant cost already. With inflation due to hit 10% any time soon it's only going to get a hell of a lot dearer at a time when people are having to adjust to new financial challenges in life. A whole new discussion could be devoted to this. But getting back to the original question:- For the deposit system to continue to operate as originally intended then the deposit needs to be raised....and probably by a significant amount. A doubling to £100 would take it near to where it was on introduction.
  5. Instalment plans need managing and this introduces extra cost which will be passed back to the ticket buyer. And an unstructured payment plan which allows people to pay what they want and when they can, would bring most management issues. The concept of a payment plan is to spread cost over a time period but if significant numbers elect to do their own thing, then it's not really a plan and doesn't help people budget.
  6. Those arriving by coach at the festival us station have their own separate channel for entry at Gate A. Arrivals by car using Gate A have their own separate channel. Enjoy!
  7. Stewards actively discourage people from being dropped off at the car park entry (witnessed it myself) and all laybys, pull-ins and side road entrys nearer the fest are stewarded too to prevent this.
  8. Get the taxi to drop you off at the entrance to the campervan fields and walk to his van. It should be much quieter Thursday.
  9. Take the M5 south from the M4 and then exit the M5 at Bridgewater taking the A39 to Glastonbury. Once in Glastonbury take the A361 to the festival. This takes you to the west car parking and Sticklinch. Your ticket info such provide direction to Worthy View
  10. Lycra

    Queue times

    Expect the walk from your car in the car park to the gate to be up to 45mins, depending on where you get parked, and the gate queue to be up to 2hrs. Any less is a nice bonus and more is a chore
  11. Oxylers doesn't flood but in heavy rain and being flat it quickly turns into a soggy morass. If the rain persists the mud gets deeper and more and more liquid, especially in areas of high footfall.....BUT it's not going the happen this week. Enjoy
  12. A considerable fee is being charged for vehicles to use the Bronze gate
  13. The official drop-offs and collection point is at the Bath & West Showground which provides regular shuttle-buses to the festival. Drop-offs and collections from the festival site is being strongly discouraged.
  14. Lycra

    Coach queue

    Yes. Coach arrivals are managed to prevent overcrowding in the bus station.
  15. Typo? There's far more options on the west side. Also the east fills up much quicker
  16. Have a look at the stewards boards as you go in as they will show where space is. You should be ok with Darble but should also find room in the fields on the western fringe, viz: Rivermede, Bushy, Back House, Dairy, Bailey's, Rigs etc
  17. You're going to need a bit more than van, field, Pilton 😂
  18. There will be plenty going on. Just need to have a walk around and find them....Chill and Enjoy
  19. Ditto the above. If you park in east the east car parks there's nothing to stop you walking to their campervan field. There's just a small matter of finding it lol
  20. Emergency train timetable for dealing with strike is due to be published today so keep an eye out. The industry has already said most services will be curtailed with no trains whatsoever on many routes.
  21. If plan B involves the taking the train bear in mind we have a national rail strike next week which is disrupting many travel plans
  22. Stressful or what! Others have given good advice on pursuing SEE and especially RM. In your final paragraph however you alluded to turning up at the fest with proof purchase and id......Not sure this is a good idea as you're extremely unlikely to be allowed in. You do need to resolve through SEE and RM.
  23. Have you thought about a Plan B? In addition to the driver not giving you the tickets before departure....and nearly all don't, despite pleas.....drivers operate to passenger manifests. They may let your wife on but refuse to carry your child. Also if the your plan A works as you are hoping what will your wife do when she arrives at the festival. Will she have to hang around the coach park waiting for you to arrive?
  24. I think you're taking a big risk and flirting with disappointment. Whilst some drivers are relaxed about issuing tickets the majority stick to the rules....and some behave like your worst nightmare of a traffic warden. With children along you need certainty, not flying by the seat of your pants. If you look at other threads you see accounts of how drivers operate.
  25. As others have said..... Tickets are strictly Non-transferable At this stage and unless insurance has been taken out on the ticket, no refund is due. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news 😣
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