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  1. Well that went exactly as I expected. Thought KS landed heavy blows, as well as Ian Blackford. Boris trying to buy time and hope this all disappears. So are his supporters. Don't believe it will though as he and he is supporters are in the minority. There are plenty out there examining the crevices that have opened looking for the next revelation. It's become a sport! Wonder how long it takes for the next teaser to drop from Cummins!
  2. Revenge is sweeter when tasted cold 😁
  3. Whether you link the May to the Christmas parties or not his attendance a one shows he knew these events were happening, hence he's caught lying. He must be bricking himself now Starmer's back! The Tories know Boris is living on borrowed time. The question for them is when the heirs apparent wish to put the knife in. They will want to ride on the winds of the successful vaccination program but be fearful of headwinds of bad news coming this spring.
  4. Baited breath here. Expect to hear lines such as "Surely the PM knows whether he was there or not"
  5. Don't expect too much at PMQs. Whilst Labour, Scots Nats, Liberals et al will rave at Boris, he has a ready defence for now hiding behind the on-going Gray Inquiry. The best the opposition can hope for is to keep the issue in the public eye and chip further at the chasms opening in the Johnson administration.
  6. Notice the distinct change in Boris tone.....no denial or attempt to justify. The net is closing!
  7. @dotdash79 For trains within the UK yes but the OP is from The Netherlands and wishes to use the St Pancras International - Amsterdam. Eurostar ticket bookings open at least 6 months in advance and the prices rise with decreasing seat availability (like budget airlines). So booking early usually ensures the cheapest price.
  8. In answer to your original questions:- Cockmill to the Pyramid is no greater than 10mins: maybe even 5mins if you walk briskly. It's downhill all the way from the entry to Cockmill. Wicket to the Pyramid is probably 20mins+ and is both uphill and downhill over stoney tracks. Both Cockmill and Wicket are close to their respective entry gate: Cockmill being literally just inside Gate B whilst Wicket is 5mins from Gate A max. In a later post @Dreamingofsunnydays you mentioned staying Tuesday local to the east of the festival site and entering from the east. This almost in itself limits your choice to Cockmill as the trek from the east side car parks to Wicket is one to be avoided at all cost, especially with children in tow. We found this out the hard way. It's a long rough hilly trudge😣 We have also approached the site from the east and detoured to use the West car parks to allow entry at Gate A. This is something I wouldn't particularly advise doing as the detour is time consuming and you could be battling through queues in the east only to join a queue in the west. Regarding the walk from a car park to your chosen entry gate, this is variable depending on where you get parked up. You don't have a choice in this, you are at the behest of the traffic stewards. The shortest walk I have had to joining the queue at the entry gate was 10mins, the longest 40mins. You're also carrying your camping gear. Once joining the queue at your chosen entry gate Wednesday morning expect to take at least an hour to get into the festival site. Treat anything less as a bonus, more becomes a chore......though a very worth while one. Enjoy.....though be prepared to rough it 😉 ps If you arrive before or just after the gates have first opened expect be queuing for 1hr+++
  9. As Leyrulion said above. If you want to camp in the popular area there is no alternative to getting there early. It's impossible to forecast how big the queues will be to get in the car park, how far the walk from car to gate will be and how long the queues at the gate is. I allow at least 2hrs but on one occasion it took 3hrs and another it was under 30 minutes. If you want a good spot in cockmill I suggest getting there by 7:30am Wednesday latest.
  10. Lycra

    Campsite Poll

    Graduated to lidded 1 litre plastic yoghurt pots when Mrs L came along. Female anatomy is not best designed for Lenor bottles 😲
  11. Wellies are only needed if the mud gets really deep and there's lot of standing water, otherwise walking boots are sound. If the ground is firm or hard you may want to use trainers. Find sandals a pain because of grit and stones easily getting under your sole.
  12. Oh the biodegradable tent peg year! Was that 2008 or 2009? Made of potato starch. A freebie handed out to protect the cows but useless on the baked earth of Worthy Farm. Fields echoed to ouches and screams as they shattered at the very touch of a boot or mallet sending their schrapnel far and wide 🤕
  13. Vaccination rates are good, the death rate is low and the virus appears to be weakening, especially in the vaccinated. Yes at this time the NHS is very very stressed and there is a high degree of staff absent......This situation won't last and we have to learn with covid as a fact of life..... Much has changed since 9 & 12 months ago.....Glasto 100%
  14. Lycra

    Campsite Poll

    Glasto Is one of the safest festivals but crime does occur. It's advisable to use one of the property lock-up facilities (they're free to use) for your valuables. For more info follow the link below https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/advice/property-lock-ups/
  15. Lycra

    Campsite Poll

    Easier to say which will have space viz Zone 3 high likely, zones 2 & 4 probably. The popular areas will be full by lunchtime Wednesday with latecomers there getting the least desirable pitches. The thing about Glast is it's scale. It towers over nearly all others. The thing to avoid is making a 15-60mins (or more) trudge from your car or the coach park only to find your chosen site is full. If arriving anytime after midday Wednesday it's advisable to check the notice boards to see where there is camping available.
  16. Lycra

    Campsite Poll

    Leaving London at 8 on the Wednesday may rule you out of Oxylers as it fills pretty quickly. Whilst it's central for the Other Stage, Park, Arcadia, JP etc, as said elsewhere it's noisy. It's also gets quite rammed and being dead flat suffers badly if (when!) it rains, particularly near the roadways. Such is the vast scale of Glasto no single campsite is central for all stages: just some are better than others for certain stages/areas. Be prepared for lots of walking. South Park ( your Zone 2) to the Pyramid is probably 20min walk for instance. So where do we camp? Well after years of trial (& error) and also observing, we prefer zone 4. But I'm not going to tell you exactly where as I don't want all you buggers rushing to it? swamping the place and nicking our pitch...... 😛
  17. @loc Also note recommended check times are subject to on-going covid restrictions. Currently it is recommended passengers arrive at St Pancras 90 -120mins prior to departure to Amsterdam. Obviously this situation is dynamic and will hopefully be improved come June... but it is not guaranteed. https://www.eurostar.com/uk-en/travel-info/your-trip/check-in
  18. Seen this mentioned too but have no experience of it. I'd be a bit pissed off if I couldn't get on my allocated coach due to my seat being taken by a "casual". Like you @crazyfool1 I wouldn't rely on it. Maybe it occurs on popular destinations when seats are left available due to booked passengers not turning up? Can others throw any light on this?
  19. Friend who's used London coach advises not to rely on arrival time (& festival departure time). Your timed interval between Victoria arrival and St Pancras departure is doable but tight and needs everything to go perfectly. Need allow 10mins to get baggage off coach & 20mins for tube. From memory Eurostar check in also closes quite some time before stated departure time. Your travel proposal carries a significant risk of going wrong, especially with 3 youngsters to manage too.
  20. Found through experience depart times from the festival vary. Have left both early and late. Queues, coach arrival time, coach park congestion and exit traffic seem to all play there part. Personally I would want a larger gap been arrival at Victoria and St Pancras departure to avoid a nervous sweaty bum coach journey.
  21. It's event industry standard practice not to refund booking fees, though some will refund postage if physical tickets have not been dispatched. Cancellation refund rights are set out in the terms & conditions of each booking agent. Booking agents normally do not receive any income from the face value of the ticket and cover their costs by charging a booking fee. They argue that they have provided a booking service irrespective as to whether the event goes ahead or not and, additionally, they incur extra cost if they have to oversee a ticket refund. Personally in this high tech semi-automated era, when actions occur with a fews clicks of buttons, I am puzzled why booking fees are so high.
  22. Well worked out and a great explanation. Happy New Year to all the fellow ticketless. May we all be successful in 2022, particularly in the resale. ps - Every refund blog I read, such as I've just read on Glastchat, fills me with hope.
  23. True, another dynamic to add to the mix. Much had happened in the 2+ years since deposits were paid and many individual circumstances will have changed. Some will have money saved and want to party. Others will be not be so fortunate. Decisions will be influenced by changes in savings, relationships, friendships, childen, life circumstances, health, habits, apathy, travel etc etc. That's in addition to any covid restrictions. This could add up to a larger than average resale.
  24. Yes I stand corrected having forgotten the balance due date had been moved forward from that of previous years. Though not yet announced the resale could in all probability be March. This change itself could influence some balance decisions and resale participation.
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