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  1. Needs must. Just had some mulled wine left over from Christmas, not bad. Making plans to turn garden into a festival site (very small scale) by June and just get pissed in the sun. Bet it pisses down
  2. Is he selling face masks and non perishable goods?
  3. Drank a fair bit. Celebrating seeing the sun for the fist time in about 5 months
  4. Panic on the streets of London Dublin, Dundee, Humberside Buying baked beans Buying baked beans Buying baked beans
  5. Would there be bands on each stage at the same time? Could be problems if so
  6. Peanuts. Can use them for breakfast Can use them as a nibble with a drink outside of your tent. Can scoff them when wrecked before bed. They don’t get ruined by heat. Complete all rounder for festival survival.
  7. Ffs, thought this was tomorrow night. it’s usually on the Wednesday isn’t it? Grrrrrr, so many missed chances for taking the piss. Was anyone particularly shite?
  8. Same here Feel like a right old fart. Which I am
  9. Agree with you. Strokes I reckon judging by the tour dates
  10. A bong tonight sounds like a good idea.
  11. Woah, I always wanted to be that mulleted sax player as a youth. Just hang around and look cool waiting for the moment to get centre stage for 30 seconds and milk the adoration before clearing off again. Seemed a sweet deal, still does. Sax players have the right idea even if they have been out of work for 30 + years ( bar the bloke with Ezra furman who’s brilliant).
  12. Black keys must be worth a shout. Subbed pyramid last time and got a big crowd. Touring this year. Friday night I reckon x
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