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  1. Well in tony You’re GrEEEEEat
  2. I thought Macca was doing it 👍👍
  3. Cos LEP RULE. There was a distinct lack of sing along rock anthems this year. Bring it on. Get whitesnake too, double denim brucie bonus right there.
  4. Stood in a farmers field in the middle of nowhere and you start with the sort of argument you hear from a CAMRA group in your local pub??? Malletts was more than ok, shifted plenty over the weekend and no complaints. My only complaint is the diffent prices at bars. Pissed me off that. Only went to the Avalon inn once, six quid was a piss take. Oh yeah, the medium sweet from the cider bus wasn’t that sweet either. WE NEED PENNARD WINE BACK NEXT YEAR. Xx
  5. Ventured up there on Thursday night and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The number of young kids in pushchairs was unreal. Someone should set a crèche up. Also saw someone attempting the hill in a mobility scooter who needed a push from a kind group. Just all seemed really strange. The little short arse scouser trying to intimidate anyone sat within the stones was odd as well, told him to fuck off even though I was “his brother “ apparently. Didn’t bother again after that. All seemed a bit shite to be honest.
  6. I don’t see it as post festival blues. Think of what you saw, heard, ate and drank. Think of all the people who you had a laugh with, it’s the one chance a year where you are surrounded by like minded people who realise how lucky they are. This year was brilliant for these things and if you were there just be thankful. No need to be down, already 2% nearer next one
  7. Yep, after Ian brown played on pyramid teatime Saturday years ago. He was an absolute gentleman and was delighted at the reaction of everyone going to say hello. Great man, what he has achieved makes him a hero to me.
  8. Don’t worry, there’s always space up there. Even in 2016 when loads of people camped there because of the mud there was still plenty of space on Thursday afternoon.
  9. Cheers Seems a bit weird having the band who’s subbing pyramid the following day opening a smaller stage the day before. I’m going to proclaimers and an early cider bus fix and wait for VW on Sunday I think. Park will be rammed.
  10. At last the yellow speedos will get an outing. Thank you to all the clever people on here who understand weather patterns and explained what they mean. Have a great time
  11. Purple aki squat

    TBAs 2019

    Spot on about the wombats. Seem to be there every year, yet utterly shite. V mysterious. Sean Paul? Nah
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