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  1. If anyone is after a settlers campervan ticket there is some available if you go to the settlers payment plan section!
  2. Happy with that overall, first time at Green Man and doing settlers so looking forward to it regardless. Pleased with Michael Kiwanuka, Caribou, Mac Demarco, Little Dragon, Goldfrapp, Thundercat, Parquet Courts, Ty Segall, Black Midi, Shame, This is the Kit, The Murder Capital, Sudan Archives, Boy Azooga, Bambara, The Orielles, Steam Down, Do Nothing. Loads when I list it out like that! The rest I need to familiarise myself with, but I am sure I will find a load more I like. Is that the three headliners they have announced? I thought in previous years they announced two now and saved one for later on?
  3. hez

    2020 New Music

    I've put this weeks BBC 6 Music playlist together in Spotify and plan to keep it updated weekly if anyone is interested:
  4. hez

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Came here to post the same! Beat me to it!
  5. hez

    2020 headliners

    Kendrick Lamar on the way to becoming a household name after being mentioned on The Apprentice this week. https://www.indy100.com/video/culture/apprentice-contestant-lottie-lion-says-she-can-nail-a-kendrick-lamar-album-HxKwdb5G I think I died a little inside after seeing this, although he may now pass the Mum test!
  6. hez

    2020 headliners

    These are my favourite comments every year. Glad they didn't get a ticket due to one act. I'm always glad they didn't get a ticket either
  7. Do East quiet pop back up too? Assuming this would be less likely than the other types.
  8. Ah ok thanks for confirming. Having a bit of a panic here, but I tend to overthink these things! So not worth trying to get another one in a resale so that we both have the same?
  9. They are linked to your tickets and have names/address on etc so wouldn't be able to swap unfortunately. Thanks though!
  10. Thought the ticket had to match your festival ticket though? I.e. name and address as they aren't technically transferable? Does that mean we can't camp together? I.e. are they separate entrances and fields or could the one with quiet ticket say they are with us and join us in normal? Panicking a bit!
  11. Got two campervan east tickets as required, but due to a slight error we have ended up with one normal and one quiet. Will we still be able to be together in one or the other or is there no chance? If not I guess we can try and get one in the resale etc
  12. Ok thanks, hopefully doesn't happen that way
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